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  1. 38 minutes ago, scottcr said:

    Just got the interlink for everyone now - is there any reason to not use it as often as possible?  I found myself spinning around the characters and interlinking.  I suspect that's not 'optimum' though.


    Depends how hard an enemy you're fighting. Interlinking at level 0 makes it nearly impossible to charge the Talent Arts of your Orouboros form, and they are very powerful.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Stanley said:

    Thanks, mine are all level 0 - I guess it takes a while to level up. 


    It's something that starts at 0, levels up during battle, and resets after the interlink is cancelled. It does take a few attacks to get it to increase.

  3. It sounds like there are no 'sinks' for most of the game's resources. I always assumed something would come along that needed mountains of ether or gold, but it doesn't sound like it. I've long stopped drawing ether as I approached the limit and there are no shortage of collection points. I'm not visiting every husk either now, but at least it seems I'll be needing affinity for a while longer.

  4. I learned last night you can only hold 99 silver coins, and any extras you pick up are automatically sold. So don't be a hoarder like me, use them to rank up classes, it's probably the best use for them.


    Finished off chapter 3, too:



    I wasn't expecting to get another 3 Interlink forms, and the way they got revealed was awesome. Now I've got "Orouboros Orders" added to the list of combat mechanics, and I'm wondering if that's the full set of systems laid out, effectively ending the tutorial a mere 35 hours into the game (I've really taken my time with chapter 3).


    The reveal of J's identity was so obvious in hindsight, I should have seen that coming a mile away. The start of Chapter 4 makes it painfully obvious what's behind the mask of Consul "N" though. I'm just waiting for Consuls M, L, E, T, and S to show up now. 🙄


    Unless they already have? It's hard to keep track of which letters they've used when the way I've played has resulted in the story cinematics being so far apart.


  5. 51 minutes ago, monkeydog said:

    Thanks @revlob.  Thought that was a fun watch.


    I might have missed something but I wish they could have done a little more around 


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    the length of the cables!


    It bugged me a bit that they reached all the way up the stairs.  It took me out of the scene a little.


    Yes! I thought the same thing. I assume the reason had something to do with the television's ability to see through time!

  6. There are a lot of things to like. Like how they communicated all the details of the the bridge plan using only stern looks and hand gestures, despite being 200 metres apart.

  7. Crumbs, this game really opens up in Chapter 3. I've completely sacked off the main quest for side content, and I'm still mopping up level-appropriate quests after a ten hour detour.


    The side quest bosses are a real challenge on Hard, but it's helped me understand the nuances of the battle system. When it comes to bosses, having a higher level than your opponent does not convey as much of an advantage as a high class rank. I went into a fight with low rank classes and got almost immediately wiped despite being 7 levels higher. I switched everyone to rank 10 classes and had much better survivability as a result.

  8. 13 hours ago, R0b said:

    Without spoilers, where does this sit in the series in terms of quality for each of you? I adore 1, 2 and Torna. No interest in the battlesystems; I love the games in spite of those complex barriers to the good characters, story and landscapes. 


    I'm enjoying this more than 2, but I'm not sure yet if it'll topple(!) XC1 as my favourite in the series. The first game had the advantage of being such an incredible breath of fresh air for JRPGs, and a smaller, more focused cast. So far, 3 is more of a refinement than a revolution, and some of its characters are lost in the crowd. Eunie and Taion are great, whereas I forget Sena is a member of the team sometimes.

  9. Is there a collectopedia in this? I'd like to hunt down some of the materials I need for gem crafting, but unless they are named after monsters and you can remember where those monsters can be found, there's no way of knowing where to start looking. My memory of the previous games is a little fuzzy, but I thought they both had item checklists broken down by area.


    For example, I need "Quadwing's Indulgence" for one of the level 1 gems, and I know I've seen Quadwings somewhere, but a dozen hours after I've unlocked gem crafting I still haven't bumped into that enemy again. I suspect now it was in one of the areas that I currently can't travel to, but it would be handy to have a list of what can be found where.

  10. It made a bit more sense in XC2, where auto attacks were executed as combos of three, and triggering an Art broke that sequence. In XC3 though, nothing is actually "cancelled", as auto attacks all appear to be the same.


    There's definitely no cancelling in the fighting game sense. Entire attack animations play through, and moves aren't prevented from landing when the "cancel" effect is achieved.

  11. It's great at ratcheting up the tension, isn't it?


    Is there more than two seasons? I thought there was an arc about majong where I lost interest because it got very "inside baseball", and without knowing how to play the game I struggled to understand the stakes. I know the author had another series that was specifically about mahjong though, so maybe I'm confusing things.


    But yeah, Kaiji is great and people should watch it. There's a live action film too, I think...

  12. 30 minutes ago, Talvalin said:

    Currently watching SpyXFamily and The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer adaptation that just hit Amazon Prime in Japan. It's been about ten years since I read the latter series, so I may have to remind myself of what happens before attempting to decipher what's going on without the benefit of even Japanese subtitles.


    Wow, they finally adapted Bicuit Hammer, huh? I remember when it used to regularly appear on "upcoming series" charts as a joke, complete with The Pillows doing the soundtrack.

  13. Valve are fulfilling orders on a first-come first-served basis, and there's a separate queue for each model and region.


    You placed your order ~7 days after they became available. So far, they have processed UK orders for the 256GB model up to those who ordered ~3 hours after preorders began. The percentage indicates how far they've got from order #1 to your position in the queue, assuming a linear progression (which it won't be).

  14. 37 minutes ago, Dirty Harry Potter said:

    Hi apologies if there is an easier way to do this… I did try one of those online calculators but couldn’t figure out how to get an actual date…


    I reserved on Fri, July 16, 2021 how far off getting one so you think I am? 


    Depends on which model you ordered and at what time. Valve haven't even processed 2 hours of orders for the 512GB model yet.


    If you log into the steam website, then visit this link: https://store.steampowered.com/reservation/ajaxgetuserstate?rgReservationPackageIDs=[595603,595604,595605]


    Copy the value for rtReserveTime and paste it into the form here: https://getmydeck.ingenhaag.dev/


    It should give you a rough idea.

  15. I haven't managed to play my copy yet, but after reading through the rules it's remarkable how much of the design I recognise from elsewhere. Most of it is obviously Terraforming Mars, but there's bits of La Granja in there too. I could teach it to my group almost entirely by referencing other games we've played. As big TM fans I hope that just means we recognise and enjoy it, but at the same time I hope it doesn't mean it's a poor imitator.

  16. 13 hours ago, Chewylegs said:

    Is it suitable for a 6 year old would you say?


    1 hour ago, kamaran said:

    It is quite dark. So I’d avoid if they are prone to nightmares. 


    I wouldn't call it a dark film, at all. We took our six-year-old yesterday and she was laughing throughout. She does have an odd sense of humour though.


    A few very slightly spoilery details about content:



    Plenty of 'mild peril', but all the threats are largely ineffectual. Mostly large robots that shoot lasers but nobody ever gets hurt.


    A character dies of old age, but we don't spend a lot of time with them beforehand, and it isn't dwelt on for very long. They are very quickly 'replaced'. We are told the character has led a long and happy life.


    A creepy-looking robot cat gets squashed, but it happens very quickly and is immediately forgotten about.


    The ending is very positive and hopeful. Aside from the character death mentioned earlier, there's no classic Pixar tear-jerker moment.


  17. On 28/06/2013 at 21:10, revlob said:

    I genuinely feel we're on a cusp, here. I don't believe it's sensationalist to suggest that devices like the Rift (because you can she sure it won't be the only VR headset to appear in the next few years) will fundamentally change the landscape of videogames. That when paired with titles like Routine, we're looking at entirely new kinds of experiences, levels of immersion simply impossible when staring at a TV in your living room from your sofa.

    I think the next generation of consoles are fighting a losing battle.



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