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  1. I don’t recall anything as tedious in the first game as the “and now your boat is a… (spoiler)… and you’re just doing the picking things up” section.
  2. Not particularly great defending there.
  3. It isn't. It's not even the best or second best game released this month. What it is is something that is highly polished and entirely predictable - if that's what you want, this is a good one. (and with that, I'm going to turn the PS5 on and wander very slowly between cutscenes and fights).
  4. This feels like slow motion football now. How LewanGoalSki failed to score then I have no idea.
  5. imagine ITV acknowledging that. ”Evening all. Now after the goal packed game on Tuesday, tonight we have the opportunity to see how England perform against the very different challenge of <insert team here>. History tells us that the key factor is who’s responsible for providing the home broadcast, so our alcohol sponsors recommend you just start drinking now, our betting sponsors think you should put all your money on a scoreless draw snoozefest, and there’s always a bit of online shopping you can do to pass the time. With that, let’s have our first advert break so you can get some ideas.”
  6. It’s ok, it’ll remain in the available games list for a few months after that. you just won’t be able to play it.
  7. If you start now you might have played ten percent before it leaves.
  8. The alternative is watching a repeat of Wales?
  9. It looked appalling in full speed too, if you didn't have welsh goggles on.
  10. It's extremely odd that a trailer for a film that is the sequel to one that famously pushed the boundaries for CGI (and they should look a bit uncanny - they're humanoid aliens) should not try and mis-sell the film's contents.
  11. It’s the continual funnelling into small crevices or extended and mechanically uninteresting climbing scenes, along with the interminable running around the world tree, that feels more like padding. But there was never much freedom in the first game other than being on a lake, and a king s decisions such as do you go to this flag and handle this preset challenge, or this flag and handle this preset challenge. And that’s clearly what people want.
  12. to be fair, that was a blatant penalty.
  13. Yeah, but what's that got to do with the Narrative.
  14. if this is a hyper competitive group I'd say the group stages aren't worth watching.
  15. Ring Southgate up, get your man out there wearing an armband.
  16. because the reveal was the best part of seven weeks ago, and in the last episode of the series - and every subsequent series - that’s his role. also automated systems are shit.
  17. So completion spoilers. And, hey, who hasn't wanted to see a bibliography at the end of a videogame. Far far better writing and narrative than *cough* 5 out of 6 games up for the VGAs.
  18. Anyone even slightly surprised that mick and Latifi crashed into one another?
  19. Act two is seven years later (there’s an achievement for completing act one, and an achievement for completing act two). it’ll be very obvious when you reach act three: for one thing, there will be another time jump.
  20. having got to the start of act 3, I’m not surprised that there may be more funnelling, or that it would be necessary in order to keep the narrative under control. though it is noticeable (act one and two spoilers) that
  21. Ha. Perhaps if you’ve not played any games in the last three years (and that’s one audience, but it’s perhaps not the main subscription audience).
  22. Except it should not be in the list of games under the game catalogue.
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