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  1. If I start earlier, I leave earlier. And if my managers want to discuss productivity wrt hours worked, bring it on :lol: [ They're not that stupid ]
  2. I thought XNA was about linking technologies, not creating a platform per se. It seemed to have a broader scope (and less depth - ie. no actual code) than Renderware.
  3. There we are - he can't edit this post We'll just have to rely on the mods to retrieve the thread if he deletes/locks it
  4. How about someone edits the title so that IT'S NOT IN CAPS.
  5. footle

    Snow Patrol.

    The album is: Doves' last album. Crossed with Coldplay and a more cheery version of the Cooper Temple Clause's first album. Very Very Very Tedious [ nothing to match "There Goes The Fear", "Amsterdam" or "Who Needs Enemies" respectively ] The only song with anything interesting about it at all is "Somewhere A Clock".
  6. I'm playing Paper Mario at the moment. I think this game is the only thing on my GC purchase list this year...
  7. Lovely. Do you say this in your interviews? :-)
  8. Doesn't look *that* much different from the PC 3d beta. I'd be very surprised if they were mock ups.
  9. footle

    Bands in games

    It was surely "War has never been so much fun"?
  10. footle


    Hoorah! Don't buy it because Jade Empire will be out for Xmas 2005 (maybe)!
  11. Why? Outside of this place I know far more people with unmodded xboxes than modded xboxes. [ Ok - outside of this place I don't know *anyone* with a modded xbox. ]
  12. Does that mean that there will a Woolworths column in PC Gamer next?
  13. Cacky: You use the Japanese economy as evidence for the Japanese being far more hardworking (and more effective) than the UK. Then ignore the crucial "per capita" measure of GDP. You state "Japan is a flawed nation, something that I never actually contested mind, but they are considerably more civil to one another (as well as foreigners, more so than we are here)" and talk about our class system. Perhaps our newspapers are evil. Perhaps we're just more upfront. Got an equivalent for this in the UK? Or the treatment of the Korean Japanese? http://www.imadr.org/tokyo/ishikawareport.html It's unfortunate, but by arguing with you we end up having to make negative points about a society* to provide balance, which leads you to pronounce us racist. Oh well... * And obviously, I could quickly find similar negative points about any society...
  14. Writing python scripts for the Xbox Media Centre - lots of fun. ( I think getting beaten at Mashed by my housemates has left me slightly dead inside ).
  15. The Luckiest - Ben Folds.
  16. Damn. Until I read this I'd missed the unintentional irony.
  17. footle

    War World

    Suggestion. Cacky posts garbage like this on his own forum. Then those interested visit to rip the piss out of him?
  18. Hmm - hasn't a live version of kalalalalalazzoooo been released? The snippets of the songs I listened to didn't have anything as catchy as Cooler than You or All They Can Eat. Only (um) 5 months till the UK tour
  19. Looks like it. @ Bunta. Congratulations on recognising that this is an internet forum. The only way anyone has of judging the character of your arguments is by the way you write them - it follows that if you want to be taken seriously, or have your arguments properly considered, you should make your arguments clearly. Grammar is simply courtesy. Sarcasm is great. In normal conversation. But it doesn't work that well when: * You type - because short of writing [sarcasm] you're a dumbass [/sarcasm] there's very few ways that'll be recognised by the majority of posters unless... * You have a really ridiculous posting record ( SeanR might get away with it... ) The majority of threads on a videogames forum are trivial, and provide nice places to practice discussion techniques. But a thread on the bloody BNP? Idiot.
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