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  1. Ok last year seemed pretty good from my point of view: This year: 1. [Easy] Starfield disappoints. Or at least once it's filtered through the Console Wars it disappoints because everyone will pretend that Bethesda games aren't ganky bugfests. I'll still bounce off it. 2. [Easy] BOTW2 is the best reviewing game of the year. 3. [Easy] PSVR2 disappoints. Which is a shame because I've preordered one, but I suspect the software doesn't turn up. 4. [Medium] GTA 6 gets a proper announcement. 5. [Medium] Acquivision Blizzard falls through. 6. [Medium] Nintendo announce Odyssey 2 🙂 7. [Hard] Tencent buys Ubisoft. 8. [Hard] Saudi Arabia buys 2K. 9. [Hard] Sony buys Sega to bolster their IP and PC aspirations. 10. [Hard] Sony decide to consolidate their Premium and Extra tiers on PS Plus.
  2. Let’s be honest. Cameron’s problem is purely that he didn’t have source material as good as the first three books of A song of ice and fire. the GoT producers had the same problem when they moved onto filming book four before starting to have to complete it on their own.
  3. It’s a cinema film. It’ll lose all of its impact on a tv. Even a big tv. someone mentioned a theme park ride earlier - it’s that.
  4. It’s tricky. There are other bits where it’s the biggest awe inspiring image (like looking through a window) I’ve seen since seeing the first HDTVs back in Japan in about 2003. it was the Dolby cinema at the Odeon West End though, so I’d maxed out my chances. if you’re more interested in plot, characters and not stunning picture quality and extended action sequences, it isn’t the film for you.
  5. Elden Ring. Assassins Creed Odyssey (kassandra being a great character, though I think I broke it into two major periods of playing it months apart, and didn’t finish the dlc). other than that, no - the gameplay loops in the “big” games become too obvious and I stop. GoTush was particularly bad though, because it failed on the “explore” aspect - it felt like assassins creed Japan but with an unsympathetic and uninteresting main character who was stuck in an endless forest with the occasional two cottage village and lake dotted about.
  6. Loik - you’d definitely have noticed the framerate change thing. (My wife didn’t but did notice the bits where “it looked really rubbish”)
  7. The 3D and HDR was great. The HFR was great. The bits where it skipped out of HFR to standard frame rate not so great to the point that some bits looked like bad videogame cutscenes. action good. Middle bit probably five to ten minutes too long. Plot - it’s an excuse for lots of water scenes and some action. Character names - who knows?!?!?!
  8. @Rudderless great immortality article.
  9. Any later season relies on people not spending time thinking about how they’ll be perceived in the outside world. Preternatural best friends forever bonding on day one, two (or at all) won’t come easy to your average mafia player. And you wouldn’t want them playing anyway.
  10. there’s not much, and I think you might only see the blokes in heavy states of undress.
  11. 100%. But only because my father in law got 90% of the way there.
  12. It’s been a few days. How much of it has been cancelled since they published the trailer?
  13. it’s not as though traditional gaming doesn’t have similar traits. Ubisoft games have a known template; Sony big budget third person adventures have a known template; open world games have a known template etc. (sometimes you get an open world big budget Sony third person adventure that takes on all the Ubisoft tropes for good measure: because people like them and it makes money). actual novelty is rare. And risky.
  14. footle


    yeah, God of War Raganok was the narrative tour de force of the year 😉 (joking) (The game awards jury need replaced with people who actually recognise narrative)
  15. The curse of the golden idol (works on MacOS) and Poinpy.
  16. Wonder if he'll actually get to play. Suppose it depends how his Dubai Capitals stint goes.
  17. It's more that someone would have to code the difference to the controllers (and it won't be trivial - there will be significantly more accuracy using controllers from 2022's technology to stuff released in 2010, and an interesting mapping) plus any tweaks or workarounds people have sorted out to map to the capabilities or otherwise of the Playstation 4 camera. So a load of testing, etc. even with a minimal hardware change. And it isn't a minimal hardware change. Whereas for PC VR everyone has been targeting a mixture of hardware and controller capabilities throughout and have had more resource to play with to avoid really heavy hardware specific optimisation (which I assume would have been necessary on PS4). Not saying it's good (I'd love to play Astrobot), but just that I'm not surprised. Also $ony.
  18. We didn't even... (yeah, spoilers for the whole main plot)
  19. It is $ony we are talking about. (More seriously, there's a significant difference between inside out and outside in tracking and the capabilities of the controllers, so it's not really quite so egregious as charging for minor PS4 to PS5 upgrades).
  20. It’s an awards thread, so we have to wait for a couple of people from the GoW:R thread to find it.
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