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  1. With the specific BC rumours - that there are different processor/gpu states to support PS4 / PS4 Pro operating modes, zero. In general, if we discount those rumours, adding higher filtering options / resolution as per the Xbox approach might be possible, but adding raytracing is a entirely different pipeline - not a post-process effect.
  2. the monitor and/or graphics card to let me do that were both more than I expect the consoles to be; entirely ignoring what a relevant 4k tv would be. $300 ten years ago != $300 now. And £300 is now worth about tuppence.
  3. Just playing GOW5 or FH4 on a PC with ultra turned on and a plus 60fps framerate is clearly better than the Xbox1X version - if you’re just looking for shinies.
  4. Console Wars are what makes new console launches great. Particularly since we don’t get to find out which console is actually ok until a few months later.
  5. worth pointing out my yes is in response to the first post finishing by saying it’d be silly, wouldn’t it?
  6. Yes. Besides, Sony will end up doing the same thing with the first lot of “next gen” games
  7. footle

    Cricket Thread

    Indian guys - yes, definitely. I’m happy to have it on TV.
  8. It was a great, diving, clearly offside goal.
  9. also, counterintuitively if you think you keep dying: coffee dripper. the additional energy is essential, and you’ve already got a pretty good heal at 6 points per round. Worst case that additional energy lets you put another block card in play for five points of damage mitigation on each turn, so you’ve made back thirty points of heal within six turns...
  10. game released in November, which is busy anyway; game released on PC and Xbox, which limits the audience in this forum where everyone only seems to play indie games on switch. (it may have released on PS4, but I can’t remember the last discussion about indie games on PS4 given it doesn’t have the benefit of gamespass).
  11. I really like it, to the point where I’ve just learnt how to play it on piano. there are a number of subtle callbacks to previous bond themes in the accompaniment, entirely ignoring that final chord, the four note hook can be played with some fun harmonies, the “fool me once” hook in the chorus is lovely, and the low bridge into the first chorus is also quite nice. it’s no “you know my name”, but what is? (it’s also somewhat hampered by being a 75bpm movie title sequence song - it doesn’t have long enough to contain the huge variation that some of you seem to want)
  12. Yay, unplanned heart win (defect, a1, but on Xbox this time without everything unlocked). A bit of an apparition lightning echo form cheese fest, but only realised the heart was on at the start of act three. still haven’t unlocked everything on the Xbox version.
  13. There’s also the bit where at the moment you get imported into games that are 500-3 in the opponent teams’ favour. Destiny 2’s approach of just terminating the game at that point seems much more sensible.
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