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  1. When the stars aligned, and Lady Maria didn't manage to dance around me as usual.
  2. A thousand times this. PC gaming is easier than ever, but ease of use parity with consoles is nonsense. I've recently recovered my old 5.1 system, because I was tired of adjusting the sound output between voices and action scenes watching the entire Avengers saga. These speakers worked perfectly with my entire system 3 years ago, therefore I expected no problems now: PS4 - Check PS3 - Check Xbox One - Check Xbox 360 - Check PC with SoundBlaster Z - No 5.1 DD/DTS was disabled in the SB control panel. I try to enable it, but can't because "this device is in use". The usual answers in internet don't help (reinstall, update drivers, update windows) After a few hours, finally, finally, I find an unexpected and correct answer. MIC access (not to mention the rest of those W10 privacy options) is disabled for apps, I enable it and can finally set DD/DTS on. I can even fine tune it, there's a check in the MIC privacy options that allows to keep it off, while allowing access to the MIC by standard windows programs. I'm sure there's an explanation why setting the MIC off for apps affected the SBZ DD/DTS optical output, but my point is, if I almost gave up on this, the general user wouldn't even try. I now have another 1% riddle. After a few seconds, The Witcher 2 reboots the PC, no BSOD, no warning, no nothing. Like 5.1, this has worked before. The internet answers are the usual, with a new one, power supply. I don't see how a 700W power supply which works perfectly with my entire collection, including The Witcher 3, could be the culprit, but for now, fuck this. As easy as consoles, lol.
  3. Without spoiling too much: You can only be unwillingly invaded in 2 similarly named areas of the game, and even that can be avoided once you realise how the invasion mechanism works.
  4. It's been on the store for days, we're waiting for the activation in MCC, which looks like will be later today:
  5. I've spent the last 2 weeks checking the status of my retro setup: 11 consoles, 212 games and a lot of pads, guns, etc. The result, everything works but 1 game. After this success, I'm incredibly annoyed. That game is Virtua Tennis 2 on the DC. First world problems and all that.
  6. After a decade of interference by real life matters, I'm back following both paths since last year. Emulation is easy (these days, Retroarch is a Godsent) but impersonal, retro gaming is full of hurdles but it pushes the right buttons (no pun intended) for me.
  7. I just watched it. I'm still processing but, right now, at worst, it's the best thing ever... I'm off to the spoilers thread, to relive everything
  8. They're quite easy to miss, as they only appear after killing Artorias, when there's no reason at all to return to that arena.
  9. No, literally 2 Sanctuary Guardians
  10. amorenod

    Dark Souls 3

    If you find that one "not that hard" I'll bow to your gaming skills
  11. Bloodborne > Dark souls >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Any past, present or future game
  12. 699 hours at Destiny, 579 hours at Bloodborne. This will be reversed as I keep returning to Bloodborne.
  13. amorenod

    Xbox One X

    I would relocate that small Sky box, eliminate the middle shelf and take the whole space for the X
  14. You must mean Dead or Alive 2. There's no DC version of Soul Calibur 2.
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