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  1. footle


    The last two sets today he was *so* much better than then, it surprised me.
  2. footle

    Google Stadia

    This just isn’t true. We know the important bit: you buy games, you get to play them in stereo and up to 1080p for “free” or with bells and whistles for a subscription fee. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Stadia https://store.google.com/product/stadia?gclid=Cj0KCQjw6KrtBRDLARIsAKzvQIFetzweOSA-DKRTSL-fH3t3471nrdSXTYFpan5mCsNW4v53CwqDpaoaAk1pEALw_wcB (small print) if you don’t assume alternative business models (that they haven’t announced) exist and are being hidden for “reasons” you won’t be disappointed.
  3. footle

    Xbox Game Pass

    another one I’d not heard of, watched a thirty second video and thought... ooh.
  4. footle

    Google Stadia

    This argument is as shit here as everywhere else it’s used. (cf. the majority of people apparently believed the bus) Within three posts we’ve gone from “there are doubtless people who” to “the majority of people”, while no-one who’s actually following the early news properly - well before general availability or the marketing really kicks in - is in this thread saying “didn’t they say this was going to be a Netflix type service?” (as opposed to what it actually is, with a few free free to play games for subscribers more akin to PSPlus). You’ve even said you expected some kind of subscription, but you can’t say you’ve been misled by their marketing (which means it’s not implicit) - you just don’t agree with them leaving that out. I might also agree - I think it’s the thing that’s going to make it much more difficult for them to compete with xCloud+GamesPass, and at the start of the year I wasn’t expecting that.
  5. Stick Hamilton and Vettel on the same photo and they’re a long way towards that... (260+ / 135 / let’s call it 10 ) but not the same.
  6. footle

    Google Stadia

    there are no doubt people who think all kinds of things, but they’ve only directly stated the wirelessly with laptop one. They’ve never implied the Netflix of games type library - people just jump to that conclusion because that’s what the majority of people think of when they think “entertainment cloud service”. They don’t think “rent hardware on cloud”: they think Spotify, they think Netflix.
  7. footle

    Apple Arcade

    So does Apple Arcade already have a discoverability problem? how do I work out what to play? so far I’ve tried out the following: Grindstone - clocked it, most levels all three objectives, can see returning to complete 100%. Not really made any use at all of most of the items. Have made use of multiple suits of armour, which was a bit of an error in the Edge review. Pinball Wizard - nah, my usual dislike of “small table pinball” rears its head Speed Demons - fine when playing on iPhone, frame drops when playing on iPad Pro 9 inch, play while at bus stop Cards of Darkness - need to spend more time working out how it isn’t just an RNG, but cartoony and distinctive, play while on bus Sayonara - don’t have a controller connected to my iPhone at all times, and once you’ve played with a controller even touch controls at highest sensitivity seems like playing with your hands behind your back: it’s both really quite distinctive but simultaneously obviously not a game to play without a controller... where cards fall - Installed but not played, must go back what the golf - a funny comedy game; who knew it was even possible? Few levels a week. Patterned - don’t play it on an iphone, I can see where it fits in an iPad but I’m unlikely to return to it Painty Mob - actually quite deep once you realise that each character is audio distinctive, play at bus stop with a different character each time Mind symphony - don’t bother shinsekai - installing, should probably try and copy onto the iPad too. Manifold garden - installing What else should I be looking at, one month in?
  8. I’m not sure PS1,2,3 BC is all that. The only reason the XBox games they’ve reissued are vaguely ok is because they’ve basically fully remastered them. The 360 games are a better case, and there are the occasional games which you really would like to keep playing, but Sony would be happier selling it to you again (TLOU Remastered et al). I can’t imagine they’ll throw out everyone’s digital PS4 library though.
  9. footle

    Apple Arcade

    Mind symphony was 700MB of pointless download.
  10. I bought Shadowkeep and it decided to redownload the whole of destiny 2 ffs
  11. that’s what I thought, but I can’t find the missing one! will look again tonight
  12. yeah, but it’s clearly the fake finale before the shoe drops. POX6 seems to be double the price?
  13. I appear to have a character that’s fully equipped with 750 or above, and is on 680 power. Quite confusing.
  14. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on. I kind of wonder how this ever works players.
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