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  1. 192. What kind of guest looks at a thread like this? LOL.
  2. damn I'd be no good on slashdot.
  3. It's more the fact I'm not losing packets that I'm stunned by.
  4. 298kbs at the moment... Hmm. How long will this last?
  5. Is anyone going to turn it on?
  6. Hmm. I failed to get a file list when I tried that (Any hints or tips?) Router. And kerio firewall on computer.
  7. footle

    In Memoriam

    Just bought and loaded it up. It's *so* different...
  8. Booked housemate and me into Barbican . Right at back Ben's voice on the Live DVD songs is invariably slightly out of tune. I didn't find this an issue when watching BF5 at Nottingham Rock City a few years back (but that's probably because I was a tiny bit hyper...)
  9. His live singing was atrocious on that. Of course, actually Live is a different matter
  10. He makes a fairly good case for it. eg. Planescape Torment - Baldur's Gate engine, but the content elevates it...
  11. Redeye's column. Zoonami. Ten Million Copies.
  12. Biffo's column contains a ready-made signature for J Pickford.
  13. The guitar on A Little Soul. The guitar solo descending towards hell on Battery In Your Leg (Blur). Love Is Hell - Ryan Adams. But This Is Hardcore has just been added to my playlist... years since I've listened to it...
  14. The Armored Core review seemed to be a perfectly reasonable "If you like mecha games with a steep learning curve for newbies..." - but perhaps we could just give that >>particular<< review a thread of its own and move right along... I've not read the reviews yet - but Painkiller's a PC title operating in a vastly different FPS marketplace to SS. Ktw - buy the magazine.
  15. Forbidden Planet. London. Now. (But not in the Virgin Megastore on TC Road).
  16. They were in white for a reason
  17. Cover: Nice Outrun 2 picture. Previews: Who cares? Reviews: Galleon 7 Red Dead Revolver 8 Resident Evil:Outbreak 5 Hitman Contracts 7 Powerdrome 7 Painkiller 5 The Suffering 6 SB:LoC 8 Singstar 8 - but revolutionary Serious Sam:Next Encounter 7 Seven Samurai 20XX 2 Armored Core Nexus 8 Rallisport Challenge 2 6 Singles 4 But far more interesting are the features: Outrun 2 - home edition. With live play. Proper feature. With developers and everything. I'm actually vaguely interested now... POP2. Not a huge amount of additional information (particularly considering the Outrun feature and the fact that we "know" that it's going to be darker), but a couple of interesting snippets on the development of the original game. A Bard's Tale. N-Gage part 2. Zoonami. A feature on Rich Dickenson (cf. Spectrum). Making of: Broken Sword.
  18. Hmmm. Barbican website has no mention of it yet - that's surely got to limit the ticket sales
  19. How many of the 581(!) posts in this thread are to do with "gamesTM issue 18"?
  20. Nah - there's "fair" and there's right. Billy's a better player -> he plays. (I've PMed him). Cheers, anyhow - and if Mr Spew, Beertiger etc. fancy a game at some point, PM me
  21. Yorda's Saviour is a far better player than me (the win was against me as I recall). He should play instead [ And I had but the one legitimate win... ]
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