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  1. Why? Outside of this place I know far more people with unmodded xboxes than modded xboxes. [ Ok - outside of this place I don't know *anyone* with a modded xbox. ]
  2. Does that mean that there will a Woolworths column in PC Gamer next?
  3. Cacky: You use the Japanese economy as evidence for the Japanese being far more hardworking (and more effective) than the UK. Then ignore the crucial "per capita" measure of GDP. You state "Japan is a flawed nation, something that I never actually contested mind, but they are considerably more civil to one another (as well as foreigners, more so than we are here)" and talk about our class system. Perhaps our newspapers are evil. Perhaps we're just more upfront. Got an equivalent for this in the UK? Or the treatment of the Korean Japanese? http://www.imadr.org/tokyo/ishikawareport.html It's unfortunate, but by arguing with you we end up having to make negative points about a society* to provide balance, which leads you to pronounce us racist. Oh well... * And obviously, I could quickly find similar negative points about any society...
  4. Writing python scripts for the Xbox Media Centre - lots of fun. ( I think getting beaten at Mashed by my housemates has left me slightly dead inside ).
  5. The Luckiest - Ben Folds.
  6. Damn. Until I read this I'd missed the unintentional irony.
  7. footle

    War World

    Suggestion. Cacky posts garbage like this on his own forum. Then those interested visit to rip the piss out of him?
  8. Hmm - hasn't a live version of kalalalalalazzoooo been released? The snippets of the songs I listened to didn't have anything as catchy as Cooler than You or All They Can Eat. Only (um) 5 months till the UK tour
  9. Looks like it. @ Bunta. Congratulations on recognising that this is an internet forum. The only way anyone has of judging the character of your arguments is by the way you write them - it follows that if you want to be taken seriously, or have your arguments properly considered, you should make your arguments clearly. Grammar is simply courtesy. Sarcasm is great. In normal conversation. But it doesn't work that well when: * You type - because short of writing [sarcasm] you're a dumbass [/sarcasm] there's very few ways that'll be recognised by the majority of posters unless... * You have a really ridiculous posting record ( SeanR might get away with it... ) The majority of threads on a videogames forum are trivial, and provide nice places to practice discussion techniques. But a thread on the bloody BNP? Idiot.
  10. Visualisations - drop in and forget - though there's a couple which either need editing or removing due to the filename length issue.
  11. CIA World Factbook: UK GDP per capita: $27,700 Japan GDP per capita: $28,000 Now, given that we're talking about working hard, and not simply about the number of people, perhaps you'd like to try again?
  12. It should have been a 15. For the operation theatre alone. There were 6 year olds in there ffs.
  13. I give you the reaction of the Japanese people (government, media, mobs) to the hostages returned from Iraq and raise you on the "work harder". Working longer [the we-hang-around-the-office-till-the-boss-leaves culture prevalent amongst the engineers I've worked with] is not necessarily the same thing as working harder. Or the same as working more productively.
  14. Characters would have been downloaded from either DDRUK or the stepmania website. DDRUK - it was a torrent. I then just unzipped and ftp-ed the complete characters directory over. Then set them to random in the Backgrounds Options menu. Haven't tried the visualisations yet (from the Stepmania website). Feel free to MSN me if there are problems - footle hotmail.
  15. How about Frequency, Gitaroo Man and, erm, Gregory Horror Show? JUDGEMENT.
  16. @A Big Boy. That Slate article is a pile of shit and guilty of just what it accuses Moore of. "All pacifists are religious freaks" wtf? " Saddam had never attacked or killed or even threatened (his words) any American." Interesting misquote. The word "threatened" was never used. "I notice from the New York Times of June 20 that he has pompously established a rapid response team, and a fact-checking staff, and some tough lawyers, to bulwark himself against attack. He'll sue, Moore says, if anyone insults him or his pet." Seems like a sensible precaution to me. And a good publicity stunt. And it's not "insult" - it's "call a liar". Which isn't the same thing at all. Meanwhile, whilst the Right have such characters as Bill O'Reilly (Talking Point article following for all those fans out there) I think that something as mildly (joke) bias as Moore's film is probably just about allowable. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,125165,00.html
  17. He's just pissed they cut the scene with Scarlett and the Robot.
  18. Not sure about the visualisations yet, but the characters were a drop and go activity. I get the occasional problem with the length of some of the default directory names.
  19. Made out of real ducks? I prefer using Swans, but I'm worried about what my landlord might say about the state of the carpet - melted plastic is such a bitch to get out of the fibres.
  20. My cheap xbox dance mat has turned up. So I might be messaging you later... [ I fixed one problem, which was that it crashed out at the end of songs - one image file hadn't copied over correctly... ]
  21. footle

    Doom III

    Ah - but they'll be selling this engine for the next two/three years. Call of Duty, anyone?
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