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  1. yes, I gave up and googled but if you want a clue that’s less explicit than what I found.
  2. That wing mirror is nuts. They're a tad screwed if it doesn't really work though.
  3. Horizon isn’t meh. It’s a large elaboration on the first, and if you liked that you’ll like it. You’re less likely to love it, and it isn’t the game which shall not be mentioned, but first/second party exclusives in the last two years that were generally loved as opposed to being thought of as “meh as horizon”: Returnal Animal Crossing (There are others that are close in parts, but these two were pretty much devoid of critique amongst the audience they were aimed at, for months after launch)
  4. It’s an Xbox. It just works. Without you doing anything, as long as you’re connected to the internet.
  5. I wandered round the renala fight a few times, then thought “they put other player summoning in for a reason”. Sometimes the mechanics of a fight mean that the auto lock on isn’t much help if you’re a glass cannon mage build. It can be ok to ask for help.
  6. Tarnished: I wonder what is on that body with that glowing purple thing. Tarnished: Oh it is a map scroll. I will store that in my satchel. time passes Tarnished: why haven’t I opened my map scroll yet. I will automatically do that now. Tarnished: ooh. There is a picture. That castle looks like Raya Lucerna Academy. Given the perspective, it must be from the (spoiler). Let me put an icon on the map. Time passes Tarnished: Why haven’t I gone to that icon I put on the map? or, alternatively, you could look up the quest line on Google if paying attention is too much effort.
  7. If you have a staff in your left hand, and a sword in your right, then you can use the ash of war ability: staffs don’t have one, so it defaults to the swords.
  8. On PS5 you're not paying for GTA Online, for the first three months.
  9. You can rename from the page where you're in a league. You can't rename elsewhere - when creating a team - because you hit a 404.
  10. There are a couple of locations where you can XP farm. I know one of them, but it wouldn’t get you to that. There’s another (that I don’t know the location of)
  11. there will be a small statue in the vicinity when you can. Your spirit will only hang about while you’re in the same region/summoning area.
  12. I’m level 53 and I’m still rocking that staff - +7 now. I might have found a better one, but it’d need a load of smithing stones and I don’t have any level 1 or 2 stones left. anyway, you basically just need to explore more around Limgrave and to the south over the bridge. There are a lot more dungeons you’ve not found. But at level 22, if you’ve got a spirit summons, you’re about at the point you can hit margit.
  13. it certainly throws cars at you in GT7. Locking cars behind 20 million credits (4 hours in, I’ve made about 300k: and you can’t sell those loads of random ancient Japanese cars you’re picking up and you’re never going to drive) and then selling credits at a rate that makes that 20 million credit car cost £160 is not a good look. It makes those initial Forza 6 microtransactions for tokens seem amazing value. on the positive side, although Tokyo expressway looks PS3 like (thanks calvacade), the cars look a bit more like cars than in Forza Horizon 5. I’m not sure if that’s just because it’s where the lions share of the rendering budget has gone, or whether it’s because I’m only playing in the in car view (the outside chase cam view looks awful in comparison) and play in chase cam in Forza. Just occasionally a brake light coming on on a car in front is a thing of beauty. As is driving a roadster with the top down and watching the car behind’s headlight play over the top of your windscreen.
  14. its ok, but this does feel like hyperbole: the initial starting area of demon souls is no less complicated, and tells more story. As a whole package, however!
  15. I found a lot in a catacomb earlier. 99.99% of the time they’re not illusory walls though.
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