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  1. I don’t know. It’s beyond me that anyone can say that the psn store isn’t a UX disaster zone hiding a load of predatory business practices, that they only get away with because they’re the market leader. see also “allow you to purchase things (ex PS Plus games) that you have access to in another way” ^ or “show things as being in your library (based on god knows) that you’re going to then be asked to pay for”. ^ the dark UX pattern is that you’re actually just prompted with pay - no indication that you already have access at all.
  2. It's not been confirmed, but no-one really expects a game developed by a Microsoft owned studio not to appear on Game Pass the minute the presumed one year exclusivity deal runs out.
  3. the first three or four books are vibrant magic wish fulfilment, with a tint of danger. The last couple of books are just “and-teens-must-suffer”. it’s a pretty standard fantasy trope. susan won’t return to narnia and so on.
  4. yes they pay a dividend. Yes you can both hold (to influence, to gain dividends) and sell (to make money when the share price rises - perhaps when Nintendo sell a lot of copies of Zelda, or more likely Pokémon).
  5. relative to the PlayStation store, where they’ll sell you things you already have access to (hello Resogun) or pretend you have access to things you don’t, the Switch and Xbox stores are works of consumer friendly UX. it doesn’t matter how slow they are if they’re not trying to scam you. (well it does matter how slow, but I’d suggest consumer protection agencies should be involved in looking at PSN, which isn’t something I’d say about the other two)
  6. Nah - that would be me pointing out this: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/jan/13/china-to-take-golden-shares-in-tech-firms-alibaba-and-tencent So that's anyone partly owned by Tencent. Time to get a different hobby.
  7. I’m sure anyone that Crowley works for directly, or very indirectly, (Satan?) is morally unquestionable.
  8. Hmm. Will Microsoft’s purported 7500 lawyers win this one?
  9. I suspect that's because they're putting the money into game pass releases on their current consoles, instead of filling the service with games from the Xbox one era.
  10. If he wanted to watch it, he'd have done so.
  11. And 99.9% of those people aren't terminally online listening to the bile spewed by Rowling and Mail Online.
  12. Highly recommended, at least things like Project Cars on PC with the original oculus headset were the nearest thing I’ve done to “actually driving” in a game. Far beyond just a wheel on its own. Dirt Rally was almost unplayable though because of the bouncing!
  13. now tv. see also the ask the forum thread. but if it's released in one go on hbo / hbomax, it'll usually be released in one go on sky's platforms.
  14. How can they? In the otherworld of this thread, The Game Does Not Exist.
  15. I was surprised how fleshed out it was (particularly in trying to make sure you used multiple heroes without artificially forcing you to). I suspect any based sequel will provide some more interesting maps and/or environment challenges.
  16. I saw a couple more civilian rescues than that. The weirdest thing was a sudden “kill as many bad guys in three turns as you can” mission, that I picked up from the table (ie it wasn’t a story mission) while levelling up my last character at the end. the only instance of that I saw in the whole game?!
  17. It’s difficult - I imagine on the harder difficulty levels (as Pob says) it becomes relevant that there are these moves. But as you point out you’re not making a meaningful choice when selecting between moves to upgrade: the choice comes when you’re button mashing (engaging with the systems in combat). and I struggle to believe that anyone finds the upgrades as being something you look forward to unlocking. Anymore than yet-another-minor-increment in the Horizon skill tree (now you can use TWO grenades!) or Valhalla skill tree (adrenaline upgrade! (Though there you could at least see your way to things like being able to chain assassinations)) is fun. Much of it - eg. the artefact system - just feels like fluff on Normal though, even on some of the harder post campaign bosses.
  18. They’ve been pushing the workers rights angle for months. It’s pretty transparent, but they did get the relevant Union onside.
  19. they only started filming season 3 a month and a half ago
  20. footle


    zilch. Music licensing.
  21. It's not until about case 4 it really reveals itself though, I can imagine that case 1 and 2 will just provoke - is that it?
  22. You can even run it on a Mac.
  23. There is a lot of upgrade your stuff to enable new abilities / optimisation though. The strategy is purely “which do I do first”, and how do I obtain the resources.
  24. Great show. When’s the S5 and S6 renewal?
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