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  1. footle

    Burnout 3

    Burnout 3 == Turok 2.
  2. footle

    Burnout 3

    Phybron - that's looking awfully like a poorly disguised lets-diss-the-PS2 comment. Burnout 3 PS2 is a *stunning* looking piece of programming. I doubt they'd have ramped it up to such a high level of visual polish if they were suffering from a lot of framerate related difficulties.
  3. PM me your email address and I'll send you my copy of the dll. (all of 18K zipped...)
  4. 7/10 seems about right for a game with great graphics, a reasonable amount of atmosphere, and a predeliction (sp) for using the time-worn instant-death-first-play-through-quicksave-every-ten-seconds game mechanic.
  5. footle


    It's got a really nice intro movie with fake shadow puppets?
  6. Singstar, Eyetoy, DDR, Sticky Balls, Tetris then onto the hardcore of Freecell.
  7. So how'd the Romans take down the elephants then?
  8. That'll be an unofficial patch to unlock stuff. PS2s, eh? They release a fine demo (Burnout 3) then deliberately cripple it with a timeout.
  9. Fantastic. I'm stunned how well it runs ( 2800XP, Radeon 9700 Pro, 1 Gig Ram @ 1280*1024 ) - and how the extra res makes it look better than the telly show / screenshots. Now - when's it out?
  10. That's one of the most incoherent first posts I've seen for a long time.
  11. Nah - it's going to be released on BitTorrent for modded xbox owners only.
  12. cf. The Sun - which did the investigation into her pHD first. And Private Eye this week.
  13. You see - I thought the rough and ready camerawork *made* the action sequences. They were less stagey, which accenuated the whole improvisational nature of Bourne's conditioning. I agree the ending was "underwhelming". I was shocked
  14. Definitely a Dabbler. Even good games* might only get a couple of evenings out of me. (* eg. Full Spectrum Warrior, which I can appreciate for what it is, quite enjoyed playing, but really can't be bothered to pick it back up and put in the Xbox... )
  15. I'm not having any luck with the torrent either - sound but no video.
  16. You've read the stuff about "who gets to decide what goes on the covers"? It isn't necessarily the mag editorial team.
  17. I doubt the OPSM peeps are *that* happy about the length of the demos they're *allowed* to run.
  18. footle

    Games mag sales

    review unprofessional behaviour as search terms might do it...
  19. footle

    Music Trios

    Ben Folds Five
  20. Because, obviously, John Cleese *is* Basil Fawlty. David Jason is both Del Boy and Arkwright, simultaneously. And BigLime is...
  21. You're all so wrong it's unfortunate. This is up there with "The Day After Tomorrow" for me as the biggest cinematic "triumph" of the year. Despin probably liked that too.
  22. footle

    Edge 140

    It slagged off Retro Gamer. It was an "interesting" choice of letter to publish, Mr Editor. A return to the days of Mean Machines?
  23. It's their tv show. Far better to have them showing their opinions than trying to cater for the small minority of rabid Nintendo Fanboyz by featuring such classics as "Kirby Paints A Fence 3".
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