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  1. Yes, definitely, but I'm still a way off finishing the story. These bloody queues to log on mean I'm only able to get an hour early morning and another later at night. When I finally do get finished I'll join you for whatever. I left the FC as no one was ever on, but I'm still on moogle and in the cross world Linkshell. Just message me and I'm in.
  2. Playing (queueing) on Moogle, queues in the morning are minimal, 20 or 50 people. Evenings are insane, currently 7k+ . Just not going to happen is it. I don't get how this always seem to happen. Surely they could've foreseen these numbers and planned for it?
  3. Currently 5862, and has been for the past 45 minutes, even include error messages and trying to queue again. I feel like we have been here before.
  4. Managed to sort an invite to Albionjr last night, couldn’t find Fraggles event in part finder though. I’m on PS5 but don’t think that should make a difference? Anyway, keen to group up with you folks for anything really. I have a couple of tank classes levelled and would like to get some experience tanking in dungeons/raids without everyone shouting “go faster!” “Pull more!”
  5. Looks like i cant search for an FC in game anymore, anyone likely to be online tonight for an inv? I can still do a player search. im in the cross world linkshell too if that helps find someone!
  6. I wasn't on last night, but will be tonight! I'll get an application in for the FC
  7. Transfer complete. I'll be on this evening if I could get an invite to the FC please
  8. Well I think I'll get myself transferred and hopefully Endwalker will breath some life back into it! Grouping with randoms and all the bitching and whining when things go wrong is a big reason why I always end up quitting the game before I get any of the harder content done. I've got a few jobs covered and could tank/heal or dps. (Badly)
  9. I'm onsidering a move back to Moogle for Endwalker. Assuming there is still a Rllmuk FC? would love to do some raids and stuff with fellow mukkers.
  10. I've been getting back into this over the past couple of weeks, would appreciate an invite to the Muk CWLS - name is Hemlock Ravenclaw on Omega. Ta
  11. Postie delivered my Amazon order at 11am. No problems here.
  12. Looks devoid of anything I used to love about FF games. Utterly charmless.
  13. droodling


    Just need a thf tank and an rdm that forgets to heal. Job done.
  14. Cheers, not sure what ship I'm on, but only got a few hrs on current character so I can re-roll. Didn't realise it was cross play. Ta
  15. Anyone playing this on xbox? I really want to play but I've been struggling to get my head around it. If anyone fancies teaming up sometime, gamertag is Droodling. Ta!
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