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    And people wonder about how magazine scores can appear so disjointed from the accompanying reviews
  2. i'll probably be about - I'm getting quite into playing PGR2 again.
  3. A qualification in psychology can be a degree (or a GCSE)... It doesn't necessarily mean you're in a position to practice.
  4. DirectX 9.0 is retro, 9.1b isn't? Half Life is a bit of a special case anyway, because it's been released so many times. And never really been utterly superceded (think of the way the story is told *within* the game, without huge reams of text). In the year of release (1998) the following were also released: Grim Fandango. Starcraft. Baldur's Gate (which really does show its age now, with the restricted resolution and all... perhaps that's our definition?!).
  5. hmm - is your friends list full? Can't add you...
  6. Rightio, better go and eat something quickly...
  7. I'll play if there's space - brand new intermediate players?
  8. footle


    I remember the trainers, now I check the website...
  9. Can't believe it took 10 posts to get Planescape
  10. Wrong. Casterbridge is a mirror for Henchard's mood/situation throughout, and only works in that way because it's a small town that can go through a fairly obvious cycle of prosperity. It's also very specifically about a time and a place. Setting it in New York, London, Rio, Tokyo would fail. They're simply too big and too complex and, well, wrong... Similarly, setting Lost In Translation anywhere other than Tokyo would remove a whole layer of the film - the reaction of the characters to their surroundings mimics their reaction to each other, and the people around them. It's not especially subtle, but you'd appear to have missed it. Or not properly appreciated it. Incidentally, I'm really not sure where you've got the idea from that people reacted positively to Lost In Translation simply because it included Tokyo. Not everyone (and certainly not everyone in Hollywood) immediately links "Japanese" with "Cool" or "Trendy".
  11. This thread is killing me. You missed the point. It wasn't set in any Western city - for precisely the same reason that "The Mayor Of Casterbridge" wasn't set in London, or New York, or Rio...
  12. footle


    Amusement. I'm a 25 year old gamer who learnt to type and spell a long time ago - it helps fit in with the generally accepted convention on this board (even if it would make me look silly on something like GamesFAQ...). * And my point was merely that: (i) You've a low number of posts. (Nothing wrong with that). (ii) The posts you have made in discussion have been about games published by Atari. (Nothing wrong with that). (iii) The post about Driver 3 was so utterly at odds with the rest of the discussion that it seemed that this was worth commenting about. * We're just breaking your balls :(
  13. footle


    You know when you post in Discussion for the first time? ( Incidentally, the last discussion thread Dave posted in frequently was the one about Transformers... ) [ And I was going to accuse Napoleon of being cynical. Whoops. ]
  14. It's interesting how *one* doesn't-quite-meet-the-hype game is enough to cast aside lots of did-meet-the-hype-and-then-some games, isn't it?
  15. Oh dear. The group perhaps haven't correctly stated Japan, or more precisely, Tokyo's location in the film. Tokyo features because: (i) It superficially looks very similar to a western city - it's familiar. (ii) It isn't. And the subtle differences (the height of the showers* etc.) throw you. Where "you" is your common, or garden, non-japanese-speaking business traveller. Would the film work as well set in Budapest? No (for any number of reasons that you can pick up on by doing a search of the forum). This is rubbish. If you don't know who you are or what you want to do with your life, then you don't know who you are or what you want to do with your life. Perhaps you'd like to go and consult your dictionary again? * And yes, anyone who really wants to argue the toss about details such as this is welcome to. I'll refer you to exhibit A ( http://www.sociometry.co.uk/photos/Tokyo/F...ize/Doorway.jpg )- Jim's all of 6 foot...
  16. Surely that's their ideal target audience member?
  17. I'll be about once the football's finished.
  18. footle


    I'm about to get bearded - but surely Gamesradar and PSM2 are one and the same in this instance?
  19. footle

    Blinx 2

    The fifth dimension probably just means they're hopping on this year's ESP bandwagon. *drop your jaw with astonishment as the crate lifts itself into mid-air* *again*
  20. More low quality MediaGuardian reporting:
  21. There's me. But I've been sitting wondering about getting one (which can be translated as "prevaricating over PMing Yod@") since meeting you lot last week.
  22. Yes... but half of the first four albums were covers. And there was a very different "into studio and out" recording ethic.
  23. "He's like fucking us all about and he's called me thick..."
  24. First time watcher. If I was in the house I think I'd have killed them by now.
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