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  1. I'm a long time fan of the manga who has been very slowly catching up with the anime. I started Diamond is Unbreakable recently and it's bringing back a lot of fond memories. The anime has really raised this arc in my estimation, partly because the scanlation I read all those years ago was of an awful quality, but seeing the crazy, noisy, bizarre town of Morioh brought to life, in those colours, really makes it stand out.


    Here are a few things I have especially liked:



    Okuyasu's reactions to eating Tonio's cooking.


    The enemy stand is a motherfucking invisible baby.


    The enemy stand is a motherfucking electrical pylon.


    Rohan writing "go to hell" on Cheap Trick before he's sucked into the underworld.


    Kira isn't very complicated, but I still think he's one of the best antagonists in a show full of amazing antagonists.


    Oh, and best OP!





    I've got about five episodes left, and I'm looking forward to the climax. I don't remember it all, but:



    There's some crazy groundhog day stuff if I recall correctly?


    I love all the weird rules and systems Araki comes up with. As soon as I'm done it's on to Golden Wind!

  2. I am a massive, massive FLCL fan.


    I still haven't seen Progressive/Alternative, the very idea makes me incredibly nervous. I'm just going to pretend I didn't read your post, @JohnC


    New Pillows music, though?

  3. A friend and I completed this last night.


    I'd not heard of A Way Out before, but the idea of a cinematic, strictly co-op experience was intriguing, and I'm surprised there hasn't been more discussion about it.


    Reading through the thread, I don't really have much to add to what's already been said. My friend and I had a great time exploring Leo and Vincent's story. It's an impressive accomplishment from such a small team, and Fares's background as a film director is evident. The camera work in particular is excellent, there's a chase scene in a hospital which had me giggling in excitement from the way the camera zooms between perspectives.


    That ending, though:



    Oh boy. I never saw Vincent's betrayal coming, so sold was I in his almost fraternal relationship with Leo. So when it came, I felt like I had been cheated, and immediately lost any sympathy for my character. I made no effort to 'win' during the final struggle, which put a real downer on the ending for me. It's a twist that works much better in film than it does in a videogame, due to the amount of emotional investment I had placed in 'my' character. Vincent no longer felt like mine any more. :(


    Aside from that, and the strange occasional schlock and jankiness that didn't really fit with the cinematic nature, I really enjoyed the game. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who has a good friend they can experience it with.

  4. It's difficult to convey just how surprising an announcement this was. Of all Square's output, this is amongst the least well known from its golden 16-bit era. If it wasn't for Super Play's import coverage, I'd probably have never heard of it. Despite the Switch proving itself as fertile territory for classic JRPGs, I'd never have predicted a Live A Live remake, never mind one bound for Western release.


    What an exciting time to be a Square fan. What's next? Bahumut Lagoon? Treasure Hunter G? FF6 in the HD-2D style?

  5. I think XC1 is the better game than XC2, in almost every way. 2's combat was slightly more interesting, and I did like its crazy system of combos and flowcharts, but 1 did a fantastic job of addressing many classic RPG bugbears, and then the developers of 2 had the nerve to add a fucking Gacha system to my offline game.


    Also I couldn't dress up the characters how I wanted in 2, so it sucks!

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