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    Height Maps

    Draw a greyscale image in your favourite image processing package. Save it as a bmp. Use the greyscale values for your first heightmap. Don't worry about caves?
  2. Overwrought? Surely we jest?
  3. No. You're wrong. You love playing it because you haven't experienced the undoubted delights of the Medal of Honour* series using the incomparable DualShock analogue sticks. * [edit] Look! An anglicised spelling! Shoot me now! [/edit]
  4. Bwhahaha. It's popular because other console FPSes (anything that's been released on the PS2 for a start) are rubbish. In particularly they don't tend to allow (I'm going to generalise here, since individual games might do one or the other) more than 4 players to play, don't allow linkup, aren't properly optimised for a gamepad, suffer from appalling framerate drops in multiplayer mode (which is why I can't play goldeneye), don't provide the same degree of customisation of the multiplayer mode, don't contain vehicles, don't support co-op, suffer from obvious clipping/horizon issues, have AI which is even worse than the appalling Halo AI whose response to any given situation can be easily predicted, don't support DDigital 5.1, don't exhibit even Halo's degree of weapon balance (I agree about the pistol being a bit too powerful) etc. etc. "Me too" and/or "strength of character" has nothing to do with it. Indeed if displaying a complete disregard for others opinions is your definition of "strength of character"... I await my flaming for being an obvious Edge-fanboy for daring to disagree with you.
  5. A discussion of "greatness" based on sales is flawed, as Cacky said. A discussion of "greatness" of a FPS based on sales in Japan... LOL. A better comparison would be to simply look at all of the other FPSes released on consoles in the last three years. And then point out how Halo utterly thrashes all of them when considered as a whole. What Killzone may or may not be like at some release date in the future is irrelevant.
  6. footle

    Holy s**t

    Direct X 9 seemed a lot more sensible than 5.
  7. But we decided to compromise on picture quality in favour of bundling loads of channels in each multiplex. Basically saying that HDTV isn't going to happen here for decades. And it's lovely
  8. Unfortunately I'm running iTunes. And it's *very* disturbing when it segues into Radiohead whilst playing the end of the second clip there.
  9. Perhaps they were just worried by the idea of "girls"? :-) I've maybe turned speech off, because, thinking about it, there hasn't been much in the way of random weird noise going on. I'll go and sort it out, because it'd be annoying if I play with a load of you later today.
  10. I didn't notice you were there.. (And haven't got voice so probably wouldn't have said much anyway) My score on that game was solely down to me grabbing the lev at the critical point in the game (I assume before you turned up - it'd explain how the tide shifted) - when we were being forced back onto our final node. Then sat in lev and took on all comers (fortunately another couple of peeps jumped in with me). I seem to remember I spent the rest of the game bouncing around in front of their base firing rockets at idiots who just didn't want to run straight past me and attack the critical node. The server then went onto Frostbite and the Forest level. Which are both annoying with lots of people and no real teamplay. I'm definitely going to be outclassed on the Edge server. Later.
  11. It is a definite disadvantage. I think we all need mics.
  12. The alternative argument *for* online play is "why worry about shit computer AI opponents when you can play a real thinking person for real?" Obviously, if we could choose our bunch of strangers appropriately so they weren't all Deep Southerners (see the latent racism?) we'd have the best of both worlds.
  13. Japan. Yokohama/Kamakura. To work. (See page 2 or 3 of thread). The 12ish hour flight back leaves Tokyo at 11am Japan Time, and arrives back at Heathrow at ~3pm UK time on the same day. To catch the flight requires you to get a train at about 7.30am. And then there's negotiating the Tube at this end. So if you don't sleep on the plane... [Doing quite well though - I'm still moving about now. So my body clock might be sorted out relatively quickly.]
  14. Ok. [EDGE]Footle it is. May be on later. May be asleep.
  15. Footle - obviously? And similarly @hotmail.com on msn. How'd you add buddies? Have we a buddy list? Should I check ooer?
  16. I should be around for most of tomorrow. But I'm far too knackered tonight ( just flew back - and reckon on having had about 6 hours sleep in the last 48 ). Then should be about from Tuesday evening onwards.
  17. Athlon 2800, same motherboard, 1280*1024 res (TFT you see), No AA/AF on, 1GB ram, 9700 Pro. Far Cry chose medium. I chose very high on everything. No real problems, AFAIR. (It's been a week or so). But I'm not really a frame rate junkie ( to which the question is - why that graphics card? - and the answer is - I don't honestly know ) Playing on Hardened, and didn't notice Stealth working ever (though there was a nice bit in a Jungle with guys on either side of me, and me creeping through the undergrowth between them trying to place them by their shouts... Dolby 5.1 is great).
  18. Anyone pointed out that it's £55 in Japan (store in Yokohama)? Shame about the shipping costs!
  19. ooh. I played this yesterday in an arcade. I'd love a copy, but my dreamcast is in (power supply connection) hell. And I'm loathe to spend £100+ on a second hand copy :-(
  20. See Neil Gamain's blog, Tad Williams' website etc for the contortions authors have to go through to avoid "stealing my ideas" claims. -- As for working hours, it'd be interesting to do a study of bugs-per-working-hour in one of these coding sweatshops. If you're tired, you're not thinking clearly. If you're not thinking clearly, you're buggering the code up.
  21. Yes - I wandered around looking for a staircase. Didn't find one. Wandered outside and realised there wasn't a second floor. I have a strong feeling that there's a load of arcades off the other side of the station. I think I might have a look now whilst searching out some food... [ edit - there is, but vastly outnumbered by the huge numbers of pachinko (sp) and slot joints, and nothing to rival the Sega arcade nearest the station in Akihabara (sp) ] Selective choice of Genres? Yes, of course. But then, I don't tend to play on the GBA:SP much, and the only puzzle game I can think of this gen is Super Monkey Ball. DDR - far too tiring, not linked enough to the music. F-Zero GX - Yawn :D PoP backlash? Idiots. I say.
  22. Japan. Home of the hardcore gamer. Yokohama Station. West Exit. Turn right. Walk into the Namco Arcade directly in front of you. 2 photo booth games. 2 rhythm action games. The rest of it is full of crane "games". [ I ignore, for the purposes of argument, all of the other arcades that you'll probably stumble across if you turn *left* when leaving the west exit... ] -------- As for Moore: I'm stunned that Microsoft haven't cut their losses in Japan for this generation already. They're practically giving the things away. And his target audience (Westerners at the GDC) probably want to hear how they're the ones being innovative. Though GTA3 is pretty much it, as far as I can tell. { Actually, GTA3 is pretty much it, whatever country we're talking about } Best Arcade Racer this gen? Burnout 2 (UK) Best Online Arcade Racer? PGR2 (UK) Best Platformer? Prince of Persia:SOT (UK) Best Rhythm Action Game? Amplitude (USA) Best RPG? KoToR (Canada) Best FPS? Halo (Americas... I cry in shame) Best Adventure? Metroid Prime (USA) Best Free-Roaming Crime Em Up? GTA3:(VC) (UK) Innovation ain't all that, but most of the above either were born (or significantly reshaped - GTA2 and GTA3 are significantly different, PoP3 and PoP:SoT are significantly different (one is good, for a start...) etc.) in this generation or are sequels to games that *were* born in the generation.
  23. Pavement == Sidewalk. Boot == Trunk. Armoured == Armored. Mario = Mariu. Hell - I'd call that a Typo and disregard it (and it doesn't even have 10 centuries worth of English language development to back it up). ffs. It was interesting how Cacky decided to take my Gran Turismo vs Ridge Racer comparison (where both games have a similar "look" and utterly different feeling mechanics) and then extend that misleadingly to cover Mario Kart. The point was actually how games can *look* similar (hence meaning Mario Kart isn't really an issue being cartoony, weapons based and all), appear to be of the same genre, but not really similar at all. But I wouldn't expect a "senior tester, games journalist and games consultant" to understand that. Are you Dave Perry in disguise?
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