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  1. Godrick down. and the underground area with the pillars cleared. still can’t hold it together long enough to take the bloody tree sentinel down though.
  2. Did a lot of running about tonight, very little actual progression. Little bit sad that there are multiple… (spoiler for the far south and north areas of the lakes) can see a bit more cookie cutter stuff. also I hate dragons.
  3. Ah, the whole “where has everyone upgraded their kit to more than +3” had an obvious answer. and running around with a +5 astrologers staff and the starting pebble spell makes short work of some specific types of xp farming fodder.
  4. I turned “show climbing holds” on on day two. I don’t know how you’d play it otherwise, since many are indistinguishable from non climbable surfaces.
  5. i wouldn’t worry about it. I’ve bounced around a few points of the map - far far further than stormveil - and each time it’s surprised me. I don’t think you’ve even slightly touched yet on the breadth of the game, or the depth.
  6. bleeding edge (shouldn’t have bothered) grounded as a diversion for obsidian and as a early access title. oh, and obviously sea of thieves wouldn’t be anywhere without game pass, even if it was originally a paid for title with limited content.
  7. i took him out with a wandering nobles summon, the npc summon and a +1 staff. And nought else. I’d probably upgraded intelligence more than everything else though. Would have been around level 17. staff can be upgraded with a smithing stone at the altar in the first church.
  8. It’s over detailed to the point that you can’t see stuff you need to without spamming focus.
  9. So, bets on whether starfield comes out in the next two years?
  10. the edge review basically nails it, if that helps. It’s not so much that it’s more of the same, as that it doesn’t - at any point - surprise you. there’s no wonder, outside of the graphical fidelity (which brings its own problems). It’s the best horizon zero dawn, but it hasn’t actually taken on board any of the improvements in the genre: you’d imagine that BoTW, TLOU2, even assassins creed odyssey and days gone, didn’t exist in that universe.
  11. At least @Rudderless mentioned the score multiple times in his article in Florence, or we’d have to do a thread lynching. (I’m still playing the main theme on the piano three years later; liked the article!).
  12. series x with vrr is ok. is it ok that I laughed out loud as that boar(?) charged into your side, mid massive frame stutter?
  13. if you’ve only played thirteen hours I’m pretty sure that: a. You’ve not been “right across the map” b. You’re not oneshotting all the enemies. if you think you are, then you need to get out of the starting area and head north past the castle. (it’s a better open world than Zelda, simply because there isn’t a single repeated “climb this to show the map” and a far wider variety of biomes and enemies)
  14. It is very pretty on the far side of stormwall castle. Not that I’ve been in the castle, mind you.
  15. play on hard mode and make the mistake of getting four letters early on and a gap that could be any of five…
  16. not having aloy constantly chattering though
  17. i just caught the dpd person as I left for work (turned round, and went back to meet his van).
  18. Wordle 250 4/6* Doubt anyone is getting that in two.
  19. The PS5 patching process - is this 500MB? - is taking about ten minutes after download. It’s possibly the slowest thing I’ve seen after any flight simulator patch.
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