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  1. 7 hours ago, SomethingWitty said:

    Does anyone know how exactly the token shop card rotation works? I have precisely one series 3 card still to unlock - Nick Fury - and for the last few rotations the shop is stuck on that. I don’t want to spend 1000 tokens on him, particularly as I already own 2 variants, just not the base card. But if series 4/5 cards will start appearing in the shop once I’ve bought him then I’ll bite the bullet…


    According to: https://marvelsnapzone.com/token-shop/:


    Until you complete Series 3, the token shop will show a series 3 card 60% of the time, a series 4 card 25% of the time, a series 5 card 12.5% of the time, and the remaining 2.5% of the time will be ultimate variants.


    Once you complete series 3, the odds change to series 4 (62.5%), series 5 (31.25%), and ultimate variants (6.25%).


    Given the pity timer will award you a series 3 card every 8 caches at a minimum, it makes zero sense buying your last series 3 card with tokens.

  2. I'm running for the Secretary position this year. I've been on the committee before, and have even been president once or twice.


    If you've come into this thread looking for a manifesto then prepare to be disappointed. I think the forum's policies are in a good position and I have no desire to make sweeping changes. I'm excited about going to the 20th anniversary meet, and I hope to shake all your hands there.

  3. This was an emotional rollercoaster of a turn:




    Turn 3. My opponent reveals first, and out of X-Mansion pops Sentry (On Reveal: Add a -8 Power Void to the right location). Oscorp Tower will trigger later this turn, so I think I'm about to get absolutely hosed by the RNG. But before the Void can hop over to my side, I get fucking Magneto, who pulls the 4-cost Void back into the left lane.

  4. It was pretty broken though.


    It got to the point where I started logging the decks I was coming up against, and Zabu was in just over 50% of them. Plenty of other decks are capable of total bullshit combos, but Zabu was definitely the most bullshitiest. Spiderman & Absorbing Man on one turn was one of my "favourite" moves. I started playing Spectrum/Sandman exclusively just to remain competitive.

  5. 1 hour ago, NickC said:

    Stuff I found weird and unsatisfying with season 3:

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    Teacher Rob - so in the final we found out that he was not only an abusive husband, but he also was having an affair with a colleague and a paedophile. But he was not a killer. Woah.


    Faisal never got his comeuppance with the law on screen. It was dealt with in a few lines of dialogue.


    Darius never got his comeuppance with the law on screen. Same as above.


    Faisal getting found out because Alison's probation officer also had a prescription drug habit, also used Faisal to access the drugs and also was careless enough to drop them in a place Catherin could find them when she happened to have an impromptu nap on her sofa. 


    Catherine's ex and his story about investigating Darius and trying to meet up with him - really it amounted to nothing.


    Still great TV. They nailed the emotional journeys of Catherine, Clare and TLR in the finale, thank goodness.


    Agree with all of that. Series 3 could have done with another couple of episodes to tie everything together, but all those weaknesses are forgiven when the core of the show is so good. Between Sally Wainwright's writing and Sarah Lancashire's performance, they paint Catherine as a total badass, a supercop, yet someone who is also human and emotionally vulnerable. Great television.



    The way Catherine stalked Clare to a Costa had me on the edge of my seat.


    The dialogue between Catherine and Royce during their final confrontation was just perfect.


  6. From what I can work out, the films were shot twice, in both the Tamil and Telugu languages. The Hindi and other versions are all dubs. Somewhat frustratingly for my kids, there's only an English dub for the first film, so I had to narrate the entire second film to my youngest.

  7. One weekend evening last year, I sat down to rewatch this, and found my kids creeping downstairs to sit next to me just as it started, so decided to let them watch it with me. Explaining our colonial history to a nine-year-old was an interesting challenge, and even harder was convincing my seven-year-old that we were the "bad guys", but I was pleasantly surprised at how engaged they were throughout the entire runtime. We rooted for the heroes, we danced together for Naacho Naacho, and we all got emotional when Rama and Bheem's friendship was tested. It was the single most enjoyable cinematic experience I've ever had.


    Naturally, I was keen to experience more of this sort of thing, so over the last two weekends we have watched the two Bahubali films, from the same director as RRR. We loved them! There's something very special about SS Rajamouli's work, because I've never seen my kids so engrossed in such long movies before. I'm going to track down a few more of the recommendations in this thread, so thanks to anyone who's posted suggestions!

  8. 14 hours ago, Tiny said:

    I watched Dog Gone last night. It's based on a true story about a dog who goes missing on the Appalachian trail. It's nothing ground breaking and was a little twee at times but if you have kids, and/or love dogs then it's an easy watch. 


    I bawled my eyes out. 


    Does the dog talk

  9. Just watched the first ep of the new show.


    It looks much better than I've come to expect from 3D anime. I suspect some of the scenes must have been motion-captured, it looks so damn smooth.


    In the original anime the nature of the world and the population's relationship with "lost technology" was only slowly revealed over the course of the series, so it's interesting that they've front-loaded the backstory this time around. The very first scene explains the seedships, Vash & Knives, so the world is going to be a little less mysterious but I suppose the origin story trope is pretty tired these days.


    Gutted that they seem to have dropped Milly and made Meryl the kouhai this time around. Hopefully we still get some version of Wolfwood, and the Gung-Ho Guns.


    It's a strong first episode, different but familiar, with the Humanoid Typhoon goofing off while trying to save the town from a comically reckless villain.

  10. This has been my obsession since I received it from Santa. Finally managed a win tonight, after many, many deaths. I've started poking around the wiki, looks like there's tons of stuff I haven't found yet.

  11. Patch last night. Didn't know about any of this until I noticed the Nova in my hand had 1 less power than usual, the devs really need to improve the in-game messaging.





    Balance Updates



    Aero 5/8 -> 5/7

    Developer Comment: Aero’s effect can be a very powerful disruption and control tool. While previously, we buffed Aero up to her current statline, players have since learned to utilize her to great effect, so we think it’s appropriate to reduce her Power a bit.


    Galactus 6/3 -> 6/2

    Developer Comment: Even at the highest ranks of play, Galactus and decks using him are demonstrating concerningly high cube-gain and win rates. Not all of these decks overtly herald his approach, and the range of cards that can complement him has proven wide and difficult for some decks to counter. We’re taking one Power away from Galactus now and evaluating whether or not we should make more meaningful changes to his design in the future.


    Leader 6/4 -> 6/3

    Developer Comment: Leader’s effect is proving to be very frustrating to many players and polarizing in its ability to lock down games and discourage playing some other 6-Cost cards. We are taking a bit of power away from him for now and exploring further changes to the card in the future.


    Nova 1/2 -> 1/1

    Developer Comment: Nova’s effect makes him much stronger than an average 1-Cost card, so we don’t think it’s appropriate that he has the stats of an average 1-Cost card.


    DRAX 4/4 On Reveal: If your opponent played a card here this turn, +4 Power. -> 4/5 On Reveal: If your opponent played a card here this turn, +3 Power.


    Groot 3/3 On Reveal: If your opponent played a card here this turn, +3 Power. -> 3/4 On Reveal: If your opponent played a card here this turn, +2 Power.

    Developer Comment: We believe the Guardians’ effects create fun moments, but they can feel too sink or swim. We’re giving DRAX and Groot a small buff to their baselines to make them less risky to play and hopefully open them up as more viable contenders in the 3 and 4-Cost slots.


    Hazmat 2/1 -> 2/2

    Developer Comment: While we are aware of the Hazmat combo decks that may feel strong, Hazmat is actually doing fairly poorly overall. We’re giving the decks she enables a small buff with this update.


    Black Cat 3/6 -> 3/7

    Developer Comment: Black Cat sees virtually no play, so we’re giving her an extra Power to make running her more worthwhile.


    Nakia 3/1 -> 3/2

    Developer Comment: We think Nakia’s effect is a fun mechanic to play with, but she’s currently seeing very little success. We’re hoping a small buff will make her a more appealing option.



    Oscorp Tower will no longer swap card sides if Professor X is there

    The Raft and Vibranium Mines text-only updates

    Warrior Falls will appear less often



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