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  1. It’s a car game. We know what the gameplay is (tedious). also, since it isn’t in VR doubly tedious.
  2. Not in the slightest. But that’s a big “if not for” statement that’s doing a lot of work.
  3. It surely doesn’t flip between first and third person?
  4. only if they’re tweeted by Bethesda first.
  5. “If this hasn’t already leaked…” yeah.
  6. They’ve definitely got the tech words. Be interesting to see the DF analysis.
  7. it looks dated, becuase it’s the minecraft aesthetic, but depending on the number of players it actually looks quite different.
  8. Oh, some people in an office. Do you think they still work for Microsoft?
  9. Enough that twitch on the tv’s additional minutes delay will mean I don’t get the required level of snark in here.
  10. It is pretty, and I did eventually go back to it and complete most of the story (I think there was a difficulty spike and I couldn't face it), but Oh It Is the Anti-Elden Ring. Huge, pretty (and hell it's very pretty), but obvious, a collect-em-all, and mechanically not that good (and it felt the combat was distinctly more cluttered than the original, or it might just be that I didn't leap from it to Elden Ring?). It also loses points because the original had an interesting storyline. This inevitably couldn't reach those heights. But I'm still looking forward to Call of the Mountain in a month's time, because Guerrilla can do pretty landscapes and spectacle. And it's not really like I expected any more from it.
  11. @Majora Rhianna Pratchett did a good thread about the differing forces at work in both narrative and gameplay teams - but since the thing we’re talking about is an extended cutscene and a forced narrative encounter a bit later I don’t think that argument works here. perhaps there was more build up that was cut?!
  12. edited, even if not exclusive - not that the first two games there will be console exclusive. Whatever people might keep saying in the Acquisition Blizzard thread.
  13. footle

    High on Life

    That’s literally the post before yours. Does it not count if it’s not in an embedded Twitter post?
  14. that being different from “permanently blocked”. This isn’t hard to see the difference of, and something only the market leader could really add to their contracts.
  15. the expectations in check is “it will be these four games, not a whole load of things we’ve not told you about”
  16. I doubt they put that in their response for shits and giggles.
  17. sure. I was more correcting the “Minecraft” bit - it isn’t an expansion. Zenimax in this context is Zenimax Online. A development studio rather than the holding company.
  18. it’s the new minecraft action strategy game. And if they release these four, it will immediately make the “Xbox will only release three games in 2023” prediction in the relevant thread redundant. even before the expected release of Ghostwire. And whenever starfield ends up turning up.
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