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  1. Will Superman turn away from the Dark Side?
  2. I’m afraid that if you manage to still support gamergate then, yes, you have weird incel far-right anti-fact tendencies. it was not even slightly covert when it was at its height. It hasn’t been since. if you’re “associated” with gamergate, or think it was anything other than a flimsy cover for a lot of harassment of women and minorities by twats from 4chan, then yes - guilt by association is exactly what you deserve.
  3. Oh I need to friend you: following M Speech is just slightly too dispiriting (I can’t see my ancient muscles being steady enough to knock 1.2 seconds off my time) but if you’re half a second ahead it’s probably a little more plausible.
  4. The first, and doubly so for the second. I'm also not sure you can fire people for political views, though he's surely skirting very close to termination for bringing the company into disrepute if he's been vocal about working for WB in his videos (a third party linking him from job descriptions to WB and then the other way to his videos - I imagine would be dubious grounds for termination in the UK).
  5. The bit where Fietro was full of bullet holes though, Gerbik?
  6. here are three games released in early access in the last three years: - noita - hades - slay the spire i think you need to reevaluate. Perhaps step away from fleeting pieces of mass produced entertainment like fifa, spiderman miles morales, and call of duty...
  7. 1.04.860, but I’ve now been drinking :(. Did wonder if you were all magic or something :-) as opposed to just the normal amount of better than me I’ve seen for years.
  8. Wait a minute. You’re all playing in the dry?! Is there some setting I missed?
  9. I generally assume that early access is teams developing stuff and wanting community feedback (so agile), or teams wanting a non publisher funding stream. Either is fine, I don’t necessarily have to purchase (I don’t understand Baldurs Gate 3 as an early access title from the players perspective; I do understand snowtopia or grounded: small teams or systems driven games).
  10. Losing a lot of texture by resampling down, but...
  11. It is important to respect the whims of the referee. He is the law.
  12. We already have established that there’s a multiverse. What do you think Endgame was about? Where did the multiple versions of Thanos, Gamora etc. come from...
  13. Footle - 1:07:019 not entirely sure turning off traction control was a good idea
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