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  1. Wordle 282 5/6* I did look at it on my third go and think “this one is going to break some streaks on hard mode”. I had at least two more perfectly reasonable options, even given I’d ruled out a fair few in goes one and two.
  2. footle

    Cricket Thread

    Mark Wood, England Captain.
  3. Horner waving flags?
  4. That’ll be Charles.
  5. Amazingly bad direction then
  6. Verstappen to get excited and wipe out.
  7. How many cars will even get to the end? Oh dear, that’s a car stopped on the way to the pits.
  8. presumably everyone needs one more stop, so he’s not in an awful position given how bad his car is.
  9. Ferrari international assistance. An acronym that never ages.
  10. Also Bridgerton, turning up at the country house. And Severance, dropping down the lift. and Only Murders in the Building, owning an apartment…
  11. it can be annoying, but there are also areas where there are enemies that drop 5k times each, and which (by the time you’re there) you’re probably taking down in five or fewer hits. And they’re near a site of grace. And they’re in clusters so your flasks refill.
  12. Aren’t they going to mess about with the car to make it drivable, leading to it starting from the pit lane?
  13. Fm7 had lootboxes, but no micro transactions. The only differences between the lootboxes and the roulette wheel was: - no “here’s what you could have won except we stacked the odds” - no repeated prompts for you to buy additional credit oh, and you couldn’t buy lootboxes.
  14. Do you think the premium tier will come with additional GT7 credits? Or just access to a free tier of all their service stuff? (Im not convinced I have room for two subscriptions in my life, unless this has first party games day one - which would be nuts on Sony’s part (if only because the likes of us will buy them anyway))
  15. Forza's last big in-app microtransaction hell was... Forza 6, in 2015.
  16. footle

    Cricket Thread

    my mates at the ground and reckons it was just the behaviour of the ball. Five sessions of slow West Indies batting to come!
  17. footle

    Edge 370

    BoTW, Elden Ring: discuss. also Rock Band 3 was amazing.
  18. If you want to race with your mates in anything other than a free car drop from the campaign mode then you need months of planning or real world money. It’s exploitative. (it doesn’t really matter if there’s tonnes of content if it’s locked away: £70 game + you’re paying for that online subscription + the pricing structure was deliberately hidden from reviewers). 1/10 nope. Utterly shady, yes.
  19. If you can justify cars costing 18 million, rather than 1.5 million, then it’s fine. Since no one even bothers, but instead straw mans by talking about 1.5 million credit cars (which still require a hell of a lot of time investment to purchase, or real world money), and since if you buy a car and don’t like it you can’t resell it, it isn’t being blown out of proportion at all.
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