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  1. PC is probably better, but the iPad version is out now and £7.
  2. footle

    Xbox Game Pass

    The bit where the first thirty minutes are unstoppable cutscenes and a grey boring prologue level with an unkillable? boss does make me wonder about the amount of money I’ve paid for this.
  3. The figures people are using for the returns to Sony aren’t even vaguely realistic. There are many other parties - particularly worldwide - taking a cut of that billion, and many other costs other than just the production budget to get added onto that 150 million.
  4. A Sony Exclusive, or The reason why Konami got rid of him?
  5. Can we have a spiderverse game please?
  6. The original rift has a failure over time with the right headphone, and you need very specific usb support for placing all the sensors. If your ipd is in the right range, rift s.
  7. 2nd run on Xbox, and Ironclad Level 1 cleared with a massively overpowered combust/rupture/barricade deck. Never actually run that before...
  8. Nah, it’s a draw. This is just an opportunity to run out four quicks at them for forty overs.
  9. It was renewed a couple of months before airing. Doubt it’s coming out anytime soon though.
  10. Can be hard to discuss without spoilers. I’ve spoilered a more controversial and recent one. Veronica Mars Season 3: screwed over by the whole college storyline. Agents of Shield Season 1: screwed over by the timing of Captain America 2 - it’d have been great if it had been a twelve episode story starting in January, with the reveal in March. The Good Place Season its harder to name series which didn’t do this... Crazy Ex Girlfriend had a very specific four season timeline, but parts of season two, three and four still dragged.
  11. And suddenly we’re in full on result territory.
  12. Theres a relatively long john wick hex article that I’m more interested in because I bought it in the epic games sale?
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