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  1. I bought a pack of nail files solely for this purpose, worked like a charm on an used Megadrive.
  2. Awesome, I was wondering if my Harmony would continue to work with the Series X as it does with my One X
  3. A Wii U/Switch option would have received my vote, instead I've voted for the PS4. The Switch on its own is not enough to get my vote, but it's in second position
  4. This. You need to find the references to Demon's Souls in DS3. The tendrils of this game are everywhere within its offspring.
  5. It's been a while, but iirc you need to beat the final boss on any stone. All stones have 3 levels, except the Boletaria one, which has 4. You can play the other stones in any order. I usually do the first level on all stones, then the second, then the third, for variety's sake (stone 5 is too annoying to do sequentially, specially 5-2)
  6. TBH, except for a dirty trick, not even the final boss is hard in this game, but I can't let that fact to get in the way of an Eddy Hall gif
  7. You can buy a wireless sensor bar or an USB one, as they're only light sources
  8. No, I find RGB lighting pointless and distracting.
  9. No, she's nothing compared to Lawrence. I found her a disappointment after the trouble I had with some of the Defiled Chalice dungeon bosses.
  10. No, Nebula is a CPS1, CPS2, PGM and Neo Geo emulator, great but last updated in 2007. Current options are Mame and Final Burn Alpha
  11. I finally finished SS during the confinement, and I enjoyed it a lot, despite the constant waggle, which can die in a fire as far as I'm concerned. If this is going to be released for the Switch, I'll get it, but I hope for a Switch Lite mode without motion controls. A 1000 times this, timestones are awesome, and SS is a great Zelda game
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