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  1. Easy lets you sing miles out of key. Medium lets you sing a bit out of key (a semitone or maybe a tone). Hard doesn't. They all let you switch octaves at will. There's a duet / battle mode in which two of you sing together (but singing the same line - there's no harmony involved) - spreading the embarrassment out a bit more widely.
  2. Eyetoy => games that even non-gamers will play. I haven't met *anyone* who won't at least give it a go, if only out of curiosity. And once they have a go, they have fun. That's why it's important. And that's why, regardless of sales or how well it works technically, it's a success.
  3. Don't you all find that Easy is just, well, FAR too forgiving of really appalling singing?
  4. I think that is a redundant comment.
  5. (i) Older actors. Who can act. (ii) Subject matter - drama derives from conflict, and there's no need to artificially create spurious conflict when you're writing about the mob.
  6. It's fantastic. I've only got three episodes of Season 5 left though My housemate's been watching the previous series on DVD over the last three weeks. It really *does* stand up to repeat viewing too.
  7. footle

    In Memoriam

    Just remember the -memoriam switch when using google
  8. No - the silence tells you that in the 3 hours since your last post either: (i) No-one from Games TM has read the thread (which, seeing as it's a Sunday, and the content of the thread hasn't been particularly pleasant wouldn't surprise anyone in the slightest). (ii) They've read it, and decided to stick to their "we won't comment on this sort of issue in public" line. Which, again, is completely reasonable. Drawing conclusions like the above is just silly. I've been set an ultimatum! On an internet forum! Argghhhh!
  9. footle


    That's lovely. I tried one of the Onslaught ones - BIG desert (A something?). There's a technique where you sit in a tank and just blast the powercore from miles away. Not keen on it at all. The Ghost Town DM level is great too.
  10. On the other hand, we shouldn't overstate this. It's nowhere near as bad as the travesty which was that arm waving music "game" on the Eyetoy:Play disc.
  11. I'm tempted by the metal dance mat. Despite the fact I know I won't use it much. None of my so-called-friends seems to understand why you'd want to play Singstar.
  12. Spirited Away? [ignoring all posts from those who say it isn't as good as the rest of them... which is different from saying you dislike it]
  13. footle


    Ah but then we're back to "what is a review meant to achieve?" and "do reviewers review to their audience?" and "how much do graphics matter?" and "do people mark down budget games because they're budget?" Which have all been covered to death elsewhere. Interesting dichotomy between the quotation and the review score there.
  14. http://www.sociometry.co.uk/singstar_alt
  15. I like it The reason I've gone for lots of scores at once is simply cos it was easiest at the time. But one song is perfectly possible. Time for some cut and pasting...
  16. Two and a half years later. There's formatting issues to deal with, but feel welcome to put some scores up - I won't be messing about with the database any more (barring accidents). -- No password is required. No sessions are implemented. No sessions are going to be implemented. Mozilla doesn't support the inline-block command so you get a very long list of songs... -- If you'd like to mess about with the formatting the stylesheet is included.
  17. There's a really smart looking local scoreboard you can download from the Singstar website. Unfortunately it's got no online functionality. Just need to write the enter-details code now, then it's a matter of tidying up the formatting.
  18. New Age Consoles is/was down by HMV. (between it and the Alder's escalator). Kart Klub? Where's Playtime in Nottingham? I'll pop in next Saturday.
  19. (*) Colour schemes aren't my strong point. (*) Graphics really aren't my strong point. If anyone wants to supply some though? A list of all scores for a song should be easy enough. I'll see what happens once I've done the boring bit.
  20. If we're interested I could actually put the database back end into this (sometime this afternoon)... http://www.sociometry.co.uk/singstar/ All comments and suggestions welcome other than: @ It won't validate - there's no doctype; @ and it's not been tested on Mozilla (except to note the "interesting" layout problem which I'll fix - I'm no doubt relying on a dodgy bit of CSS that *I don't need pointed out*. Thank you.) ].
  21. Well.. seeing as we have Ace of Spades already...
  22. footle


    Yes. I assume I'm about.
  23. footle

    Joss Stone

    I think it's probably the fact she's not Radiohead that's bothering them. Oops - I missed a trick - they don't know *anything* about soul music. Cos they didn't write their songs too...
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