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  1. Yes. What the man said*. There is a beauty in well-constructed, easy to follow, code that lays out a complicated (or simple) concept and clearly demonstrates how that concept is implemented that is a world away from the "code as a demonstration of the cleverness of the coder". Particularly since the later is a misnomer (a truly clever coder would write clear code). * Qualifier: Coding *should* be an engineering process. But we're not really there yet.
  2. I haven't seen the rest of the season. But the episode kicks the shit out of all the scenes in Seasons One and Two (with the possible exception of Spike's intro in Season One). It's the first time I've seen a *great* Angel >>episode<<, as opposed to arc.
  3. You know what - I didn't think for an instant that the PS2 version, lacking 60Hz, was therefore a pile of ****. That's because it's still eight hundred times better than anything else released last year.
  4. footle

    Unreal tonite?

    Organisation does seem to be a problem with Onslaught. Those few games last night are the only time I've seen the early "winners" actually have to make a fight of it.
  5. I'm appalling. Though I need to sort my live connection out properly first...
  6. footle


    Populous was nowhere near as cute.
  7. footle


    Archimedes Lemmings. Lovely. ( But no two player :-( ) Lemmings 2 complicated things too much. And the pixel perfection *is* *the* *point*.
  8. Hmm. Problem is that the vast majority of us are just not qualified to interpret even the interpretation. I have "problems" with the kind of processing power leap implied. "Optical connections between processing units" Intel have recently demonstrated a low(er) cost electronic light emitter. This is at least a couple of years from commerical use, and they've got the patents. It's something that sounds cool, but isn't actually that feasible for the Sony/IBM collaboration (there's too much money involved by demonstrating / getting these patents first - they'd have announced it ASAP). Scale that one line up to the rest of the documentation and... I'll wait before getting excited.
  9. Huh? So the PSP will only communicate with the PS2 at USB1.1 speeds. This is still far faster than, for example, the GC-GBA link up through the controller port is likely to be, and probably faster than your broadband link (USB1.1 is 12mb a second (and even if that is 12mbits per second)...)
  10. I just kept thinking "But PoP got the camera/movement right..." through the platforming bits. I didn't really form an opinion on the combat - but it seemed to be buttonbash city.
  11. footle


    There seemed to be a lot of Karaoke Revolution add on disks (Pop, Rock, Classics, etc) available in Tokyo. Can we assume they won't turn up here?
  12. SoU is intended for level 3-7 characters HotU is intended for level 15+. I'd imagine if you import your level 20 character in you'll be fine. I started at level 14ish.
  13. Just wait till the end of Hordes of the Underdark. I haven't even scratched the boss. My Lvl 20+ Monk Lvl 10+ Cleric really doesn't cut the mustard.
  14. The Prince realises he's in a computer generated world and begins to manipulate it with his mind... (Actually - there's no need to rewrite the plot - I don't believe there was any continuity between PoP, PoP2, PoP3, PoP:SoT : PoP5 would simply be the same game *in an alternate dimension*)
  15. Beat me to it. Prince of Persia 2: Judgement Day. (PS2 only).
  16. What do you think Amazon will be selling that pack for?
  17. I've just started playing it - the sniper rifles do seem a bit pointless. Indeed - if you're unlucky to be spawned as a Russian... (you haven't got a weapon that's worth using).
  18. footle

    Edge survey

    In which case it's probably time to go back to school and re-learn how to phrase things in an intelligent way. Age has nothing to do with how well you write. [criticism on] Your writing style *is* too obtuse - and the use of a wide range of multi-syllable words doesn't aid communication on a forum: it actively hinders it. [off]
  19. Nah - a string of little islands forming an Amplitude style raceway (Which, if within rocket range of each other, might make an interesting Halo style rally course..)
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