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  1. That Juventus penalty...
  2. I'm so happy and relieved I can't even describe it!
  3. Very happy for Villa! Well done.
  4. WE'VE DONE IT!!! GET IN! Lingard scores too!! What a nice way to end.
  5. That is a horrible tackle by Evans. Hope Scotty is okay.
  6. Might be too early to say this but Lindelof has been so solid today
  7. We're gonna fuck this up.
  8. Definitely a pen. Oh man...maybe we can do this now?
  9. oh god. I dont trust either rashford or bruno to score this today.
  10. Absolutely agree. He's dead on his feet. Also, James for Rashford (no joke)
  11. DDG let that ball go out, and now it's a corner. Why not just catch it? So many sloppy mistakes all around the pitch. It's like they're not even trying.
  12. Why is no one in the box there as AWB is driving forward? So frigging frustrating. We need changes.
  13. It winds me up that Ole is never on the touchline shouting at them. I know that's probably the right approach but surely sometimes a team/player just needs a good fucking scream in the ear to wake the hell up.
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