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  1. Hey - those Italians. Mafia hitmen, every last one of them. (Actually, that's probably not the best example...)
  2. Seasons One and Two do wrap up their storylines properly - so don't let the above put you off. The Sopranos isn't as dependent upon *structure* as Alias (though I've noticed this is less important in Season Two) - the episodes are generally self-contained (though elements carry over) as opposed to Alias' use of the "cliffhanger". And, obviously, the Mafia aren't as technologically advanced Alias is the better SF show (more thrills and spills and techno-gadgetry), but The Sopranos is the better TV series.
  3. If I'm about next weekend I'll visit Dixons...
  4. footle


    Just a little bit silly... But not as silly as next week.
  5. Yes please. But I'll lose
  6. footle


    So - right, I'm installing - anyone playing?!
  7. I don't care. More Marshall == Good. Marshall in debrief for four episodes == Bad.
  8. No - it had to be set in a country which was foreign enough to be utterly disconcerting. Japan. Hong Kong. The Czech Republic, maybe? But not somewhere utterly foreign in look as well as feel. Which is why Tokyo works - because it looks like a big western city. And it's not. And certainly not America.
  9. Tell me about it. But I'm only away for 2...
  10. Amplitude/Frequency - a bit (ok - a lot) worse than Sabreman judging by the high score threads. Don't think I've actually completed either on Expert/Insane (End of your world and it's equivalent on Amplitude....) Gitaroo Man - Completed Normal, started Master. DDR - ok - but I need to get my mat down here so I can improve / get some exercise. Mad Maestro - interesting - the interaction with the music is particularly impressive - but the buttons are rubbish. Rez - it isn't a rhythm action game, and I've never found the much heralded music/game interaction *that* involving (though I do like the depictions of abstract 3d space). Vib Ribbon - it all just feels slightly off...
  11. Does it reach Spong's heights?
  12. Yes - but they started the rumour in the first place (if you believe the article). "Nintendo to convert Game Boy games to mobile phones" "Based on a patent that has been interpreted by no-one else in this way...."
  13. Oh. I didn't say that it wasn't expected. Or wasn't necessary. Or that it shouldn't have happened. I was just slightly disappointed about the speed with which it happened. Within 35 minutes... I think the interview would have been in some SF magazine (read in WHSmiths...) E13 could have done with significant parts of E14 first. It'd have ratcheted the tension up nicely. There's two dopplegangers. And THEN we see Francie's corpse for the first time... But hey - that's why I'm not a television scriptwriter. E15 here I come Oh, Sloane's just rung up "I've fantasised about slashing your throat..." And the absurdity of letting Marshall onto the CIA computer systems within an episode is only excuseable because the character is the best thing about the series.
  14. Spong - Extrapolating wildly since 200x.
  15. Yet more white text: Yep - I believe JJ. Abrams mentioned that they had to change things round halfway through Season 2 because there's only *so* many times that Sidney and Jack could come under suspicion without anything coming of it. And, of course, you've then got to have Sloane outing them in the email to give a reason for why they'd not been splatted by the security services until this point. The alternate take may well be a DVD extra that's found its way into the rip I've got. The episode just feels like a clearing of the decks. I'll watch some more episodes now... but... (The above contains spoilers up until S2 E13.) I think that series television should, to some extent, be watched as a series - which means that the story should build, and not rely too much on later episodes to make the ridiculous less ridiculous. The Sopranos does this well - later episodes add detail and context to earlier scenes in the series, but don't stop the earlier episodes being self contained stories. (In series 1 for example, the relationship between Tony and Junior becomes clearer as the series progresses - but *at no point* relies on the later details...) (I'll admit that the genre is very different...!)
  16. Cheers - that was one of the most thoughtful posts I've seen on here in months. And a websearch... Galatea: http://jerz.setonhill.edu/if/gallery/galatea/index.html
  17. Is there a RingTones advert?
  18. It's less social. And you'll probably not enjoy it as much. But other than that...
  19. Are some Genres intriniscally not grown up? (Could there be such a thing as a Mature FPS?!) I'm not sure I understand what a "grown up" game would look like - even given that a much wider range of visual techniques may now be available, gaming is still stuck to the cinematic conventions of story-telling. And while it is... it's not growing up as a medium in its own right. So, yes - games may well be growing up in their use of story ( eg. PoP's use of time as a building block *for* the story, that then has consequences *on* the development of the story ) but they're still stuck trailing a long way behind cinema. Memento - the game. Lost In Translation - the game. Even Seven - the game. It just isn't happening. JP was spot-on.
  20. Phase One? It was just a little surreal. I'd read that they'd felt they had to bring the SD6 thing to a head - since it really did beggar belief that no-one had cottoned onto the Bristow family traitor thing. * I liked the "alternate take" at the start. As a way of pointing out that what you were about to watch shouldn't be taken too seriously it worked well. * The double at the end was just silly. * The first two or three shots were obviously a good idea. As were the later shots with the "observers". * And the idea that Spoiler was behind the closing down of SD6 was just unfortunate - you should only be allowed to do things like that when the audience has a faint chance of guessing... (preferably before the episode begins).
  21. A feature on the new WHSmiths Concept store?
  22. footle

    UT2k4 RLL Clan

    Purchased. Hopefully get some practice over the weekend offline, then join you all on Monday evening...
  23. PoP:SoT. Best judged story ever. Surprisingly mature as well.
  24. Urghh. Episodes 10 and 11 of Season 2 have finally started to pick up. Though 8 and 9 (The Passage) were good too. Now... I could do something productive, or watch Episodes 12 and 13...
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