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  1. I’m sure that guy enjoyed writing his script, and the various conflations, misconceptions, etc. are there for the clicks and nice advert money.
  2. I don’t see how anyone can read that and think that it was an attempt to rehabilitate him. I’ve got two thirds of the way through, and have read enough new stories about how he’s abusive.
  3. how much if that is Bethesda, how much series console sales and halo/forza/various third party exclusives?
  4. you could end up in a bidding war with tencent for take two, and potentially jeopardise the mobile deal. You’re not going to end up in one for Activision. EA probably overlaps too much - you get codemasters, but how many racing studios/games do you need and want to fund, BioWare - genres they’ve already got overcovered, respawn and dice (ditto, and would respawn stay), sports games which you’d end up developing on multiple platforms anyway, then some interesting indie type games - but that’s a small part of market cap. Also, do Microsoft really want to be running Ultimate Team?
  5. so did I! I’m genuinely surprised, though I can feel myself very very slowly getting better and more confident in upping the risks to get the necessary rewards to be able to continue.
  6. Bing! and another hopeful Bing! for point 11.
  7. Until Microsoft’s 2023. Which starts in July. There’s a reasonable chance, I suspect, of it closing this calendar year.
  8. The monopolists bit might have a problem. I’m struggling to remember them arguing that Sony buying up various studios - when their gaming revenue is already so high - or Tencent buying all sorts of shit should have been referred. I’m dubious of the takeover, and if it wasn’t a company collapsing from the inside out I suspect I’d be more outraged. But I wonder if activision blizzard still exists in any case in twelve months time without it.
  9. Microsoft are worried about tencent far more than Sony I suspect.
  10. The deal closes BY June 2023. That's the end of Fiscal Year 23 for microsoft.
  11. Ah so that's how much King now costs - just looking at this through a console wars lens misses the point imo.
  12. @Nate Dogg III Emergency (or delayed?) Hit Points pls
  13. Nintendo at this point are selling three million copies of Mario tennis. Which has the appeal of being Mario, and tennis. Is f-zero as a comparable mid budget title going to get anywhere near that - probably not, no.
  14. It’s not that baffling. The switch has sold through 90+ million consoles. the last mainline fzero game sold - at best 1.5 million copies, and more likely under 700k copies. the last wipeout game under a million on a console which also might have expected a higher attach ratio if there really was that latent demand. why not just go with new IP, rather than lazer targetting forty-somethings who’d also buy the new IP?
  15. you could do two years worth of gold, then top up with the BT, and then worst case exchange the gold for a few months later on.
  16. footle

    Cricket Thread

    If I’d known they’d decided to play a fifty over game, I’d have gone “over 70”.
  17. footle

    Cricket Thread

    Over/under on all out for 70?
  18. it is very dark. I don’t find the imax stuff distracting though on an OLED - can’t work out why.
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