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  1. Now I remember. The problem with Otogi was the camera X-axis, which worked like in Super Mario 64, ie, stick to the right, look to the left. There's no option to invert the X-axis in the pad accessibility menu, only the Y-axis on both sticks. Fuck.
  2. Oh, oh, oh, OMFG!!! It doesn't have an inverted camera option, which drives me mad, but I should be able to do that at OS level in the Series X. Is it seven o'clock yet?
  3. Just my luck. Only 2 games out of 76, Ridge Racer 6 and Otogi, but still I'm quite happy.
  4. You can do something similar in Nightmare of Mensis. Near MWN arena there're 2 multi-eyed pigs, you can make them pursue you until you reach a bunch of Shadows of Yharnam, then grab some popcorn. EDIT And beaten by a nose
  5. You should also worry about the bundled HDMI 2.1 cable, it's quite short.
  6. Checks site... usual certificate warning... fuck I'll miss my purple galaxian badge.
  7. I believe you can mimic the PS4 behaviour, there's an option for sharing in the main menu
  8. Hopefully, the update will get rid of that annoying blurry-for-an-instant effect in some menus
  9. Already mentioned, but Crackdown. It wasn't in my radar at all, but the demo converted me. The accelerated growth rate was key, allowing you to test your powers in the allowed time at a much faster rate than in the final game. Ironically, I couldn't care less about the Halo 3 beta included with the full game.
  10. A few months ago, mine suddenly would cold start in 480p, so I had to restart it to get 4K. That's no longer the case, I assume it was fixed in an update.
  11. No. After beating the final boss, you'll be asked if you want to start a new journey (NG+) or continue the current one.
  12. My Harmony remote controls the Series X fine with the Xbox One IR codes, even with the Eject command that is not available in the original remote.
  13. No. My Series X is in energy-saving mode as well, and I don't unexpectedly get that prompt on my CX Isn't exactly that what the energy-saving mode does?
  14. While I agree on the Xbox front, it's not all roses on the PC front with Microsoft. I've just built my new PC and turns out that I have to redownload EVERY single game from the Windows Store, it doesn't matter if I have a copy on the HDD. Steam can do it, Origin can do it, Ubisoft Connect can do it, even Epic Launcher can do it with some tinkering. Hell, the Xbox does it seamlessly, why this is different on Windows I don't know.
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