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  1. And the chimney hasn't been covered in snow because (I also didn't quite get why the room didn't fill with smoke)? Besides, the downdraft would surely put the fire out - your standard chimney/fire arrangement has air coming in the bottom and going *up* the chimney.
  2. It's the way he runs AND has perfect grip on the floor. My "favourite" faux-pas would be... They're in a room. The outside is sealed off behind a solid wall of ice (we're quite definite that there's no way in for the "real" cold. They're burning a fire. Where's the oxygen coming from?
  3. Just awful. I think that just about every single plot detail was wrong. But, just to pick one scene from the movie: The weather centre where they're watching the buoys. (i) Why does the machine beep when a buoy drops by 13 degrees? Who coded it? (ii) What kind of scientist buys a brand new keyboard to attach to a monitoring PC? (iii) The football tv "commentary". "We're rejoining the game in the 67th minute of the second half". and so on.
  4. footle

    Edge 138

    Poole's article cracked me up.
  5. Given that eurogamer will accept direct links, and provide a service in return for you seeing their non-obtrusive advertising - is there any reason why the *whole* article is quoted here, and no mention of the author made?
  6. It so obviously won't be shit. You're talking 70000 people pretty much word perfect on a whole bunch of songs...
  7. Playtime == Broadmarsh centre. I liked it. Decided I had to purchase a game on principle. (Links 2004). Sabreman should be forced to wear a badge saying Sabreman for instant forumite recognition, however.
  8. Arcade boards that don't bankrupt the company making them?
  9. s5e12 That was fun.
  10. footle


    Innovation is where it (should) be at. We got the Lev anyway
  11. I've avoided Morrowind for precisely that purpose. Japanese RPGs (typified by): Travel around a very big map (Skies of Arcadia) slowly (Zelda:TWW) fighting turn based (Final Fantasy <n>) random battles (Final Fantasy <n>) with interminable cut-scenes (Final Fantasy X) simply so that you can level up [ whilst staying strictly to the extremely tight guidelines as to what your character can become - (Final Fantasy X's sphere grid) ] enough to do the next boss (Kingdom Hearts). The plot, meanwhile, will involve some pointless metaphysical thing (Final Fantasy - see the grudge forming here?) which would be better discussed in a book. The Witches Wake mod for Neverwinter Nights is great. Storytelling. Experience for *experiencing* stuff and not just (at all for) killing things. Experience for *role-playing* your character. But yeah - point and click - push analogue stick forward and hit X -> there's a definite limit on the interface for both types of game... [ Go on - be *evil* in a Square game - just try it... ]
  12. footle


    I need to faff around with the settings, and get my housemate to help check on his PC. I didn't hear anyone last night. --- Now, exactly why I decided to wander off during the first round on Ascendancy so that we lost I'm not sure. I'll apologise again. We whipped ass on the second round though
  13. footle


    Moral victory to us I think. Outnumbered. Outgunned. Outplayed
  14. The book's fine. The film sucks.
  15. Why hype a game three / five years after the fact - particularly in an article about performance optimisation? It's not as though unorthodox use of memory buffers is going to be high on anyone's list of requested features.
  16. footle


    -------------------- - 9pm *tonight* - -------------------- I'll spam #edge nearer the time too
  17. footle

    Rhythm games

    Singstar. Kind of. Vib Ribbon. Well worth a look if you can find a second hand copy for a fiver. Mad Maestro makes interesting use of classical music, and the PS2 analogue buttons, but really does point out the problems with trying to make any kind of real game that relies on the PS2 analogue buttons...
  18. Ahhh. Played with two different sets of people this weekend. Firstly some blokes who laughed at me for buying it. And then decided it was stunningly good fun when we started playing it pissed. And then yesterday in a mixed group (sometimes with Eyetoy, sometimes without; some of whom could sing and some of whom could not ) just having a whale of a time. And really annoying the neighbours. Just wish I could have thought of someone else with a PS2 who'd have liked a £19.99 Playtime Nottingham copy...
  19. There was a classic bit of sub-forum-speculation in the News section. So classic, that I can't remember what it was...
  20. "I think the Xbox is more popular in the Western World than the PS2" I suggest you widen your circle of friends.
  21. footle


    Hmm. Away this weekend. *next* wednesday evening. The first wednesday of June. 9pm. Who's there?
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