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  1. footle

    Cricket Thread

    That was an over.
  2. footle

    Cricket Thread

    Yep. Pakistan's poor fielding costing them this game.
  3. footle

    Cricket Thread

    Relaxing, particularly since we’re two top order batters down.
  4. Significant new element can’t include the driver is a bit whiny, because that was clear at the time.
  5. Dont think barricade drops for The Silent.
  6. I find the “perhaps it isn’t a dick and just lighting” comments utterly bizarre. The poster *does not work* as a poster if it isn’t trans. i find the “perhaps it just needs context” comments almost as bizarre. There’s already context - it’s CDPR’s precious struggles on social media with the subject, and their responses when being called on it. This is a static image, released as part of a - so far - very limited marketing campaign, where they will have looked multiple times at the image and considered it as one of many possibilities for promoting the feature. It’s not going to have been signed off by Temp Number Two in a meeting with The Newest Intern. Its a crass joke, that could be made as well by giving the woman literal wings or horns while remaining entirely in cyberpunk context. So they’ve chosen to do *that* context, and with their history you’d have to say that they’re using trans as the butt of a bad joke again, and not balancing it in any other way. Maybe they will in the full game, but at the moment there’s little reason to think there should be a benefit of the doubt.
  7. Yes. You’ll have to have your production process completely locked down to make it work. I think that’s what I find most amazing about Ubisoft Giant Games - the amount of coordination, planning , production management that must be necessary to get each of the many hundreds of people working at different studios to create content into one game. whereas I don’t feel the same about films, where your CGI madness can be farmed out everywhere, but on an individual scene basis that can just be pieced together once a couple of hours of content has been locked.
  8. I can make an argument for four. Microsoft, before the conference, getting loads of people to sign up for three years of live and gamespass - pretty much guaranteeing they’ll pick up Scarlett due to the sunk cost fallacy. Ubisoft, for having the only novel seeming traditional big budget game releasing in the next twelve months. Nintendo for saying that BoTW2 is a thing. The rest of the conference is irrelevant apart from that. Sony, for not turning up and having to present CGI trailers.
  9. That’s a pretty high score with no ascension bonuses. And a *lot* of relics.
  10. Yes, but your starting deck will always be the same for a given character, and rarer cards are only available from elites and (particularly) bosses.
  11. And nuts and bolts didn’t have performance issues on one-x. What’ll it’ll look like with the enhanced tag I look forward to finding out - it’s the ideal sort of game for it, a late in cycle game that the Xbox 360 couldn’t really handle.
  12. No raytracing or "features that slow games down". Which is sad, because I'm not really interested in "only slightly better than GTX 1080 performance three years on for only 15% less" being the baseline for a new architecture.
  13. And FFVII was big over twenty years ago. Who cares any more?
  14. How many seconds can I be bothered to watch this AMD conference for, in the hope that they'll actually start to be competitive with Nvidia in the PC GPU space and bring prices down?
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