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  1. I saw this. I assumed her idea was to pass as soon as it sounded like it was a topic she didn't know about to avoid wasting time and be able to answer more questions that she did know. I think she got a bit carried away though, since she only actually answered one. It was a bit uncomfortable to watch because It seemed like everyone was being a bit patronising to her just because she was disabled. I think one of the other contestants actually said she did very well, even though she only answered one question.
  2. If I remember correctly he ...
  3. You lose all your existing credits when you unsubscribe though. So before unsubscribing you need to make sure to spend all your existing credits first. See here.
  4. What phone do you use? Is it a OnePlus? I had exactly the same issue. I got it with Midnight Resistance first and thought it was their fault, but then it happened with The Computer Game Show as well. I then switched from Pocket Casts to a different podcast app (can't remember what one) to see if it was Pocket Casts fault, but it still happened. I then discovered that there are some problems with podcast playback in the OnePlus 2's Oxygen OS. I got annoyed enough with it that I wiped my phone and installed CyanogenMod and I've not had the problem since.
  5. I believe the BBC are doing some sort of Shakespeare special this weekend with a whole bunch of Shakespeare related things so it's probably just a part of that rather than a Wipe or a Cunk series.
  6. Try a different USB cable. I had this problem and changing cable fixed it. It can particularly be a problem with long cables. So if you're using a long one, try a shorter one.
  7. I read it ages go,and, as a big Red Dwarf fan, I remember really enjoying it. I actually have a signed copy of it somewhere.
  8. dunni


    I think that's the point. It's meant to be pre-batman years. I believe the creators have said something like the only time we will ever see batman, if at all, is in the final ever episode.
  9. Well, since he's dead, it's fairly unlikely.
  10. The point was that it would know exactly how she liked everything without having to sit and program it all in in minute detail. It can actually be really difficult to describe something like how you like your toast. It would take ages to get all the settings for everything perfect.
  11. dunni


    I was looking into this recently too. You can't buy Netflix gift subscriptions anymore. They abandonded them because they had problems. I think a whole load of them got stolen or people were selling dodgy ones or something like that. Doesn't seem likely they will ever come back. The gift redemption page still exists in case someone still has one, but you can't buy them. Don't buy one from eBay either. They look legitimate and have lots of positive feedback but apparently they sell real ones and they work for a while except you can't change the name or password, and then they phone up Netflix, get them cancelled and sell them to someone else. The best I came up with is, if you have a Netflix account yourself and you trust your sister then you can give her your Netflix details and she can use the same account. This sounds dodgy but Netflix allow it. The default account allows up to two people to view something at the same time (if a third person tried to view something while two people were watching then it wouldn't work, but you can upgrade to a four people at once account if you like). You can also set up separate profiles to keep your preferences separate.
  12. Maybe they can't just stick a wormhole anywhere and they need to find an area with the right conditions to enable them to do it. So maybe the place they made it was the closest suitable spot to Earth.
  13. That's weird I feel the total opposite! I got bored with the first half of season 4 and stopped watching for a bit after the attack on the prison episode. When I started watching again, the very next episode everybody was split up and I enjoyed it much more.
  14. Thought I recognised bitch cop woman, turns out she was also in Go On (I liked it too). She was Matthew Perry's dead wife, Janie. Actress's name is Christine Woods. She was also in FlashForward, which was also cancelled after one season.
  15. I gave up half way through Season 3 because it is even more convoluted. Also some of the characters had changed a bit so I didn't care about them any more and the story didn't seem to be going anywhere.
  16. dunni


    Most of the time the murderer is the seemingly innocent person they interview at the start and then forget about. But I do still enjoy it, mostly for Fillion as others have said.
  17. Why are Movie Mix showing loads of Christmas films?
  18. Yeah, the American Idol thing was great. I loved how someone wheeled her on stage in a wheelchair even though she could still walk perfectly well. It was just the kind of tacky PR stunt type of thing shows like American Idol would do. Really enjoy this show but, like you, I would still like him to do a bit more actual fixing. Seems to be a good start on that front though.
  19. It's Yahoo Screen. Apparently it's Yahoo's version of YouTube.
  20. I only played the "Nightmare in North Point" DLC and it was disappointing. The worst think is that It doesn't merge with your main game, it's completely seperate. So you essentially start again without any of the special moves that you earned. It also seems to be missing some little nice things from the main game. For example, there is some new stuff to find but it never gets marked on your map like in the main game so it can be ridiculously hard to find some of them unless you stumble on them by chance. It's not very long either, about 2 hours.
  21. I just "buy" the PS Plus games on the Playstation store website, then they are always available to download to my Vita whenever I want. I didn't actually realise you could download Vita games to your PS3. Although it sounds like more hassle than just downloading straight to your Vita anyway. I suppose it's useful if you know you're not going to have internet sometimes, or your internet connection is really slow so it would take ages to download. One thing to also note is that when deleting games from your Vita to make space for more, it will also delete your save files. If you want to keep the save files you need to back them up externally before deleting. If you have PS Plus you can back up to the cloud, otherwise you have to connect it to a PC or PS3.
  22. Ha, yeah, I actually just got to this bit last night.
  23. Not sure what bit you're at but it sounds like it might be a bit further on than me (I've just beaten flame face) so I've probably not done it yet anyway.
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