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  1. Modern Warfare 2’s campaign is the nearest current example: different themes or quirks per level (be that either defend the area, various forms of stealth, rain destruction down from on high, dodge the moving scenery and so on), high production values. It’s just that most people play multiplayer. But if you decide, for no reason, that it doesn’t count so be it. Black, Urban Chaos, et al. Whisper: they weren’t particularly good, and don’t stand up to what you’d expect today.
  2. LG OLED (this years model) wins again for being relatively affordable, having four proper HDMI 2.1 sockets, and sufficiently popular that more than one person has bought one. We’ll just ignore audio lag.
  3. ResetEra referenced by some extremely online journalist? https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/hogwarts-legacy-game-faces-boycott-in-jk-rowling-trans-row-69bdjbnn5
  4. they’ve had a couple of years to realise that it was going to launch on the cloud, regardless of geforce now or not!
  5. Ha - as I mentioned above. You have to press, hold, then release on the beat as the circle just touches the end. It’s a tad annoying, so the timing must be that little bit tighter.
  6. I found the parry hard until I realised I was meant to be playing Simon Says with one button. I found the QTE sequences on that, and the subsequent, level painful. There’s just something about the hold/release that throws me off. Switching to stereo output from the Xbox has helped a lot though.
  7. And it’s usually perfectly possible to play them as a shooter. You’re just not exploring the full possibility space if you do so.
  8. oh come on: there is a bad guy, who is two pixels tall on a 4k screen, who is shooting you from across the map and who you couldn’t predict was there without foreknowledge. what isn’t there to love?!
  9. The Bone is circa 2013 GPU and an absolutely potato mobile CPU even at the time. The Steam Deck is far more powerful.
  10. Just from the number of alternative combos, and the variation of when you might bring in other elements or create different builds, the systematic elements seem quite deep. There will be some interesting and unrepeatable YouTube videos for sure.
  11. It’s gorgeous on a 55 inch OLED too. I don’t think it needs the steam deck screen!
  12. It looks like we’ve found our AI. this is far better than I thought it would be. And rhythm action is definitely in my wheel house.
  13. I wonder what it’s like making this game knowing that - because of the subscription model, and the fact it’s first party - it’s going to find an audience? that first boss fight was lovely
  14. I'm struggling to think of a real team-based multiplayer (with up to four players per team) action strategy game on console. So it depends how collaborative the base building is; and how much strategy is in it. It's the team behind Homeworld, so they do have the design chops. Certainly more risky than an Third Person Open World Fantasy Castle game. Though I suppose the Minecraft IP is less tainted since they got rid of Notch before he went overboard.
  15. They needed the high after they chose not to announce a real date for Forza. They were always going to end on Redfall. And however enthusiastic that guy is about ESO, it's 20 expansions in.
  16. It isn't. You don't have dynamic matchmaking or PvP - two of the defining features of Destiny. There's nothing that suggests the complexity of a Raid either; but then Destiny doesn't have environmental hazards...
  17. Probably helps that it was Tango. I doubt they're quite as tied into the normal set of leakers.
  18. outside of the tutorial, sure.
  19. Oh god, I need to play this when I haven’t been drinking. The bit where they make the world bounce to the beat is precisely where I found metal hellsinger missed a trick.
  20. Hmm, a five minute introductory cutscene. At least it was pretty.
  21. welcome to precisely two years after the series s release. You can play via cloud gaming though. also about time a console with a potato CPU from 2013 was ignored. Bit more painful if you only have a Xbox One X.
  22. you can’t tell from a video is my point. How does it *feel*?
  23. they mentioned twenty environments, rebuilt for this version of forza, of which five were new and they focused on one in South Africa. were you watching it?
  24. No - that's Starfield. though Forza is looking more like an E3 shadow drop by the minute.
  25. (worth noting I’ve put fifteen levels into GT7 as far as the credits in the last week in anticipation of the VR mode, and I’m well up for fancy graphics and new physics Forza)
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