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  1. You mean the Court of Arbitration of Sport? That might apply if Formula 1 was a Sport, but we've clearly seen it isn't.
  2. One of my friends reckoned - hey book spoiler - but that’d be an even bigger departure from the books.
  3. except we didn’t: because it wasn’t the race that had been set up with two cars playing with one car on ancient tires and another on reasonably ancient tires. But one car on ancient tires and the other on brand new softs. it wasn’t ever happening organically.
  4. Given it was, I don’t see how that’s contentious. Please give other examples where only some cars were asked to unlap, but not all, and the safety car immediately came in please.
  5. they didn’t give a lap to let the cars through, so no.
  6. If the game itself isn’t online, what’s the point? You buy/sell land using real money in an offline game where no-one can give a shit about uniqueness?!
  7. Ordered it for release, but didn’t get to it until this weekend: and mostly today. great stuff. no idea how you’d actually film the important bits of it, so it’s probably better that they probably won’t have to (and [book eight and nine spoilers] would almost certainly annoy huge numbers of people). the end of the second trilogy feels like a good place for the tv show to stop.
  8. Sure. But then race direction isn’t normally: one lap to go, who will win the championship with no recourse? if max had even been in the race up until that point; I suspect people might feel differently. As it was, he was massively outclassed until Masi intervened.
  9. it’s only Max/red bull fans. Twelve seconds down, five laps to go, having pulled back two second over the previous fifteen. outfought.
  10. yeah; if you’re not going to follow them, you could delete 90 pages of the regulations and just leave “whatever leads to the most column inches”
  11. appeal then pull out with a statement that it isn’t a sport.
  12. max was a far second best all day, and was handed the race and championship on a platter.
  13. the divergence and changes of emphasis are by far the most interesting thing about it. But there are also cuts/changes just to keep the number of sets down - eg camelyn
  14. is brundle paid by red bull? also nico’s automatic engine cut off if you go off track idea.
  15. No investigation? Horner will be fuming.
  16. 90% of people who can be arsed to watch this have read the books, and the single interesting thing about it is where it diverges. If you want a fully book spoiler free thread, start your own. We’ll try a bit, but things are almost certainly going to slip out: and have done in many posts already. Having said that apparently Moraine and Siuan’s relationship, as opposed to them just being in tight cahoots and manipulating everyone, was touched on more in New Spring. Which I never read, because by the time Jordan published it I was fully in “I’ve invested so much time that I’ll read forward, but I’m damned if I’m going to start reading yet more page filler”.
  17. yes. That’s one of their tech tricks. No disappearing pedestrians.
  18. its a bit different from Nvidia tech demos of old, because there is some marginal game interactivity going on within the world, rather than just a completely static environment and a controlled camera. or marbles RTX that runs at 10fps on anything less than a 3090 and has obviously memory management issues (gets slower over time).
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