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  1. "I think the Xbox is more popular in the Western World than the PS2" I suggest you widen your circle of friends.
  2. footle


    Hmm. Away this weekend. *next* wednesday evening. The first wednesday of June. 9pm. Who's there?
  3. Planescape is stunning. But you couldn't call it under-rated - it's in the top two* PC RPG list of just about everyone who's ever played it. * There are some idiots who like console style "RPG"s.
  4. You really do need to read other people's posts, Soong. "Singstar comes with two microphones" "Singstar only works with those microphones". And so on.
  5. footle


    My sister lives in Ipswich - but I usually drive (which is pretty silly really since it's a two hour slog).
  6. Microphone position - and you have to sing, rather than whisper...
  7. footle


    Ipswich? I'd come (from Morden), but I'm (relatively) shite.
  8. roadkill is wrong. The seasons are scattered with stunning stand out episodes and scenes (eg. S5E9 - Unidentified Black Males, for a case in point). --- I *think* there's meant to be a series six. And then that's it.
  9. Would love to play Thursday. [ but note I think I've managed one whole game of this ]
  10. We sorted emule out. 10, 11 and 12 are now downloading.
  11. That's what makes the Sopranos. It's consistently excellent. (Apart from one episode in Series 5, which is merely ok).
  12. Bastard. I'm up to Unidentified Black Males in a minute. Emule appears to have died out on our filesharing PC
  13. You missed the ritual disembowelling during which you have to promise your soul to Satan so that he doesn't get too angry at the removal of his most faithful servant.
  14. PS3 market. Like a farmers' market, but with japanese electronics rather than East Anglican tomatoes.
  15. Ouch. 8690. 7470 on medium. Probably time to change my sig.
  16. It matters because it means that the characters *look* lived in. Which, for example, in your average drama they perhaps don't. It gives the show a grounding in reality that, perhaps, other shows lack. -- (iii) The use of multiple plot lines that come together over the course of several seasons. (iv) The use of television clips (v) The use of certain motifs throughout (ducks, horses, bears, dogs...) (vi) The dialogue. (vii) The photography.
  17. Particularly since the songs are tailored to the teenie girl audience and not the elvis-is-high-pitched male contingent.
  18. footle

    In Memoriam

    Yes - just do the above because otherwise you end up with loads of FAQ files.
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