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  1. It'll be interesting to see what FPGA cores can be ported over; while the Duo will likely be more powerful, the Pocket board they've shown has two FPGAs - one with 49k gates, the other with 16k (the secondary one that's supposedly for 'user cores'). The DE-10 comes with 110k gates. So you're not going to get CPS-2 games on the Pocket any time soon… EDIT: Apparently, I got this the wrong way around - the Cyclone V/49k will be available for user-provided cores, which is better, though still a ways behind what can be potentially done with the MiSTer.
  2. Yes, but DC appears to have won the war there in the end: https://deadline.com/2013/04/warner-bros-gets-superman-birthday-present-as-court-ends-co-creator-heirs-rights-case-478679/
  3. He did! The Zike! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinclair_Zike
  4. My 128K Toast rack made the trip over the Atlantic with me. Such an important part of my childhood and likely why I'm in computing today. God bless the mad bastard with no eye for quality control.
  5. Interesting interview with Kevin: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2021/sep/13/kevin-mccloud-would-never-spend-on-a-kitchen-grand-designs
  6. I love the Case Files as you get all the "good Dredd stuff" (the epics, etc) right alongside the sillier side of the premise: "Dredd arrests Del Boy and puts him in the Iso-cubes for 12 years" and things like that. I think America works better once you've read a few years of the strip rather than using it as an introduction. Also, there's some great old John Smith insanity up on the 2000AD shop as digital-only offerings: Slaughter Bowl! Firekind Revere
  7. Especially since it had been around on the C64 (and a few Spectrum games too) for years before Namco did it…
  8. Series 11 was broadcast in Oct 2018, Series 12 started in Jan 2020. Episode counts varied from 12/13 in the Moffat era down to 10 in the Chibnall era.
  9. Then why has it not returned to a more regular schedule with Chibnall?
  10. It's the BBC that have dwindled the amount of episodes, not really Moffat or Chibnall.
  11. The Amelia Gething Complex: a loony-tunes show that I hope is as formative to 10-11 year olds right now as Dark Season & Maid Marian were to me at that age. Highlights include: a romance with a lift, a London apartment hidden inside a turkey, TELETEXT JOKES, multiple apocalypses, Dull World, and a dark future ruled by wasps. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p07ppjrf/the-amelia-gething-complex-series-1-1-moving-in?seriesId=p07ppjkc
  12. My So-Called Life! Given what I remember of the commentaries, the proposed episodes for Clerks: TAS Season 2 would have been enjoyable (I've long felt that ABC enforcing broadcast standards on Smith produced some of his best work).
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