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  1. 12 hours ago, kensei said:


    The last mainline F Zero wasn't on a console with a 90 million install base and you still have some brand awareness because of Smash.


    It probably wouldn't do Mario Kart numbers but not every game Nintendo makes does Mario Kart numbers and F Zero so definitely something you could make good on a mid budget.


    Or they could use it for what they FZero originally was - a tech demo to showcase new hardware, with ideas learned feeding into new titles.

    Nintendo at this point are selling three million copies of Mario tennis. Which has the appeal of being Mario, and tennis.

    Is f-zero as a comparable mid budget title going to get anywhere near that - probably not, no.


  2. 24 minutes ago, Fletch said:


    Nostalgia is big business though, there's a market for making easy money allowing people to legally buy and play old games as well as making new games and IP. 


    Apologies for boring you though man. 

    It’s not that baffling.

    The switch has sold through 90+ million consoles.

    the last mainline fzero game sold - at best 1.5 million copies, and more likely under 700k copies. 
    the last wipeout game under a million on a console which also might have expected a higher attach ratio if there really was that latent demand.


    why not just go with new IP, rather than lazer targetting forty-somethings who’d also buy the new IP?


  3. 3 minutes ago, jon_cybernet said:

    I’ve just let my Game Pass lapse, and I’ve bought 3 years worth of gold to do the top up trick. But I’ve also just been given a year’s free ultimate game pass code from BT. Is there anyway to use the BT code and my gold codes, or am I better off just doing the gold trick and ignoring the BT offer?


    I guess if I use the BT offer I’d be gambling on the Gold codes not expiring and the exchange offer still being open next year?

    you could do two years worth of gold, then top up with the BT, and then worst case exchange the gold for a few months later on.

  4. 22 minutes ago, Sirloin said:

    Look to be treating it as an ODI target.

    If I’d known they’d decided to play a fifty over game, I’d have gone “over 70”.

  5. 8 hours ago, Garwoofoo said:

    Watched this on Disney+. The IMAX presentation is deeply distracting, it changes aspect ratio constantly - not just between scenes but often from one camera cut to the next then back again. Just pick what you want your movie to look like, and stick with it. 

    Also it’s really fucking dark. In a pitch black room it was still really a flat and subdued picture. I actually had to adjust my TV settings (which are fine for literally everything else) to see what was happening in some scenes. 

    Also the film was shit. 

    it is very dark. I don’t find the imax stuff distracting though on an OLED - can’t work out why.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Miner Willy said:

    Sounds like he will appeal and could yet play though. Still very messy.

    lim sure he’ll appeal. Doubt he’ll get to the end of the tournament though - lying on your visa form sounds like straightforward grounds to dismiss.

    And if it isn’t, that’d be a hilarious precedent to set.

  7. On 12/01/2022 at 18:07, spanx said:

    That makes sense, it’s more that it has to render the frame at a higher res. It’s like reverse DLSS… DLSS is good because it makes your graphics betterer with more frames and shit


    Why is downscaling good, is it mainly for 1080p folks who are looking to get a cleaner image. 


    exactly. It’s basically fancy anti-aliasing - more pixels in the initial image means more information is retained.

  8. sixaxis:

    - take a perfectly ok DualShock 2, though keeping the sticks in an uncomfortable position because you won’t really change the form factor for another nine years

    - add pointless waggle that was barely used for anything, let alone gyro aiming

    - replace perfectly good buttons with floaty unsatisfying triggers, ruling out more frequency games

    - keep the utterly pointless pressure sensitive buttons

    - scrap any haptics

    - install a tiny tiny battery


    at least the other mainstream controllers mentioned here remained key throughout the consoles life. This was replaced swiftly with the DS3, which was still shit but had haptics.


  9. I’m genuinely amazed by how everything that is interesting (and there’s not much to pick from) about the Eternals - with the exception of Sprite - was entirely lost by this movie.


    comic book spoilers - well barely, because they’re obvious in the comics and entirely missing here


    The whole of deviant society, and the fear factor of being remorselessly hunted. Is rejected in favour of sub-transformers level monsters.


    Basically no scheming, no anger, from characters you might expect it from.


    The Eternals are not eternal. Which leads you to wonder what the point is.

    The Gaiman and Gillen runs are so much more interesting, it’s frankly bizarre. Whereas I can’t generally say the same about other comic runs converted to movies, where they haven’t chopped the whole concept basically out wholesale.

  10. 1 hour ago, Vulgar Monkey said:

    Eep, I was just asking about the new featureset in AtF; didnt realise it was already being discussed here.


    tldr - can someone explain to me (as if I were a very smart 10-yr old) how they can do this without the performance hit?

    I understand how dlss saves performance, as it's rendering at a lower res and upscaling, but this is rendering at a higher res for more detail and downscaling. So how is doing that at 1620 supposedly the same fps as running natively at 1080?


    the rescaling takes place on different hardware cores - as opposed to a conflict as in the AMD cards.

  11. 19 minutes ago, Fallows said:


    Probably. The last time I tried they had a waiting system in place, but now no more.

    Why you can't just fucking pre-order things is totally beyond me at this point. That's the whole reason why pre-orders were invented, no?


    You just end up with scalpers pre-ordering and things like the overclockers debacle. See also EVGA's queue.

    People with more money, with multiple preorders, all over the shop, huge queues.

  12. 1 hour ago, Wiper said:


    I'd like to see that chart re-rendered into something better categorised (i.e. having mobile split out into equivalent subgroups as console and PC) and I'd also like to see a key covering what exactly 'pay-to-play' is, and whether Premium simply means 'purchase to play' or if it's excluding e.g. indie games; but yes, the mobile market is huge.

    how much of mobile wouldn’t just be “free to play“ though? 
    does premium console include subscriptions of live, psn, nintendo online?

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