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    PRG2 - DLC

    Why? They'd just stop your subscription when your credit card didn't get authorised.
  2. You race with us? *Who* you race with makes a big difference.
  3. Yes. I haven't dared that track yet. It's a great game though. Us non-professionals (sorry Juria) can hear ourselves improve, track by track. Assuming we dare listen to the playback Things seem a lot easier once I manage to find *a* note to start a line on...
  4. But from the dev co's point of view that gamer won't be contributing to the bottom line (they'll be buying the games second-hand, or at ridiculously cheap DC style prices) - so why should they care? [ It's kind of like saying "Retro Gamers aren't getting a whole lot of Doom Servers to play on - aren't ID software crap?" (thus demonstrating that I never played Doom?) ] Besides - it's perfectly possible you could pick up an XBox containing loads of additional paid-for content already installed on the hard disk... so it (might) work both ways.
  5. *looks at watch* http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=43311
  6. Had to click through the new disclaimer too. That's 3 reboots and I haven't finished downloading yet. You'd never think Microsoft made Windows 95, would you?
  7. Home cinema systems are evil. Particularly for everyone else in the house. Housemate has just demonstrated that, in addition to having no sense of rhythm (vis. dancing games passim), he also has no sense of pitch. Even by my piss-poor standards.
  8. Think they haven't got enough servers on?
  9. Oh peanuts. If everyone else is...
  10. Yes. I'd rather not hear myself
  11. Octave cheating? How?
  12. footle

    Joss Stone

    Hmmm. Lots of people wrote really good novels a long time ago. That doesn't stop people writing them now. There's absolutely no need for another action film. And hey - since this is loosely a games forum - why has anyone bothered releasing a platform game since Super Mario World? And so on. And so on. -- Joss Stone isn't *that* bad. There's two or three songs on the album which are ropey, true - but if you can't allow two or three ropey songs on a first album...
  13. Bwhaahahahahahaha. Are they part of your shadowy clique?
  14. I assume there's an option to change your credit card details somewhere?
  15. Don't know - I'm at work now
  16. Hmm. And Japan has 3 times the population, and a considerably bigger marketplace for the product. Hooray for Cacky's amazing powers of logic.
  17. The disk is clean (I'll be impressed if any store manages to take the disk from the packaging to scratch - it makes the XBox controller packaging seem insecure). I couldn't necessarily say the same for the lens.
  18. All. Started on suspicious minds. Then a quick reboot and all was ok again. Have I mentioned that I'm appallingly bad?
  19. Cacky. Get over yourself.
  20. Don't worry about it. There's something more fundamental being discussed than you.
  21. My copy crashed (Well, not completely, but the music started to stop playing and just repeatedly skip around the beginning of a song in a loop). I'm impressed by the sheer weight of the microphones.
  22. http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=55585 Any suggestions for what X.N.A. really stands for?
  23. Hooray., My copy turned up this morning at 7.30am (there are about two advantages to living in London). I still can't sing
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