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  1. I didn't have my own machine until 1986 (Amstrad CPC 6128). In 1982 my gaming fix would come from arcades. Ironically, my preferred coin-op at the time wasn't available in any arcade in my town, but in a bar at the bus station, the awesome Crazy Climber.
  2. This. People are missing a drop you can do after However, there're two remaining ghosts but you can easily outrun them
  3. No, that area is optional right now, but interesting. You've missed a path elsewhere, which is available after beating VA
  4. Optional DLC boss. You've have already seen him sleeping somewhere at the beginning of the DLC but, by now, you have found the item to awake him, just by going back there. I did find him easier to beat than Orphan the first time but, by New Game +6, Orphan is a joke compared to Lawrence, he has so much health.
  5. It happened to me involuntarily in the run to Sir Alonne, he took me so many tries that, in the end, the area was empty. The Frigid Outskirts run is the only reason I've broken my No Summon vow, but I needed NPC cannon fodder
  6. Beyond any shadow of doubt, the worst run to a boss in any Soulsborne game is the one you have to endure to fight Lud and Zallen, the King's pets in Dark Souls 2. I'd rather do the Logarius, Shadows of Yarnham, Bed of Chaos and 4 Kings runs in a row.
  7. That's the speedrun strat, see you in AGDQ
  8. Since an update years ago, PS3 officially supports PS4 pads via Bluetooth, which makes impossible to control a PS3 and a PS4 simultaneously. The pad can only be paired to one console, not both. The incident in question was with a pad connected with cable, which was not an official method, and allowed to control a PS3 via cable and a PS4 via Bluetooth, as the pad was still paired to it.
  9. Even in those examples, I find the colours muted. It was a great machine, but I've always hated the colour palette. That blue...urgh
  10. I can put your mind at ease, don't even think to rescue the 360 from the garage (God knows I've been weak in these matters). I've checked in my 360 and a search shows FEAR 2 and 3, but not the first one.
  11. Ah, yes. My PC at the time always crashed as soon as you got outside in the ship (too many flying enemies or something), and the only way to solve it was by telling the game to use DirectX 9 instead of 10 with the -dx9 modifier
  12. Apparently, the reason it can not run perfectly even today is that it was designed to scale with faster clock speeds, but CPU technology went to multi-core instead of that. EDIT And it is Footle by a nose!
  13. I prefer the pad mapping in the 360/PS3 versions (Crysis 2 style) to the pad mapping in the PC version, which keeps a wheel to select suit modes, more suited for mouse control.
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