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  1. I’m not sure that in the books they were depicted as hook nosed. Or crooked. They were a bit antagonistic to wizards, but given the wizard superiority complex who wouldn’t be? https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Goblin (only reference there is to a pointed nose, long fingers and long toes)
  2. The money Rowling will make is irrelevant to her, rather than the cultural currency. But a New Labour supporting anti-trans activist has a load of cultural currency in the types of media we all despise, so she’s not going to be losing much of that anywhere anyway. Viewed in that light the game and films fade to irrelevance, except that every time they’re mentioned it’s a another communications channel that gets filled with discussion of Rowling and her views.
  3. You're not cynical enough. He doesn't state that.
  4. What on earth are the fins on the Mercedes wing mirror "mount"?
  5. I skipped through from "hello welcome to the class" to "let's do your first duel" to "something with so much spell based violence that if it was guns you'd call it ludicrously unrealistic".
  6. There's a reason for that. Neither has anyone else.
  7. Plot twist: halfway through the game, our hero realises that the goblins are on the side of right and pivots to taking down the Stalinist Ministry of Magic, with the ultimate aim of razing Hogwarts to the ground.
  8. It’s a gacha setup. The roulette wheel being massively weighted to the lowest level is part of it.
  9. The idea of a £70 game that doesn’t work at all when they screw up the servers, simply because they want to ensure they get their MTX money is appalling.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/60758079 Discussion of the aerodynamics.
  11. Fade from black, big formula one logo, "Toto, it's MOTOR RACING"
  12. Ha, didn’t recognise him and just threw some comets.
  13. I’m pretty sure you are miles from the end. I enjoyed it though.
  14. It's intentionally a console targetted at a price point, with the assumption that hitting that price point with the full fat consoles will be extremely difficult if it's ever achieved. Which, given the chip shortage, the limits we're seeing and costs of new production processes etc. seems quite unsurprising. Sony are hitting a reasonable price point with the digital PS5, but pulling back the money on extremely expensive software: and there's a long way to go from $349 to $249 (a 40% price drop!)
  15. it would, except nvidia don’t make APUs. Your point about software developers already having better solutions is the key one though. This is targeting a niche.
  16. I haven’t got up there, and have spent ages doing so, so looked it up… So although it’s accessible, given the prerequisite, I don’t think I’m getting up there.
  17. This made me buy a management book. 24% of the way in and don’t regret it.
  18. Turning Red: Loved it. And Kermodes review of summer of soul means I might escape Elden ring tomorrow night too.
  19. you need at least one person to win something other than the lowest amount, once. So from a thousand players, you’re probably it. but remember, you can always buy credits for real money.
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