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  1. I’m not in Stoke... but I’m sure their phone has been engaged a lot today.
  2. 01782444455 remember to mention your PS5 order, it’ll be light relief for them.
  3. have you thought about just calling a phone sex line and asking if you can talk about your PS5 order?
  4. depends on your build. But also use the mirror in your bedchamber.
  5. They've probably used up their bandwidth limit for the month.
  6. Worth noting that I got stuck in a 11GB download for this through their content updater. The "solution" was to install NetLimiter4, throttle flight sim's updates back to 3MB/s, and then it stopped continually half downloading one file.
  7. Not at launch. No announcement of when. They have enough things to fix on PC without adding folk who'll expect it to work perfectly out of the box - it'll be a while.
  8. The forum post saying "very limited stock" - not a huge surprise. It's easy enough to cancel given they've set up an non-phone-approach, so not a great problem waiting a fortnight or so to see what happens.
  9. has anyone with anything sent a 4k120 FPS signal into an LG OLED yet? ive been looking at 3080 reviews, but not seen anything.
  10. Admittedly, it's pretty hard for me to now die in Tartutrus (though I've not finished the game, and imagine that I'll start dying again once I have done so). Think I'm only missing the occasional line from Hypnos though. The through storylines don't rely on where you finished your run.
  11. the 1080, everything at launch was founders: created by all the third parties. Not sure after that.
  12. I think we hope for late October. There’s Hades to play till then.
  13. Overclockers were very open about the fact that if you didn’t get in in the first two minutes they were overselling their allocation, to the point of never actually having anything but a preorder button. But then they’ve always done that for graphics cards (I was lucky with my 1080 FE order four years ago, but it wasn’t quite as frantic). not sure about scan.
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