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  1. 1 hour ago, Vulgar Monkey said:

    Eep, I was just asking about the new featureset in AtF; didnt realise it was already being discussed here.


    tldr - can someone explain to me (as if I were a very smart 10-yr old) how they can do this without the performance hit?

    I understand how dlss saves performance, as it's rendering at a lower res and upscaling, but this is rendering at a higher res for more detail and downscaling. So how is doing that at 1620 supposedly the same fps as running natively at 1080?


    the rescaling takes place on different hardware cores - as opposed to a conflict as in the AMD cards.

  2. 19 minutes ago, Fallows said:


    Probably. The last time I tried they had a waiting system in place, but now no more.

    Why you can't just fucking pre-order things is totally beyond me at this point. That's the whole reason why pre-orders were invented, no?


    You just end up with scalpers pre-ordering and things like the overclockers debacle. See also EVGA's queue.

    People with more money, with multiple preorders, all over the shop, huge queues.

  3. 1 hour ago, Wiper said:


    I'd like to see that chart re-rendered into something better categorised (i.e. having mobile split out into equivalent subgroups as console and PC) and I'd also like to see a key covering what exactly 'pay-to-play' is, and whether Premium simply means 'purchase to play' or if it's excluding e.g. indie games; but yes, the mobile market is huge.

    how much of mobile wouldn’t just be “free to play“ though? 
    does premium console include subscriptions of live, psn, nintendo online?

  4. 48 minutes ago, Alexlotl said:


    So he tested positive for Covid on the 16th, then did a maskless tennis event with children on the 17th? What a hero!


    I don't believe he had Covid in December - I think the issue here is that the Serbian Government are basically lying on his behalf, which makes this a diplomatic issue. The Judge would have to take their documentation at face value.


    Don't forget that l'equipe presentation on the 18th.

  5. On 08/01/2022 at 18:17, Jarik said:

    Does the blockchain have enough capacity that it doesn't matter whether it's wasted?  I'd hate to think that someone finally comes up with a good use for NFT's in future only to not be able to do it because it's full of receipts for Apes & Lions & Llamas & it's melting everyone's computers to try & run it all.

    there was a particularly shit trend last year - proof of capacity blockchains. Basically led to large multi-TB hard drives disappearing from sale because miners.

    some places still have restrictions on sale of your 4TB+ disks.

  6. 6 hours ago, SuperCapes said:

    I am struggling to understand Edges Deathloop praise honestly. But maybe that's just me being old and cynical. 

     I think @imp nails it. I played it solidly for two days in the summer after a bit of a scare, and it was great - but it also means that it ends up effectively on rails as to *how* you break the loop, and there are some guns/methods that are just overpowered so outside of just deliberately causing yourself chaos and hardship you’ll have to deliberately play to stretch the games boundaries.


    I’ve still never, for example, when deep underground in a complex full of art


    Shut off the reactor

    But if you’re willing to play in slightly less efficient ways, and explore what your various powers can do to try and work around as well as straight through some of the levels, you’ll have a good time.


    one of those “it probably couldn’t be everything we dreamt of” games and still something that could be completed by the vast majority of players: instead it’s a timely-wimey hitman with blink powers.


    but with the timey-wimey and character stuff taking centre stage, and therefore only one eventual solution (after multiple different solutions on the way there)

  7. 1 hour ago, Benny said:

    Yakuza LAD came out this year on PS5 so it's definitely eligible in that category. Sort of assumes you played it on PS5 though.

    yeah, I don’t particularly care about the B choices 😄 though it is one of the problems of doing a game of the year poll in December / early January - much of what was released in late November/December can miss the boat.

  8. ŴGame of the Year 2021


    A1. Guardians of the Galaxy


    if only because, unlike a lot of other great games this year, I really wasn’t expecting it to be good at all.

    like all the others, it isn’t perfect (particularly the combat drags towards the end and it’s basically unplayable with however I’ve set my soundbar up - half the dialogue just fades out when your team aren’t directly in front of you, though that can be fixed with headphones).


    A2. Last Stop


    For the pitch perfect scrum session and an actual contemporary take on London.


    A3. Psychonauts 2


    for existing, and really showing what can be done with inventive, stylised art and some imagination - rather than another grim, grey and brown dystopia.


    A4. Forza 5


    I’ve played a lot, and the very short cycle times to playing it more really help. Of the games here, this is the one I’m most likely to play more of this year.


    A5. Deaths Door


    A Zelda game on other platforms!


    Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) 


    B1. Yakuza: like a dragon


    i bounced off all previous Yakuza games, but it turns out I just needed it to be more of a ridiculous rpg than a brawler and have an Afro haircut at its heart.


    B2. Miles Morales.


    Which was in many ways better than the first game because it tightened everything up. On this list because I didn’t get a PS5 till this year…


    B3. Hitman 1, 2, 3


    which is cheating a bit, since it’s really Hitman 3: but bringing all the games together in one giant murder simulator, along with all the additional levels I’ve bought and never succeeded in completing over the years, got me through the best part of January and February.

    with, finally, a couple of silent assassins too.


    Biggest Disappointment of the Year


    Z1. They’re all scum.


    I’m not so sure it’s a disappointment, because that would imply some level of surprise. Perhaps the disappointment would be the bit where California seem to have screwed up part of their case against blizzard in some federal horsetrading.


    Z2. Forza’s networking issues.


    A surprise for something so polished.


    Z3. Ratchet and Clank


    Bought for the shinies, and the innovative use of the SSD. The shinies were shiny, but in service of a game that took zero risks with art or gameplay: none of the invention of Psychonauts or the Artful Escape or Genesis Noir or (you get the picture, or in the case of R&C you don’t). The SSD use was precisely what we’d cynically guessed from the trailers: canned footage which may as well have been a video, portals to (with one exception) tiny areas elsewhere in the map.



    Sound Design of the Year


    S1. Guardians of the Galaxy


    actual funny voice acting


    S2. Returnal


    i suspect: certainly I could hear what the zealots have been talking about when I’ve played in headphones.






    Visual Design of the Year


    V1. Psychonauts 2.


    variety, but a cohesive sense of style.


    V2. The artful escape


    barely a game, but lovely to look at.






    Writing of the Year


    W1. Psychonauts 2.


    W2. Guardians of the galaxy


    W3. The forgotten city


    timey-wimey in multiple ways.




    Format of the Year


    F1. Game Pass. If not Game Pass, then Xbox.


    Led to me playing far more varied games than I otherwise would have done. The whole of Outriders, MLB The Show, a whole range of indie games on both PC and Xbox.

    The PS5 is simply rendered a Sony exclusives machine.



    Publisher or Developer of the Year


    P1. Devolver.

    almost solely for their NFT video.




    I’ve not played enough returnal for game of the year voting, and similarly I’m only halfway through it takes two. They’re both clearly very good though. See also Unpacking, which I intended to play before this post… (now completed: I think what it does with its storytelling is nice, but it’s not going to shift my writing nominations).


    I have briefly started inscryption and wintermyth (?) - and suspect wintermyth would score on the writing front if this voting was in February. But they’re on PC which limits the time I can be bothered to spend playing them.

  9. Or not. Either he’s a reckless arsehole, or a lying arsehole.


    16th and 17th he was doing mass public events. Oh, and he also went to Spain at the end of the month breaking their entry law if he was actually positive on the 16th.

  10. A lot of it will be roger and Rafa fanfolk, once you count them out you’ve got people who don’t like him because he’s basically a highly optimised tennis machine. But he’s taken what he’s got and hell has he really tuned it to the max.


    shame he’s an antivaxer nut, really.

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