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  1. I think XC1 is the better game than XC2, in almost every way. 2's combat was slightly more interesting, and I did like its crazy system of combos and flowcharts, but 1 did a fantastic job of addressing many classic RPG bugbears, and then the developers of 2 had the nerve to add a fucking Gacha system to my offline game.


    Also I couldn't dress up the characters how I wanted in 2, so it sucks!

  2. 13 hours ago, Lorfarius said:

    Proof that the standard 3 episode rule doesn't always work because its not a standard shonen anime at all. It was slow to start with but once he starts meeting others on the trip it just keeps getting better each week. Blows me away just how awesome it is and the film was fantastic. Put it right up there as one of my fav animes ever made with some truly jaw dropping visuals, the sword effects in later episodes are as close to art as you can get in anime, glorious. Feel sorry that you've quit so easily.


    It is absolutely a very standard shonen series, literally every single character is an overdone trope. If it wasn't animated like an OVA, and looked like your average Naruto episode, it would be completely unremarkable.

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