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  1. Netflix only has the first season, I wasn't aware there was more T&B! I really enjoyed it, so learning that there are two more seasons but that's all there will ever be is bittersweet news.
  2. I tried very briefly to get the PSX image to boot in retroarch, no dice. Don't know how much enthusiasm I have to try and get a canned erotic curio working.
  3. What's this business about card pools,I didn't see that mentioned in the tutorial?
  4. Backed. Good luck with the campaign, TAR!
  5. I had a similar issue. I solved it by using the onion installer to remove the apps (consoles) that weren't working, then re-adding them.
  6. Tyrian 2000 is a classic shoot-em-up I play through every few years.
  7. I like Stone Ocean. JJBA has always had an interesting stance on machismo and masculinity, so it almost makes perfect sense that it should have a series set in a women's prison. After Golden Wind I appreciate the smaller, more focused cast, and the battles are amongst some of the most interesting so far. JAIL HOUSE LOCK was a particular stand out, even if the resolution to that conflict was ridiculously convoluted.
  8. I guess I consider the series finale to be a panic move, made in a rush when the decision came to axe the show. Precious Cargo though, I don't have any excuses for that. You're right, it's awful. Was that one of the scripts they'd recycled from the original series? But even in the 60s it had no place in Star Trek.
  9. Like most Treks, it takes a couple of series to find its feet, but it never reaches the highs of TNG or DS9. I don't remember any of the episodes being amongst the very worst of Trek, but it's more consistently mediocre. I don't know whether it's Bakula's fault, the writers, or the directors, but Archer's character was all over the place to begin with, and even when it settled he just wasn't very good.
  10. The free game offer usually rotates around 4pm UK time.
  11. Retroarch is a customisable software wrapper for many different emulators. It has many different "cores" which are the emulators themselves, allowing you to use a single piece of software to launch games from different platforms. Emudeck is a script which integrates Retroarch (and other emulators/wrappers) into the SteamOS experience, allowing you to create entries in your steam library to launch specific emulated games.
  12. I've encountered exactly zero compatibility issues so far. The only difficulties I've encountered are trying to play very old mouse-driven games using a controller layout, and that's just because I haven't fully got to grips with Steam Input yet. With the level of support SteamOS has, and the availability of XCloud, I have no idea why you'd want to go throught he faff of installing Windows on this thing.
  13. revlob


    How are they making more Bleach? I thought it finished years ago after an extremely bloated run. Is it a FMA-esque reboot or is there more of the manga to cover?
  14. So if it's okay to have games with Russians in again, can we have Advance Wars now please, Nintendo?
  15. Awful lot of stuff in this "Winter" Direct coming next year. Is March 2023 still Winter?
  16. You'll get an email when it's dispatched, with a link to tracking.
  17. I've had mine since Saturday, but only managed to find a an hour or two to play. It's such a nice bit of kit, it hasn't given me a single issue with any of the games I've thrown at it yet, although trying to play Total Annihilation without a keyboard is little tricky. How does it work if I want to press control keys (like, erm, 'ctrl')? I couldn't find them in the on-screen keyboard.
  18. I was watching that episode on my phone in bed while my wife slept next to me. I had to leave the room to stop myself from waking her up with my barely-supressed giggles.
  19. I'd have had one of these much sooner if I hadn't changed my mind about which version I wanted back in February, but I finally received my email and have completed my purchase. I'm excited! No clue what I'm going to play first.
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