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  1. Have you managed to find a well hidden one? There's an interesting item nearby.
  2. In 1930! And the idiots thought they had a problem with the economy.
  3. Prehistoric Isle! I love it! It was the only arcade machine in the first HQ I was stationed at during my pointless and mandatory military service in 1990. I still can hum the first level tune
  4. Come on, people, 2 to go
  5. You're right, too easy, but a good interpretation nonetheless.
  6. Ah, yes. I was thinking Hang On, which has a similar intro.
  7. Hmmmm, I guess it's But I'm not sure
  8. This ringed a bell, but I wasn't sure until the clue
  9. This is fun An easy one: @catinthehat got it Amo1 https://voca.ro/ajrBx14mNf9 I have no way to know, but I've probably have more hours in this game than Bloodborne or Destiny: Amo2 https://voca.ro/8fTKlrTCuSr Neeeerd: Amo3 https://voca.ro/dy2tL9tkmGO
  10. I believe it's from
  11. It's obviously the greatest end song ever
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