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  1. Farseer really needs to be read in the context of what else was about at the time of publication: you had your epics - Eddings repeating the same basic story across five books, three times, Brooks slowly contorting Shannara into god knows what. You didn’t have much where the lead was , indeed, that’s still pretty rare. it also grows out a lot over the course of the rest of the realm of the elderings cycle. Fitz grows up a bit, the relationships mature a bit more, and you get a bit more nuance. But he noticeably remains Fitz, and the books remain much more interested in the characters inner turmoil than the wider plot. You’d probably prefer the Liveship traders.
  2. The impact of the staging/choreography is somewhat lost in the cutting/close focus, so entirely understandable.
  3. Hamilton: it’s interesting how much more emotion Miranda is willing to compromise singing for live on stage than you get in the cast recording, or in the London production. He definitely pushes the impact of being upset much further than Jamal in London will.
  4. I don’t think you really understand the meaning of currency is fucked. Why sell a console that’s in short supply at $350 in the U.K. when you can sell it for $500 in the US?
  5. It’ll be bandwidth and TV capability. Finding out the resolution of a monitor or smart tv is a line of code, after which it’s “what will the connection support”.
  6. no, but planning to after dinner. we have seen the London show three times though... ( otherwise I imagine I might have taken the afternoon off)
  7. Nothing confirmed outside of the Astrobot controller demo being preinstalled. We assume that Spiderman will be launch - "holiday 2020" could slip to december, but you'd doubt it. Everything else was effectively undated, and may even be 2022 (Horizon) or, you know, 2027 (Gran Turismo 7). Quite a bit of that's probably COVID related.
  8. you disagree on the cost of the hobby? must be great having that third mortgage
  9. If you’re worried about the cost of your hobby the PS5 isn’t for you. Console, more controllers, cameras, charging stands, £65-70 games that are barely next gen yet. Just buy a series X and gamespass, reuse all the cheap Xbox controllers scattered round the place for guests, and then limit your next gen games purchases to one while you play the first party stuff etc. on gamespass. or just don’t worry about it.
  10. footle

    Xbox Game Pass

    There’s also the possibility that they extend if the game gets engagement: but Dead Rising 4 has been on the service for a year... it’s not like it should be a surprise that licensing agreements will be for that kind of length of time.
  11. Yeah, so you don’t use it. The cpus they’re putting in these things are so much more powerful than the cpus they’ve previously had, or the cpus that were about when GPU phyx was a thing.
  12. Probably, but then you can introduce an S version of the chip later. Whatever else, it'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.
  13. It's a much bigger cost saving^ than "remove the disk drive", but I imagine they might do that too. ^ And it's one that they could choose to amortise over the whole set of consoles.
  14. Depends. You suddenly get to use a lot of APUs from the Series X run which you'd otherwise have to throw away - because you only need a quarter of the CUs to be functioning, not all but two of them. That's a huge cost saving overall.
  15. seriously helped by all their competitors getting fucked more by Covid. Disney+, HBO Max: all without those new series that were meant to sustain their first year. dont see the parallels to videogames.
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