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  1. Also they appear in the home side menu. Not sure why you’d need another ui “feature”
  2. It was more a statement that R&C certainly couldn’t.
  3. Is there anything in returnal that really couldn’t have been done on PS4?
  4. if you think they‘ll remove the upgrade offer, then the cheapest other way is £20 EA Play subs converting to 4 months of ultimate at a time.
  5. Well, it’s an argument. It ignores the front loading of sales that is expected of any videogame (50% of GoT sales were in the first three days), ignores that a successful attach rate across 7 million and 115 million PS4s are very different, ignores that you only release when you think you’ll make your money… or you don’t have any choice.
  6. I’m not surprised. There will be no physical copies available. And digitally you now have to search through as far as PS5 exclusives to find it on the digital store. how many tens of copies need to be sold now to chart at 15th on the physical charts?! (the Xbox series lifetime boxed chart is weird though: I kind of assume that it’s heavily skewed by smart delivery and digital, because the idea that Feynx Rising is the second highest selling Xbox Series X game doesn’t really compute )
  7. two out of seven ridiculous wishes coming true isn’t bad. Besides, if rashford was PM when would he find time to play three times in a week?
  8. Depends. If you're speccing something today that will play Cyberpunk better than Stadia today, you might be ok with a Series X. Otherwise, yes, you're going to be paying upwards of £1500 on a PC. Simply because of graphics card madness.
  9. It’s certainly louder than my Series X or PC, but it’s nowhere near as bad as my launch PS4.
  10. You’ll notice that the Amazon Luna thread has basically disappeared, and they have more traction in videogames with Twitch.
  11. Certainly I can use any pad with Xcloud. The barrier is “can I connect it to my iPad or PC”, not the branding. The same applies with stadia, except if I want to use a tv. I’ve already got loads of Bluetooth pads, and was an early adopter of chromecast ultra back in 2017.
  12. Full series watched. Revised review: it’s still wallpaper. invincible has much less to say than The Boys, particularly season 2 of The Boys. It’s also just a beat to beat rehash of the comic (with the exception of one particular scene in the finale), whereas The Boys is thankfully adding and remixing a fair bit.
  13. If they make it playable on any old chromecast ultra with a controller I actually own, I’d be interested.
  14. “It’s unfair to be leading at this track”
  15. If checo was close to bottas, mercedes could have pitted hamilton and had a good chance to get out in front after pit stop one.
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