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  1. Yeah, but we’re all nutters watching matches on Sky. We’re predisposed to want massive shifts in the last ten balls, the occasional (but not every over) giant six, and spin bowlers laughing in the face of batsmen trying to whack it.
  2. It’ll be in the integral content manager - not the Xbox store.
  3. I’m horrified on a daily basis. Then I remember gamergate, and before gamergate, and read again what it was like in 2010 as a woman/minority in certain tech/game companies and I wonder: a) what the fuck is going on b) how the hell the likes of blizzard, activision, Ubisoft, quantum dream, random indie dev of misogynistic frat boys, haven’t been sued to oblivion c) how much it goes on where I work, outside of the games industry, but which I’m just not aware of because of the types of teams I work in
  4. Load it. Download the U.K. update (I’m being repetitive, but if you’re in the U.K. you do want to do this). Stare. I think tomorrow it’s “download the pc update, while downloading the content packs on Xbox” (mostly to take the console on holiday) then worry about actually playing it on Wednesday.
  5. It’s quite likely it does, given the pc performance improvements remain in beta till tomorrow.
  6. They haven’t, apparently. To the level that some of the discovery tours require you to download world updates. But console players: you really do want those world updates - they include better terrain, additional thematic buildings, more modelled airports etc. And if you’re in the U.K., a noticeably better London.
  7. Crash, or overstress your plane: black screen.
  8. It’s not so much the BBC decided to sacrifice them, as Discovery paid a ridiculous amount of money for a pan- European deal.
  9. Or fixed it so that I don’t have to change tcp ip settings and repeatedly timeout if not forcing all my traffic over a vpn on large files. Tomorrow evening will be interesting.
  10. It looks pre U.K. world update. That’ll annoy everyone on console if they’ve got all those to download separately too (and they probably do have)
  11. Sometimes. Extreme weather tends to break stuff, and It certainly used not to properly stream in
  12. It might stutter a bit. If you’ve downloaded the full version though it’ll just fall back to the offline map.
  13. Too many trees in cities is an AI issue on the backlog. The severely forested Manhattan after the collapse of civilisation is a particularly obvious example.
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