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  1. amorenod

    MAME pointers / advice / guidance

    It's been a while, but at the time I used RomCenter to rebuild valid Mame roms using the content in my rom folders as the source. IIRC, it creates a list of valid roms extracted from the mame.exe, and uses it as a template for the rebuild process.
  2. amorenod

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    In a world without Bloodborne, Horizon would be the best game on the PS4
  3. amorenod

    Demon's Souls

    I use the Thief's ring for the Maneaters. If I can't kill the first one before the other appears, with some work I can lure each one to opposite ends of the arena, which allows me to fight one, while the other stays far away, unable to detect me.
  4. amorenod

    Demon's Souls

    Once you are in 5-2, you will cherish those joyful moments in 5-1
  5. amorenod

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    It's here, it's here!!! There's a game too!!!
  6. The Frigid Outskirts/Lud&Zallen trauma is enough to cause amnesia.
  7. That place is the only reason why I've broken my "no summoning" vow, but I need some NPC bait to make it palatable.
  8. Logarius? 4 Kings? Meh. Those are almost instant battles compared to what you have to endure to fight Lud & Zallen in DS2
  9. amorenod


    Just started NG+5, which means I will not finish NG+6 before Kratos arrival. Stupid real life.
  10. amorenod

    Edge #318 out now

    Is the Google Newsstand version better than a glorified pdf? If not, perhaps you should consider swapping the suscription to Zinio, I downloaded #318 days ago.
  11. amorenod


    New Game ++++++. Once you finish the game, it restarts (NG+) with your current character stats and equipment (you lose some objects, key to the story progression), but with increasingly harder enemies and bosses. You could keep at it indefinitely, but the difficulty maxes out at NG+6.
  12. amorenod


    This game has truly ruined everything else for me. With over 500 hours played, I naively downloaded it from PS+ with no real intention of starting another save... The result, I'm on NG+3, just killed OoK first try (took me about 10 tries on NG+2) and, unless any of the 3 remaining bosses convince me otherwise, I'm seriously considering NG+4, pile of shame be damned.
  13. amorenod


    That's the thing, I've fought it quite a few times and still can't get a consistent strategy. I'm never happy with the fight, I rely too much in YOLO attacks. Same with Loran Darkbeast, God, I hate it.
  14. amorenod


    Everyone has his nemesis, mine is Abhorrent Beast

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