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  1. 1. crazy ex girlfriend 2. watchmen 3. fleabag 4. succession 5. the good place
  2. They didn’t? Oh that sucks. Having not watched it perhaps they felt utter futility was a good way to start season five?
  3. It’s a bit of furniture. I suspect the console will have to stand vertically on its side by the window.
  4. Doesn’t look like it’ll fit in my av rack. @yashiro the sheer saving I’ll make from “the shit first party games to show off what the consoles new features do are free at launch with my Gamespass subscription and I don’t have to buy yet more controllers” will override any desire to buy a PS5 for the first year or so.
  5. That Xbox button desperately needs to be rotatable.
  6. the article you linked to suggests Disney aren’t affected by that law though
  7. footle

    The Man Utd Thread

    Rashford should have had a hat trick by now. They’ll regret that.
  8. oh, that wasn’t a joke? No, you’ll spend £150 on an equivalent processor, £300 on a console equivalent graphics card, £70 on an ssd, £120 on memory. And you’ll still not have the raytracing, the box size, or a working implementation of HDR. And it won’t be running anything at ultra settings (though that’s partly because ultra settings on PC are always for the loons). its quite unlikely that you’ll be able to mix and match a Scarlett or PS5 performance level in a PC for the launch price in the first couple of years. It’s quite likely you’ll be able to considerably beat the level of performance, but you’ll be playing with diminishing returns. The real problem will be for those of us with 4 core gaming PCs from 2016, who have to start thinking about upgrading because suddenly consoles will have a decent CPU and games might start being designed accordingly.
  9. Your launch console will usually be a fair bit more powerful than a similarly priced PC, just through economies of scale. And you don’t have to faff around with windows’ shit HDR implementation.
  10. perhaps skip the first dlc, though the second dlc I’ve gotten bored during the second episode.
  11. footle

    Google Stadia

    cloud computing can just be renting a machine, virtual or otherwise, somewhere else. That’s all it ever is - sometimes you’re renting part of a much bigger machine and you can scale up because there are so many resources in play, but you pay for that. There are other variations - eg where you’re accessing services that automatically scale to demand across a cluster. I don’t see where that really helps gaming outside of stats services and websites and the like (and to some extent the streaming of flight simulator assets to your local machine), because you’re adding lots of relatively high latency “function/service” calls. Far better to basically rent virtual machines with zero contention, at which point you may as well rent physical machines.
  12. I just press B to close the pop up then continue playing. It’s an odd bug to slip through, but perhaps it’s only for those of us who bought MCC?
  13. footle

    Google Stadia

    you’d have to create the content. You can already have a game with a map the size of America (it’s called the crew). Flight simulator works because you don’t need the neighbourhood by neighbourhood street level interactive detail.
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