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  1. the pilot dude was an idiot: disrespected the chain of command, and people who’ve been there, done that, won the wars simply because he was male. the idea of the force being “special” had been taken away in the prequels. There’s no reason why there’s only a few force users in the universe, given how many Jedi and Sith there used to be. Similarly there’s no reason why the force is a male only thing, or why Leia couldn’t have latent powers. Perhaps she’s been unconsciously using them to lead the rebellion/republic for donkeys years. Perhaps all charismatic leaders do in the Star Wars universe. luke was fine. you can have Finn.
  2. can definitely see that if you like this kind of thing you’ loved this. Can’t see that I’ll ever get past the first boss though!
  3. It’s difficult. I’m a reasonably into it Beatles fan: I’ve revolution in the head; the anthologies; the mono box set. in a year without McCartney 3-2-1, this would be the musical highlight. But it does meander a bit.
  4. sound is good though. and the control seems tight.
  5. Bought returnal. 21GB patch. Downloading at 60Mbits on a 1Gbits connection. Requires double the download space free on disk to allow for “copying”. won’t simultaneously download something else while copying. I can’t believe people praised this OS a year ago. Or that it remains like this.
  6. beep your horn near them; race to a checkpoint; get a car upgrade.
  7. i don’t think Emma Stone is turning up for Kirsten Dunst money. Or less than Holland, Maguire, Garfield.
  8. footle

    Apple TV +

    I’m pretty sure, 7 episodes in, that Swagger is shitting all over everything else I’m watching at the moment. The wheel of time (expected, it’s pulp fiction) morning show (expected, only elevated by the case), Hawkeye (expected, though I’m enjoying it), Succession (wtf - not expected at all, and episode to episode it’s probably better). Though it only really has taken properly off in Episode 7. But hell, it’s one great episode.
  9. yeah, but twat. (talented twat, and still great live, but is there anyone he didn’t fall out with?)
  10. doesn’t apply to Lennon-McCartney, who were always alphabetical.
  11. most of the way through. There are a load of songs where it’s obvious which one wrote it, then others where they disagreed about who wrote what. Occasionally there’s a one or another song which you think must be by one or another, and it’s actually by the other.
  12. all it is telling you, and rand/Matt, is anyone can They don’t really have a clear signal.
  13. Bloody hell @Nate Dogg III, you’ve set the bar for your subscriber content worryingly high with that one. Fascinating, and not just applicable to games or the creative industries. To be honest, I hope you resell that interview elsewhere so more people read it (or publish it later as an example of your subscriber exclusive content).
  14. Diverging rapidly from the books, and for the better I think.
  15. VR motion controls aren’t motion controls though. To work they’ve actually got to give an illusion of being precise, if that makes sense.
  16. In addition to those already mentioned: - I’m not sure The Outer Wilds could have been released in 2011 and worked: insufficient memory? - I’m sure that the majority of the systems that build up the world in Red Dead 2 couldn’t have existed on the 360/PS3, if only because Red Dead 1 exists. But also memory. - And No Man’s Sky’s procedural generation is a few cuts above; and a few cuts above where it was in 2015 (or whenever it released) as well.
  17. it may help his characterisation if he’s terrible to begin with. If he does end up being truly awful it’ll doom the show: it’s probably the single hardest part to play.
  18. We have a dedicated console troll thread, you know?
  19. “Because I’m tall and jolly?”
  20. You should probably have bought a Series X then. Most of the transformative BC improvements are on that, rather than the Series S...
  21. Subscribe from the start at RRP? Not that many. Re-subscribe once they're in, and it's changed the way they play/sample games? Most? (That's MS bet anyway, particularly if you play on PC & Xbox and would buy Gold anyway).
  22. Not really. You have lots of people who think fantasy starts and ends with grimdark. The WOT won’t ever satisfy them, in any form.
  23. have you watched episode three of foundation?!
  24. Tick tick boom - I’m ten minutes in and realise I’ve never really seen Andrew Garfield have to show more than one emotion before. very heavily staged, and fairly frenetic editing.
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