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  1. 1 hour ago, Gotters said:

    Stop blaming Gareth.


    Since 1986 ITV have only shown 1 England group stage win live, whilst BBC have had 10.


    England v Wales is on BBC.



    imagine ITV acknowledging that.

    ”Evening all. Now after the goal packed game on Tuesday, tonight we have the opportunity to see how England perform against the very different challenge of <insert team here>.
    History tells us that the key factor is who’s responsible for providing the home broadcast, so our alcohol sponsors recommend you just start drinking now, our betting sponsors think you should put all your money on a scoreless draw snoozefest, and there’s always a bit of online shopping you can do to pass the time.

    With that, let’s have our first advert break so you can get some ideas.”

  2. 1 hour ago, Stanley said:

    Balls, that’s shit isn’t it. No point adding these massive games for just a couple of months. 

    It’s ok, it’ll remain in the available games list for a few months after that.

    you just won’t be able to play it.

  3. On 22/11/2022 at 22:06, Treble said:

    I find it odd that the trailer I saw at the cinema (before Wakanda Forever) was, like, 99% CG. I would have thought that'd be less likely to draw fence sitters than showing (familiar, celebrity) human faces and reactions.:)


    It's extremely odd that a trailer for a film that is the sequel to one that famously pushed the boundaries for CGI (and they should look a bit uncanny - they're humanoid aliens) should not try and mis-sell the film's contents.

  4. 14 hours ago, Minion said:

    I'm finding this a right slog to get through unlike the first game which once it opened up I enjoyed immensely till the end. I'm in the post main mission section of Vanaheim and it's all so samey, does it get much different beyond this point? It feels like unnecessary padding to me and the sense of exploration isn't there like the first game, it feels much more like a corridor action game like Uncharted which I also find tedious.

    It’s the continual funnelling into small crevices or extended and mechanically uninteresting climbing scenes, along with the interminable running around the world tree, that feels more like padding.


    But there was never much freedom in the first game other than being on a lake, and a king s decisions such as do you go to this flag and handle this preset challenge, or this flag and handle this preset challenge.

    And that’s clearly what people want.

  5. 15 minutes ago, Plissken said:


    He doesn’t give you commentary, he tells you the narrative he wants the game to fit in and to hell with what actually happens.

    “This is the toughest group at the World Cup. Every team is ranked in the top 20. Every team is competitive.”


    One of the teams beat the other 6-2 literally four hours ago, Clive you fucking prick.


    if this is a hyper competitive group I'd say the group stages aren't worth watching.  

  6. 3 minutes ago, ZOK said:

    I’ve got £1 riding on this game. Got three goals, got Sterling scored…all I need now is for Kalvin Phillips to come on and get a card and I’m in for a sweet £14 payday!


    Ring Southgate up, get your man out there wearing an armband.

  7. On 17/11/2022 at 23:13, dug said:

    Watching episode 5 now and I decided to Google the cast to see if the actress playing nori's mate sang the song or not. As I was scrolling I saw one of the cast's character name was listed as 

      Hide contents

    Sauron. Wow, thanks for that Google. I did think there was something dodgy about him but I hadn't twigged that he's sauron. Why couldn't they have him listed as halbrand?


    because the reveal was the best part of seven weeks ago, and in the last episode of the series - and every subsequent series - that’s his role.

    also automated systems are shit.

  8. On 19/11/2022 at 18:38, pinholestar said:

    While you’ll still probably eventually disagree, I’d say reserve full judgement in that regard until you’ve completed Act III. While there’s certainly choices to be made (and very consequential ones too) earlier in the game, having played the entirety of Act III in one sitting this afternoon, that final section of the game felt far more funnelled to me and as a result it soured my overall impressions a little. There’s still places in that final stretch where you can influence conversational approaches and outcomes for sure, and I don’t want to spoil it in any way, but I still would have liked there to be a little more meat on the bones of what interactivity and player agency is offered.


    So completion spoilers.



    I do get where you're coming from here. What I did like about Act 3 is that it does tie everything together (even if I had pieced together who the bad person was, if not entirely their motive). And, importantly, with the themes of art, stories, the choices that artists make, Pentiment.


    And, hey, who hasn't wanted to see a bibliography at the end of a videogame.


    Far far better writing and narrative than *cough* 5 out of 6 games up for the VGAs.

  9. having got to the start of act 3, I’m not surprised that there may be more funnelling, or that it would be necessary in order to keep the narrative under control.


    though it is noticeable (act one and two spoilers) that


    Of your three main murderer candidates from act one, one would have been dead from old age by act two; another (lucky) doesn’t appear at all in act two - leaving the prior and the kitchen monk who’d both spend the whole time locked in the library: avoiding having any real impact on the narrative.


  10. 1 hour ago, Stanley said:

    Thing is I actually think Sony’s selection is better than Game Pass, it’s just a shame they can’t present it as well. 

    Ha. Perhaps if you’ve not played any games in the last three years (and that’s one audience, but it’s perhaps not the main subscription audience).

  11. 2 minutes ago, Pob said:

    No, but then I’ve not upgraded to ‘Extra’ yet. I’m just trying to get a handle of what games I’ll get access to. So far the only big PS5 games I can see that are included are Returnal and Demon’s Souls. There’s no evidence that Ghosts or Miles Morales are included. 


    "Big" PS5 games - your opinions on tiering may vary.

    Unfortunately the only ones I don't own or haven't played are... the two in the unknown column (and Stray, but I wasn't impressed very much last night).


    top tier:






    second tier:

    https://psnowguide.com/game/marvels-spider-man/ (I don't think the PS5 version is included?)





    third tier:

    https://psnowguide.com/game/ghost-of-tsushima-directors-cut/ (i didn't get on with this)


    no idea tier:


  12. 7 minutes ago, Pob said:

    I have to assume that Ghosts, Deathloop and Miles Morales are not available to add to library right now for PS+ Extra members.


    Miles Morales was definitely viewable through one mechanism or another. What happens if you search for it on the store - does it have a "download" option?

    [Which is how I installed Death Stranding]


    It does feel like a half-arsed alternative to Game Pass whose only advantage is that it's a relatively small amount of money on top of a PS Plus subscription. I can't imagine paying full price for it or Premium.

  13. 19 minutes ago, Pob said:


    I can't believe how unclear this all is - I've checked the 'Game Collection' list on the PS website, and also on my PS5 and it's not there. Neither are the Spider-man games or Deathloop, but I'm hearing anecdotally that they are included with PS+ Extra.


    I should clarify, I've not signed up for Extra yet, so maybe they'll magically be downloadable to me when I do sign up, I'm just wary of signing up when I can't tell what I'll get.


    See my RDR comment earlier - it's not even clear when you *have* signed up. And you need to be super vigilant to make sure that you don't download something you shouldn't.

    (Also Death Stranding PS5 was sometimes viewable from within "the game collection" and sometimes wasn't: it's a shit show).

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