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  1. Yes. He assumed you could tell the difference between "professional" and "unprofessional" behaviour.
  2. Don't forget attempting to undermine your employer's professional integrity with no hard evidence* to back it up. * Or even the faintest possibility of obtaining such hard evidence - as Strider said, you'd almost expect Cacky to score Armored Core:Nexus as a 9 - and so you'd almost certainly joke about it beforehand.
  3. And you honestly think this is the best place and way to do it? There really are no words...
  4. Cacky - at least on NTSC you might get an audience who cares about how you're demonstrating your burn-all-bridges unprofessional attitude. Ah - their forum's down
  5. I'm never going to trust the Guardian's book review section again.
  6. Promising rookie Corky was close... up until this point...
  7. Yes. There was just enough information to think: (i) I'm really interested. (ii) How on earth can they back the talk up?
  8. ffs. Buy the magazine. Read the review. *THEN* decide whether you think the score is reasonable, given the points made. They might just think that 30 songs isn't enough for the game. Or that some part of the execution isn't quite all there. Or that a game should be playable by a single player, who'll still get a lot of fun out of it. Or that the graphics would be better drawn Vib Ribbon style. Or they may have just got a big advertising contract with Konami (joke, btw). A review is always going to misrepresent a game to someone. A score just misrepresents everything to everyone.
  9. But without Scarlett. [Can't imagine why...]
  10. I've no idea, to be honest. 8 or so years ago, when I lived near there, there was at most one games shop open at any one time. And they were all shit.
  11. British dictionaries mispel (sic) all sorts of words if we're going by sheer numbers as our criterion for choosing a spelling. Colour. Armoured. Aluminium. But it is still utterly obvious to all but the most pedantic moron *what* is meant. I imagine Cacky's test reports are a sight to behold.
  12. I love it. (Not utterly convinced by People Of The Earth though). lalalalalalalalalalalay.
  13. And a HMV. But there's no competition. Hereford, on the other hand, is obviously the centre of the UK gaming universe. 40,000 people in the city. Game. Gamestation. The Software Store. Another indie somewhere. Makes Guildford look a bit pathetic.
  14. New Age Consoles are southern. I'm never really sure why people think that companies going bust is a great thing. There's (yet again) minimal competition in Guildford for the gamer's wallet...
  15. I used the recordstore.co.uk one. Relatively expensive though (think it was about £11 for the two including postage).
  16. I really like the Eps. And love Sunny 13.
  17. It's Cacky. Anything regarding Edge is to treated with a *great* deal of suspicion. And it's obvious within about 4 or 5 posts.
  18. Such as the one on NTSC? > 1200 words. Summary in the style of an Edge Mario review: Slowdown in exceptional circumstances and lacks online play.
  19. The definitive Nexus Review would *be* the magazine. You certainly couldn't do it justice in a mere 30 pages or so.
  20. I'm at a loss to understand you here. You're wanting an updated version of Trigger Happy every month? Or The Economist, Games Edition? Why would this sell on the newstand? What would the target audience be?
  21. How do you define "intelligent"? Still bitter about that lack of an Oxbridge degree?
  22. Steve Boxer, R.Pratchett (can't remember the proper combination of n's and a's - freelances after a spell writing for PC Zone) and someone else do the Online reviews on Thursday.
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