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  1. So I've been dancing around this today, but you work for a company that is literally an existential threat to WoS (archive.org is a separate matter as it's protected by US Copyright Law in ways that WoS will never be). You'll forgive me if I don't entirely see eye-to-eye that monetisation is a good thing overall.
  2. Which brings us back to point 3: is all this worth it for fucking Horace? Who himself stars in a blatant rip-off of Konami's copyright? Simply because you have the right to do a thing doesn't mean you have to actually do it. Octav1us' videos were not going to harm sales or the viability of a long-moribund character, so why go through all this trouble?
  3. And yet, where was Namco's copyright strike for Ms. Pac-Man's regular inclusion, eh?
  4. In this instance, though, it produces incentives for people to hoover up old IP and insist on removing code from established archives. Plus the recent large injections of cash into the Speccy retroscene have caused huge splits in the community. So I'm not really convinced it's great.
  5. Is money a good thing? The idea that there's gold in there potentially threatens repositories like WoS/Spectrum Computing as people stripmine old IPs.
  6. I can't help but think but that post, even if it's 100% correct, betrays itself with: "she's an actress, whether dressed like this or in a tight leather kitten outfit with her baps out. No woman alive buts herself in front of a camera like that unless it's for sympathy, or money. Mostly money."
  7. There are three separate strands here, I feel. 1: Does Andrews really have all the rights to Horace? Possibly! 2: Did Andrews have the right to make a copyright strike considering parody/satire exceptions in US/UK law? Again, quite possibly! 3: Even given 1 and 2, is making a copyright strike against a harmless set of videos for a character that is never going to be a household name and piss off the retro community, one of your main audiences, a good idea? I would humbly suggest that 1 and 2 are blind alleys, and 3 is where most of us are.
  8. Like @Protocol Penguin, I'm quite curious about Kim making her Manic Miner video private - preventative or due to a strike?
  9. I mean, fuck, hardly anybody cared anything about Horace even back then!
  10. I mentioned it in the Head Over Heels thread, but yes, vampires. They also claim to have asked WoS to remove Automata IP, though a quick check indicates that they're still available.
  11. Bumping this because it looks like this bunch of vampires have just copyright-struck Octav1us's amusing Horace videos: https://subversive.uk/
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