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  1. Janson

    Get Out

    The 'reveal' is quite similar to another film I've seen - The Skeleton Key with Kate Hudson... only seen it once when I was a teen, but I remember enjoying it.
  2. I don't get how Euros managed to escape unnoticed. The 'explanation' seemed to be that the glass wasn't actually there - was this it? Was the sign saying 'Keep 3 feet away' just floating in mid-air then? Thought this series was poor overall - it's going the same way as Jonathan Creek, too clever for its own good.
  3. I thought the episode really hit the nail on the head when it came to assessing what our true 'fears' are. Not superficial fears like spiders and bullies from our past, but things like being trapped in a false reality, going insane and not being remembered. I remember having a bad trip on mushrooms once, and got the fear that I'd never be able to return to reality, so I can completely relate to what the guy was going through in the episode.
  4. Charlie Brooker has created a San Junipero playlist on Spotify - features all of the songs from the episodes as well as ones that inspired the story. I can't listen to 'Heaven is a Place on Earth' now without thinking of the server scene. Absolutely perfect for the episode.
  5. PHONE-Y was the most incredibly ill-thought out concept I've ever witnessed in a 'murder mystery'. Was that the last ever episode? It certainly was for me.
  6. Janson

    Pokemon Go

    There's a new app called GoRadar that's come out on the app store - looks the same as pokevisiom to me, surprised it hasn't shut down!
  7. Janson

    Pokemon Go

    They don't. Getting fed up of this now, it's endless spearow / pidgey etc and whether I see a new Pokemon on the radar or not makes sod all difference to me finding it
  8. Janson

    Pokemon Go

    Spawn rate has definitely fallen- last week it was pretty much none stop catching from my desk, now I'm lucky to get anything other than a pidgey in 1 hour. I heard spawns are linked to players in your area so maybe it's linked to a fall in the number of people bothering? The game is impossible to play without some sort of tracker so I don't blame them.
  9. Are there any Wednesday fans here who have supporter / owls ids who aren't able to make the play offs? I only have one ID and don't fancy going on my own -would appreciate it if someone could give me theirs! Thanks
  10. Saw it last night in the cinema. Agree it's pretty, but at around the 2.5 hour mark I suddenly became aware of the time. Could easily cut it down I think. For me, it's the sort of film id watch in the cinema - if it was on the tv id probably turn it off after an hour.
  11. Starring Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider as....a carrot!
  12. There was no way Vana was ever going to win - that was obvious from the minute she mentioned 'Venture Capitalist'. Joseph's website is here: http://www.impragas.co.uk/- it says registered in 2012 - what's that about? Or is it literally the same business as before but just having a new shareholder?
  13. Shhh Burger in Brixton was quite good when I went last month. Try there.
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