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  1. footle

    Metal Arms

    Ban request. Deliberate Baiting By Strider
  2. I'd be interested in a game or so. I've not played it *at all* online.
  3. Of course, lots of people work on Star Wars films. And the Phantom Menace was appalling. Six people worked on Galleon for the majority of its development period. 36 man years wouldn't get you a... <insert game of choice>
  4. footle

    Edge 138

    Not that I know of. It'll be in the same vein (perhaps) as PC Gamer speculating on release dates for PC Halo 2.
  5. footle

    PC Gamer

    "This was the first E3 in a while which really had some console die-hards admitting their jealousy." Hardly "world-wide despair". ( Or even dispair ). And it was mimiced fairly closely by similar phrasing in Edge: "It's a sign of the current-gen consoles' age that Sam Fisher's third appearance ... is scheduled initially for PC. Seeing the game in action, it is obvious why..." --- Same journalist? --- But hey - hunting down silly things in magazines is what we live for? Right? { eg. Games TM's article on industry finances this month, which merrily confused revenue and income every second sentence, or their repeated mentions of Forza without any actual *details* of what makes the game interesting; this being what I've noticed whilst travelling home on the tube over the last half hour or so - true videogames experts would obviously mark in red } {
  6. footle


    ditto. I'll happily play if I'm about.
  7. footle

    Edge 138

    Games TM. Custom Robo review. "Is this a Mecha Game?" "Who Cares? Is It Worth The Money?" Never were truer words written. You'd almost think they'd been able to predict a thread just like this one...
  8. one plus one is one - badly drawn boy
  9. can't make it early on - shakespeare in t'park. might manage later. (oops).
  10. footle

    Edge 138

    God - move even slower than he *already* does? Halo 2: Planet of the Treacle Monsters.
  11. footle

    Edge 138

    So Transformers, eh? Who came on here and dared say they liked it as a third person shooting game with added nostalgia bonuses? I like Halo. *baa*.
  12. There's two bits, until Jumble does the other graphics bit., www.sociometry.co.uk/singstar has a enter name bit on the left hand side. You'll then get a page into which you can write scores. www.sociometry.co.uk/singstar_alt has a prettier interface, and shows all the scores for all difficulties at once.
  13. footle

    Edge 138

    The irony is *killing* me.
  14. PS2 - Frequency, Singstar, Eyetoy. XBox - Halo, KoToR, PGR2 GC - *shrugs* Metroid Prime, Super Monkey Ball PC - Planescape Torment, Grim Fandango, An FPS of some kind (Half Life if you're wanting CS, Far Cry if you're wanting graphics...)
  15. footle

    Edge 138

    I suggest you have a look at Cacky's back-catalogue of posts on the subject. And then consider the nature of the Internet.
  16. footle

    Edge 138

    It'll have been deleted. But I remember reading it.
  17. footle

    Edge 138

    It's fine for Cacky to share stuff in *threads explicitly about Mecha*. This wasn't. Incidentally, the "I'm sure if you were to meet Cacophanus in real life you wouldn't say half the shite that you're coming out with here." is astonishingly close to something an argumentative tosser said in a thread about 3 months ago...
  18. footle

    Edge 138

    Comrade - the cartoon was great. But Cacky's probably emailing PA as we type.
  19. i robot looks like the most misleading use of a licence ever.
  20. footle

    Edge 138

    I'm sure Ollie is perfectly fine in real life. But the *constant* derailment of threads (about Edge, Games TM, or perfectly innocent threads about games) into insults about how we're all a rllmuk hivemind coupled with the unbridled arrogance and mecha-worship grates.
  21. footle

    Edge 138

    Yeah - it deserved at least 28.
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