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  1. It is $ony we are talking about. (More seriously, there's a significant difference between inside out and outside in tracking and the capabilities of the controllers, so it's not really quite so egregious as charging for minor PS4 to PS5 upgrades).
  2. It’s an awards thread, so we have to wait for a couple of people from the GoW:R thread to find it.
  3. They are told repeatedly that there's still a traitor amongst them. There's no real reason that one of Kieran or Amos couldn't have been added as a traitor (except it would have screwed the maths up a bit - but that's metagaming, and we can tell that this lot can't even follow through at metagaming when they're right).
  4. It's an interesting conundrum for the Faithful too - the more people you knife while "trying to find the traitors" the fewer people you have to split the cash with. They're all a bit wet though, so I can see Kieron getting his hands on all the cash after doing pretty much nothing all the way through.
  5. the fact the traitors don't need to outnumber the faithful at the end - just survive - is a subtlety I'd missed. And that the producers would just make sure that there were always more traitors feels a little bit harsh.
  6. I know! but “what are the other 14 or so studios who aren’t rare (sea of thieves updates) and obsidian (two releases this year) doing” isn’t as snappy. And I was in between tasks at work, hence my failure to think of game 5. it was almost nba 22-23k (which got me into basketball, via game pass, around the time of the playoffs for a load of sleepless nights).
  7. Game of the Year 1. Elden Ring 2. Pentiment (video game) 3. Immortality (video game) 4. Vampire Survivors 5. Marvel’s Midnight Suns Biggest disappointment: 1. Hello where are the xbox first party games? 2. GT7's hilarious broken monetisation model 3. Horizon Forbidden West Best visuals 1. Elden Ring 2. Immortality (video game) 3. Horizon Forbidden West Best audio 1. Immortality (video game) 2. Tunic (video game) 3. Best writing 1. Pentiment (video game) 2. Immortality (video game) 3. Best not 2022 game: 1. Slay the Spire 2. Returnal 3. Best developer: From Software Best format/console/controller/brain interface: Game Pass
  8. probably because they’re different genres. One has quests with choice and consequence. One is a linear narrative with a couple of characters whose sole purpose is to spout disconnected lore at any conceivable downtime moment. One has regions you can explore, that seem naturalistic. One is basically a set of highly detailed corridors. perhaps one of you “raganok has an amazing story” folk could explain why in some spoiler tags? (I’ve played and completed all the mainline games now, and don’t get it - the first of this reboot was far far better).
  9. so, how exactly do Aston Villa fans welcome their World Cup winner back?
  10. I assume that ITV are showing this. You can always turn over.
  11. if only because we didn’t end up with a dull 0-0 draw…
  12. can any more French players dive in the penalty area?
  13. It's difficult to balance - as scum you've also got to think about keeping a couple of noisy people around until the end so that you can say "but they're really good at this - why haven't they been killed by... ah ha". I can only imagine that's why Meryl is still alive, because I'd have killed her on night two. 6 v 2 in the next episode, so a miscalculated lynching leads to a traitors win unless they throw another twist into the picture; whereas a failure to do so leads to the show not finishing before Xmas. I know where my bet would be: kill Faye (this episode), lynch Aaron, kill Andrea, laugh at Meryl.
  14. no. It wasn’t a good game. The sell was ps2 particle effects.
  15. Edited. it's still not anything like a good narrative. It has a nice enough fighting engine and some pretty graphics, and one area where they release the training wheels from their game design for an hour.
  16. god of war won best narrative, which in a year with both immortality and pentiment (let alone a million less hyped games than those two) is an absolute joke. The narrative is sub-marvel. Apparently the following is a spoiler. It really isn't - unless you think a precis of a bog standard coming of age story^ is a spoiler - but read on at your own risk. Say what you like about Chris Nolan, but he’ll usually (except tenet) have something interesting to say. ^ And if you think even that is a spoiler, then you didn't pay attention to the first game.
  17. "I'm voting for blah, I don't really have any reason for it but I'm voting for them anyway because I have to vote for someone." Where what they really mean is they don't like the look of them. At least in mafia you've usually got someone somewhere in the room who's actually got something to go on by day six. But then I suppose if you had a cop, you'd not get as far as seven episodes.
  18. Who knew that that messi guy was good then?
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