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  1. wtf Wordle 214 2/6 My first guess was: So it's kinda connected to the answer?
  2. Does anyone know if this is based on the podcast of the same name? I've had it waiting in my feed for ages, but if the story is half-decent I'll bump it up the list.
  3. Wordle 209 3/6 Another blinder after yesterday
  4. Wordle 208 3/6 Pleased with that. My first two guesses were:
  5. Wordle 207 5/6 Boo! Boo I say. Where are the localisation options?!
  6. Wordle 203 6/6 Thought I was being clever with my third guess, almost cost me the game.
  7. I can't speak for later cycles, but in the first few, there's not a whole lot tying the individual packs together. In typical FFG style, each cycle introduces new themes and mechanics, but each scenario is an individual challenge. The "campaign mode" was introduced with the "saga" expansions, which includes Boons and Burdens, but those cards were only designed to be used in campaign play. It's possible that they've expanded the scope of the campaign mode with the revised set, to allow players to make their own campaigns? That doesn't really answer your question, sorry. I can't really guess what their plans are for the adventure packs. I'd assume they're going to keep them the same, otherwise there's a lot of work ahead of them. I'd recommend a pack or two, certainly, as there's only three scenarios in the box.
  8. Not a devotee, but I have a couple of old cores and a few expansions. What's your question?
  9. Wordle 201 2/6 I got lucky with my first guess too:
  10. Wordle 197 3/6 After yesterday's this feels like easy mode.
  11. The family watched this a few days ago. It looks amazing, full of bright and bold colours and incredibly realistic-looking hair and cloth. They must have had a team of people working on nothing but animating Mirabel's skirts. The songs were alright but my aging brain has already forgotten them all. The story was very poor, and I found myself confused about the peril that was supposed to be central to the plot. What was the lesson in the end?
  12. A splash of milk? Whose recipe are you using? You should be able to substitute any kind milk and get fairly good results, but it sounds like you don't have enough liquid in your mix. If you want tall, crispy puds, you want a thinner batter. I've been using the batter from Jamie Oliver's toad in the hole recipe and pouring it into a preheated muffin tray with about a tbsp of oil in each divot. Oven as hot as it will go, leave them alone for 15 minutes before checking on them and hey presto you've got puds.
  13. Been playing some of the new quest tonight. It's... interesting. Some of the best story content they've done, and I'm not even finished yet.
  14. I'm not the warmest on his style, but I do think he'd be a great fit for this.
  15. I've been wondering that. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that it suddenly went from "free with ads" to purchase-only on the Amazon Prime website, but I've been able to continue watching it via the Prime Video app on my phone (despite not having a Prime membership).
  16. I thought Telltale fucking died? You know, from making 100 different games every year and most of them not being very good?
  17. Sorry, I should have specified, there's a PC demo available on Steam. I just assumed there would be similar for other platforms.
  18. I've not seen or heard any mention of it before this thread. It does look good, and there's hardly an overabundance of space combat games at the moment. There is a demo, I might have to give it a go.
  19. It's bugging me to no end that Diamond is Unbreakable isn't on UK Netflix. Where can I watch it?
  20. You're a wonderful friend, @Dr_Dave Those are fantastic, well done!
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