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    Edge 140

    Nagoshi's column is more thought provoking when you take it outside of the context of somewhere like this, and out onto the streets. People. In Pubs. Or Clubs. Barely communicating. And if they are communicating they're probably using their mobiles to text their mates. Or they're wrapping everything up in so much irony that although some minimal information is being exchanged there's no real honesty in the telling. [ If you just look on a place like this you'll note that there's bugger all in the way of actual communicating being done - what there is is posturing and a charge towards the lowest common denominator. Possibly because we just don't have the English skills ]
  2. footle

    Edge 140

    I liked the Unreal article - if you're going to devote space to an poorly disguised advertising feature on Nvidia graphics cards you might as well present it as a discussion of the character of the interviewees. [ Though there perhaps was still too much of the "toolchains, licensing, etc." stuff ]. The review of Spiderman 2 should have just had the paragraph containing the list of tasks Spidey gets to do whilst running round the city repeated 10 times. That'd have summed it up... And I'm sure someone else didn't just skim read Nagoshi's column on how electronic communication has changed our interactions with others?
  3. That'll be the incredibly shit and frustrating single player which is *locked* to a specific xbox.
  4. Doesn't this come up repeatedly? Consoles don't necessarly render at the resolution displayed... some (GC? XBox? DC?) render at the non-interlaced resolution and THEN apply the interlacing at the output stage. cf - your PC outputting a composite signal to a TV screen.
  5. If someone dies because someone drops them from a bridge could we blame *SPOILER*?
  6. "What If in x years" is always a tricky line to take an argument down. Particularly with respect to technology. If it's *that* realistic you'll probably find a lot of people simply won't *want* to play it. [ And those who delight in it, we can lock up ] At the moment, we've more pressing concerns. Like - why did our media ignore the blatant drugs angle? And can Rockstar sue?
  7. Surely the only conclusions we can draw from this case are: (i) Thompson is a Grade-A idiot. (ii) The media are Grade-A idiots for giving him any attention. (iii) We're Grade-A idiots for discussing him. (iv) Those Romans had a really good idea when they didn't go on to (iiii)
  8. It quite possibly is by now - aren't all the rest languishing on 30-40000 sales?
  9. Spidey 2 is FAR more violent than Spidey 1.
  10. The lotr trilogy cinema releases are incoherent. Lost in Translation isn't about Japan at all.
  11. http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/games/ Not exactly sure where they're going with this, or whether they'll be able to keep up the number of postings. [ Nice comment on the Mail though ] and this is worth quoting: Yep. That's about right. Greg Howson's reviews have always been a bit lacking (perhaps due to the space or format of the G. Online section). But the commentary in the last few days ain't all that bad.
  12. [ silly question - but why hasn't this thread been locked yet? ]
  13. PAL DC Rez, and PS2 Rez (since I found a cheap ex-rental copy, which obviously hadn't been rented by *anyone*). [ And since Chankcast was released recently, there's also a copy on my PC - all just to play "spot the difference" ] PS2 PoP:SoT and PC PoP:SoT ( £15 with £25 joypad, just a mite ridiculous ).
  14. 17941. That's just ridiculous. [ I'm pretty sure I don't need to pirate this ]
  15. People buy magazines in Game?
  16. Flipnic wasn't great, but I'll live with the £10 cost. Deus Ex 2 - it's not bad, as such, but I bought it a month ago at the same time as my modded xbox, and I've played it for about 2 hours...
  17. He's the Express Showbusiness correspondent. Almost certainly got many years experience commenting on celebrity PS games.
  18. From the bungie update - I'm sure the Mail would love that
  19. friend of footle says: Do you think Harold Shipman ever watched Columbo or Quincey?
  20. My manager has just gone home...
  21. That has to be one of the worst designed forums I've ever seen. Is there a way of expanding a thread?
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