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  1. These matches will forever be 0-0s. Confirmed.
  2. Greedy Rashford there, Cavani was free. Such a waste.
  3. We look so disjointed going forward today. Bruno putting that ball into Rashford and him not making the run. Story of this game.
  4. Shaw's been excellent so far.
  5. How many balls will Cavani actually get? 1 if lucky? Hope he's in his usual clinical mood!
  6. True. Argh. Hope we come out second half better than that.
  7. Also why aren't we taking their cbs on?! They're fucking midfielders filling in! We're wasting such an opportunity here.
  8. We are we ALWAYS offside ffs
  9. Every pass we make is shit so far.
  10. WHY is Bailly not starting? Really stupid decision, if Bailly is well and fit. Lindelof hasn't played for weeks so won't be sharp and Bailly has made Maguire look competent as he's able to cover for him with his speed. I'm disappointed.
  11. Get off the The Scum/Daily Mail bullshit train, @MikeBeaver
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