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  1. 1 hour ago, yakumo said:


    Thanks for the reply mate, I give it a try and see how it goes.

    i really liked it, but I like Miranda stuff (and was surprised how well he’d directed) and really liked Garfield in it. And it’s a musical, so I wasn’t that bothered about how the songs fit in and was more interested in how they were staged.

  2. Last years wasn’t bad.



    for this year then…


    1. You know that stacked February, it’s not happening.  At least two major games slip past the end of March.


    2. God of War Raganok reviews better than Horizon Forbidden Ubisoft Clone.


    3. BOTW2 slips into 2023.


    4. Starfield shows the problems with the Bethesda narrative approach, taking more from Fallout (bleak, cynical) than Skyrim. It’s as buggy as a buggy thing (it’s a Bethesda game) and hilariously divisive. If only because there will be a forum war or two because it’s an exclusive. I’ll try it, then bounce off it because it’s not GOTG levels of polish or story.


    5. GTA Online Next Gen edition launches and passes with barely a comment. who cares?


    6. GTA 6 isn’t announced.


    7. No switch pro is announced.


    8. PSVR2 doesn’t get released, but we do get a teaser.


    9. Microsoft, fresh off a year of not buying anyone, buy someone.


    10. It’s been a while since Mario Odyssey, so Nintendo announce Odyssey 2.


    11. Bonus Prediction: Kotick retires to spend more time with his money.


  3. Games I played that I was disappointed with?


    Ratchet and Clank: Although disappointed is the wrong word - I knew it was going to be a mediocre platformer with limited imagination (it’s a ratchet and clank game), but I did hope for more interesting use of the SSD, and instead got limited portals.


    Forza Horizon 5: it’s a good to great game, I’ve put a fair number of hours in across Xbox and PC, I’m looking forward to the DLC… and it may well be in my top five, but the unexpected online/server issues were and remain disappointing.


  4. 17 hours ago, Floshenbarnical said:



    Came here to say this. my brother in law and I planned out a whole evening for last night,

    Not particularly good planning. It’s not like it’s been reported a billion times or mentioned as many times in the relevant thread.


    Do you work for 343?

  5. 54 minutes ago, Gotters said:

    in relation to todays word I wonder how they would handle 


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    the double letter, if you guessed an L in spot 4 or 5 only you'd have both a green and a yellow from a single space


    I nearly didn't guess TROLL as thought they'd avoid double use of single letters for that reason


    It screwed me up a bit!

  6. 26 minutes ago, Sane said:

    Does this mean the retailers are also paying more? Because I found it pretty disgusting how they just jacked up the prices because supply was low. I might be naive but this isn't really common is it? I mean the next gen consoles are also in low supply but most retailers are just charging the normal price whenever they do have some stock. 

    yes, they’re paying far more for AIB cards; and there aren’t any first party cards.


    the console supply chain and subsequent razor blade subscription model isn’t vaguely comparable to a one off graphics card purchase from a retailer and the likes of ASUS, gigabyte etc.

  7. I’m wondering if there’s a series that varies so much in quality - improving from start to finish - as The Witcher books in translation (and also not in translation - clearly French is better than the first translator, but…)


    The first short stories are fairly basic. Blood of Elves, Time of Contempt, Baptism of Fire improve a fair bit but are still straightforward in the way they tell the tale. Tower of The Swallow and Lady of the Lake suddenly start using broad framing devices that work, and the second of those a relatively audacious one.


    I’ve no idea whether Lady of the Lake will actually work, but it’s immediately far more interesting a perspective than the previous books. But it’s also so different from the previous books that it’s just odd in view of concluding the quintet.

  8. 6 hours ago, fasteasyfree said:

    I think all the changes have broken my brain. 


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    I liked the flashback, and the brief glimpse at a high technology society. However, Lews Therin is referred to as the dragon reborn by his wife (?). He's not been reborn yet. So he's just the dragon. Unless they're referring to the cyclical nature of the wheel and know he's the same individual... Dunno.


    Not spoilering this as I'm confident it's not one: wondering why they still refer to Loial as being one of the Builders when there's no mention of his race building anything so far. In the books they originally built Tar Valon, for instance.

    They’ve probably just not got to it yet. It’s not as though they’ve even introduced 


    The forsaken

    yet, and that’s far more important to where the story goes.

  9. 35 minutes ago, Dudley said:



    He's got a point, after all last time the regulations changed Mercedes had a big advantage in the early races of 2014 and that vanished in...


    *checks notes*



    That’s what the “race” director job is there for, Dudley. You start doing anything that management doesn’t like, and they insert some additional zombies.

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