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  1. I'll take it over yet another 0-0 to be honest. Least we had something to talk about.
  2. Henderson excellent again. Rashford needs to pass that to Cavani, damn it.
  3. Beauty of a goal. Now c'mon!
  4. Don't worry Ole, no need to rush.
  5. Why is he still not making changes to the system?
  6. Lindelof and Fred FUCK OFF.
  7. Thankfully we're better from behind so it's alright, lads.
  8. That's twice on Pogba - stupid senseless foul to give, and didn't track the run. He's had a shit half.
  9. If Shaw hits the first defender one more time with a cross I'm gonna scream
  10. We're not looking good. Pogba and Rashford need to do more, no runs being made.
  11. He's so fucking good that Jota.
  12. I'm not one for just saying it's not a pen because of biases. I really think that was a correct call.
  13. Why? He clearly gets the ball then puts his foot on the ground.
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