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  1. the expectations in check is “it will be these four games, not a whole load of things we’ve not told you about”
  2. I doubt they put that in their response for shits and giggles.
  3. sure. I was more correcting the “Minecraft” bit - it isn’t an expansion. Zenimax in this context is Zenimax Online. A development studio rather than the holding company.
  4. it’s the new minecraft action strategy game. And if they release these four, it will immediately make the “Xbox will only release three games in 2023” prediction in the relevant thread redundant. even before the expected release of Ghostwire. And whenever starfield ends up turning up.
  5. I'm not going to buy it because: I don't care about Harry Potter I don't care for JK Rowling's demonisation of trans people. Whereas, more simply and directly, I don't buy Strike books (and I liked the first two) because "JK Rowling". A much more direct decision impacting the author's public status. But... I'd probably buy a copy for Switch if it'd help get my seven year old niece off Roblox, simply because that is a slimy exploitative piece of shit. It doesn't matter that there are "other games" when they're that old and it's more about branding and characters they like. So in practice I'm utterly compromised between ideals and family. (I mean, I still won't buy it, but I'm not pretending that I wouldn't). (And I'm not pirating anything: I like to know the source of anything I install with administrative permissions on a computer. If you don't, particularly for something as high profile as this, I hope you're now installing stuff within a VM).
  6. And that is fine. But the alternative: “people who buy the game are supportive of her views, because it will be taken to be supportive of her views, by her” is ceding a unwinnable argument. You do get that? it’s like brexit all over again: don’t let the enemy define the ground on which you take your stand.
  7. Given the game will succeed anyway, wouldn't your time be better spent pushing the idea that the success of the game is entirely independent of Rowling's views on transphobia? Given that there are only going to be a few terfs who deliberately buy it because of Rowling's views on transphobia? You are otherwise ceding an unwinnable argument to a TERF. Which feels a bit ridiculous.
  8. I think that’s the logical conclusion, yes. and I think this is why you need to be careful with a boycott - because this messaging is dangerous: lots of people will buy this game if it’s even slightly good, and one alternative position would be to strongly push back on the idea that purchasing it has anything whatsoever to do with support for Rowlings position on trans rights (or complete lack of them). (this being different from buying a book by Glinner or something: because there you might have a chance of actually depressing the sales - it’s a battle you might win). and please distinguish this from an argument about any individual making a decision in solidarity - that’s obviously fine!
  9. I think that’s the sequel by David Cage. When they look for someone to take the gamer flak who isn’t Rowling.
  10. I've bought a pair on the assumption they'll fit ok. I get the impression it needed to be wired into the headset with PSVR, so might need to be for this. As a pair of headphones, they don't seem particularly good (for the price) so I'd perhaps recommend waiting. As a pair of gaming headphones, they have appalling ergonomics - more buttons you can't see than you'd ever need. Compared to the wireless Xbox ones which have "on/off" and turn the theft speaker case for volume, and the right speaker case for relative game/voice balance + a mute button, they're a complete ergonomic travesty. You may well find your XM3s work better (though I've not tried connecting headphones by bluetooth to the PS5 - there's always the possibility it includes a load of unnecessary lag).
  11. Also, which one won the most stuff?
  12. they weren’t bought by Microsoft. They were set up by Microsoft. It’s all on Microsoft’s policies
  13. The whole of the FAANGs for the first fifteen years of their existence. Disney, prioritising growing their streaming business over profits *today*. etc.
  14. They'd make a huge profit anyway, and companies don't have to legally make a profit. They have to respond at some point to the wishes of their major shareholders. That isn't the same thing.
  15. footle


    well my prediction that this match was going to be a 1.5 hour three set win for BA, made halfway through the first set, has fallen.
  16. it’ll certainly be the only funny one. Buying non-quest games, unless it’s obvious in advance, feels a little silly when everything is digital and can be bought on the day after reviews. I’ve apparently bought Rez on PS4 (to go with Dreamcast, PS2, 360, and probably PC for VR) so the £10 upgrade seems likely.
  17. You should have just stopped here. It'll sell a fuck load. The TERFs will take it selling a fuck load as backup for their slimy ideals, and therefore linking it to them probably isn't a great idea because you'll never be able to prove that it'd have sold 100k copies more without your campaign. But this isn't an individual political campaign, so that kind of strategy doesn't (and shouldn't) apply. The point is highlighting that Rowling is TERFy, and a whole load of people don't agree with her. That's an ok end in itself.
  18. Flipnic. Quite a modern theme in the age of George Anthony Devolder Santos. A slow piece of collaborative detective work; the pieces come together...
  19. footle


    Zero celebration on winning the last point...
  20. footle


    Whoever wins loses the next game though
  21. footle


    get some fitness work done in the match court ready for the rest of the year
  22. footle


    Absolutely ridiculous tennis match. And scheduling.
  23. footle

    The Man Utd Thread

    have they done a single challenge as bad as that last one by Casemiro?
  24. oh, you’ve got far enough that I can ask the question:
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