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  1. xbox has Alexa and google assistant already. Neither will support HomeKit.
  2. Sorry “turned them up and had to increase the power budget to do so” its *possible* but that post does just feel like FUD to me
  3. Have to say that I wasn’t expecting a rehash of 2013 in this thread.
  4. The key bit is smaller installs because no need to duplicate assets, but I find it hard to believe that a mere 2x difference in speed - as opposed to over three orders of magnitude different in random seek time which is common to both consoles - is going to make a huge difference. It'll be interesting to find out though!
  5. footle

    Xbox Game Pass

    ticket to rides other content is just additional maps. They’re not essential, and it’s been their monetisation strategy both digitally and physically forever. im not sure the base game is particularly expensive because of this.
  6. first party. Media molecule were bought by Sony a decade ago
  7. the idea was savings in GPU (not so much cpu) and memory, perhaps they save a Tiny bit with a smaller SSD. Perhaps you just end up with lower binned chips with many more disabled cores, who knows, so the actual saving is the reduced wastage. i’m not sure you’ll get away with much less in the way of cooling.
  8. Yeah, I’ve not watched the mandalorian on the high seas, and episode two is actually quite daring. The first eleven minutes contains no dialogue, and the only communication is body language between a bloke in full armour and a puppet with a pair of eyebrows. Light bit of trolling warning: even a tenth as much risk in film seven or nine might have helped redeem them
  9. not at any reasonable size. My 500GB one in 2016 was still £100+ retail. but I’m sure you can argue using the table in this article. https://www.computerworld.com/article/3010395/consumer-ssds-and-hard-drive-prices-are-nearing-parity.html (hint: your 500 gb SSD would have been north of 300 dollars in 2013)
  10. Echo of things to come, then immediately onto the just released concluding volume.
  11. The pc problem will be the hardware accelerated decompression algorithms in the series x and PS5.
  12. even just the menu looked bad on a Sky Q compared to the tv’s native app. The content is also very much HDR/Dolby Vision, so watching through a Sky Q box can only be a massive compromise.
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