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  1. I'd say that Hypernormalization and Can't Get You Out of My Head did? They started in the 20th century but did get up to the present day. (I don't think Curtis would disagree with you in the large though. What I would like is the return of his interviewing; he's actually a decent interviewer and the last few projects have suffered with the lack of any budget for travelling and talking to people)
  2. I'm hearing that there is no voiceover. Who was after a 420 minute project in the style of Bitter Lake?
  3. Interesting documentary series that I've always been meaning to watch for a few years now, but Recent Events saw me finally come to it: the BBC's End of Empire series from 1985. It is very pre-Birt BBC, so patrician and full of Foreign Office types that are walking stereotypes, and, for example, the Kenya episode doesn't have the benefit of the 1999 C4 Secret History or the knowledge of Operation Legacy. But it's not afraid to put the boot in to people like Churchill, Mountbatten, etc., that would probably cause a storm if the BBC of today was broadcasting it. (episode 5 is sadly missing - all the Youtube links seem to come from VHS recordings of an Australian broadcast) EDIT: Actually, I am totally wrong. This was made by Granada, but actually broadcast on Channel 4.
  4. Yeah, but if you cut out the abuse and misogyny, the videos would be half as long…
  5. Elizabeth Sandifer talks about her issues with the adaptation (plus a bunch of bits about Vertigo, Moore, Morrison, et al): https://deconstructingcomics.com/?p=7931 (the description of Overture is amusing)
  6. I think the thing that impresses me the most about these Nielsen ratings is just how strong Gilmore Girls is holding up: https://variety.com/2022/streaming/news/lightyear-sandman-ratings-nielsen-streaming-top-10-1235357352/#!
  7. In this forum, we're probably up there with the Doctor Who fandom in vigorous agreement with this.
  8. meow, that’s bizarre. (Leaving autocorrect that somehow changed wow to meow because maybe Siri has been infected by the cats). I guess it makes the breakdown of Season 2 easier, but what an odd choice!
  9. A touch unfair. Even Lee was idly wondering last year about how Sadowitz's act plays in today's world.
  10. Aha, I was wondering if they'd skip Cats due to expense…but I imagine it'll do wonders for their profile on the Internet Yeah, given its DC ties, I wasn't expecting Facade to get filmed. I think large chunks of Fables & Reflections won't make it either, but I feel Norton has a decent stab due to being one of the most popular issues and ties in with Desire's plans.
  11. I'll also say that Sadowitz is almost certainly not rich, not even at Richard Herring levels. He's incredibly protective of his act's context and not letting things escape when they can be easily misconstrued - his approach to YouTube takedowns makes Nintendo look like a poster child for the Free Software Foundation. However, I do think that after what, 30 years?, maybe this act could be retired? Like I know he's not the person he presents himself in his shows, and he's a gifted comedian - but we don't let Gervais off in his less good shows, so why does Sadowitz get a free pass? We know that he certainly can do amazing magic and even has a history of child-friendly performances! (also, was the booking manager for The Pleasance just off the ball when they booked him? You know exactly what you're going to get with Sadowitz on stage)
  12. There is not enough MARTIN TENBONES in this thread, btw.
  13. TMK is the alternate name for the 5YG years - Tom/Mary/Keith. I think it might have been more of a name used in USENET at the time…
  14. 5YG! 5YG! 5YG! Imagine, if your first ever LSH issue was #25 of the TMK/5YG period. No explanations, impenetrable plots, dense nine-panel grids and text pieces style nicked from Watchmen. It was amazing.
  15. Modern recolouring of older comics almost always look terrible - the pencils and inks weren't done for it in mind, and it just looks wrong. It's like adding a film effect to 70s VT sequences. Sure, you can do it, but why? *steps off soapbox* Eh, Sandman always has an explicit link to DC - it's just Gaiman getting to grips with it. He does much better by the time he gets to Lyta Hall…
  16. And the "jailbreak" instructions are now out there: https://github.com/spiritualized1997/openFPGA-GBA
  17. The criticism of "another popular FPGA emulation device" in that interview is a bit much. In terms of sideloading new games to it, is "clicking on something in the menu" really that much harder than "patch it so it pretends to be a GB Studio game?"
  18. One quick glance at the docs later, I think the main points are: You only get access to the larger FPGA (so about 50% of the gates that are available in "another popular FPGA emulation device") It doesn't look like there are any restrictions/central store to go through - you can sideload new cores, so I guess creating a core that accesses a universal cartridge with an SD card in it would be possible.
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