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  1. I haven't played any of the Total War games, but I do have TW: Warhammer (the first one) in my library. If I wanted to give the series a go, is it worth starting at the beginning, or am I better off jumping into the sequel?
  2. Gutting! That's half the fun. Folding the little corners up to ensure all the beams are correctly aligned, it's like physics or summat.
  3. I make a really good pizza at home. Hand-stretched soughdough base, carefully seasoned sauce, and whatever toppings you like. But I have a soft spot for Chicago Town pizzas, with their strange little microwave platforms.
  4. In a show that features time travel, there's so much wrong with the sentence "We have three days, before the future is changed irrevocably."
  5. I'm up for some falling Moon. Closest we'll get to a Seveneves movie. EDIT: except, someone is apparently making a Seveneves film! Well, looks like we've got ourselves a classic Moon-off.
  6. On the subject of good vegan pasties, I had one of these a few weeks ago, and I was so impressed I had to look them up: https://phatathome.com/product/keralan-cauliflower-chickpea-onion-bhaji-pasty-vegan/
  7. It was never a technical limitation, as far as I can tell, there was never any such limit in the engine itself. I've read that it may have been for ease of development as Fry says, but then I'm sure id software had access to networked machines at the time, so I'm not sure what advantage chucking floppies around the office would have had. It may have been only a non-functional requirement stipulated in order to ensure performance on older hardware.
  8. I was hoping this was going to be a thread about celebrating the ingenuity of deveopers working magic in order to overcome hardware limitations. For example, regarding the recent remaster of Quake, did you know that originally each of its levels could not exceed 1.4MB in size? It's not quite clear why the size of a HD floppy was chosen, as Quake was released on CD, but I think it's fascinating id Software worked under that imposition. Having to tweak the level geometry in order to skirt under such an incredibly low threshold, and yet the end result was Quake, is truly an accomplishment.
  9. A few places are reporting that various Star Trek series may be leaving Netflix next month. It's not clear if this is global, or only where Paramount+ (what used to be called CBS All Access) is available. Nor is it crystal clear whether it's a blanket migration of all Star Trek property, but TOS, VOY, and ENT seem to be confirmed.
  10. That trailer started off pleasant enough, and the idea of wandering around a beautifully-realised Korean town sounds great. Then there were robots and everybody started dancing and I switched it off.
  11. Episode 6 of the original series is one of the best things I've ever seen in anime. The idea of running an entire country's electrical grid through a gun the size of a building in order to kill a giant alien Rubik's Cube, while holding off its attack using the underside of a space shuttle as a shield, all while this amazing piece is playing, blew my tiny mind:
  12. I went a bit mad for Evangelion when I first saw it, over 20 years ago. It's so full of imagery, from the way it treats Christian and Jewish mysticism with the same regard that the West gives to Japan and their kooky cultural traditions, to the fantasically impractical computer UI design which this gallery is full of: https://imgur.com/gallery/gfcEr I haven't watched the last movie yet, looking forward to it though.
  13. Absolutely. If the justification for taking someone's life is that their birth was not intentional, then that doesn't really help the argument against the baby analogy. Plenty of babies are conceived by accident.
  14. I'm ineterested to hear why you think the baby analogy is "stupid". Is it because you're comfortable murdering someone you don't like to save someone you do, but are uncomfortable murdering an innocent with very limited life experience?
  15. I think it's very similar. He's only been 'alive' for a short time. Tuvix contains the genetic material of two others, it's just that his parents were the ones who died in the accident. Does it make a difference that the baby is very smart, and an orphan?
  16. I always thought this was quite a simple problem when re-framed. Two of your colleagues are killed in an industrial accident. You find a magic book that details a way to revive them, but the ritual requires you to murder a baby. Do you murder the baby? Janeway murdered that baby, and everyone else on the ship let her do it.
  17. revlob


    If Castlevania is "mindless" then I really don't know what to suggest, because it's better written than 90% of animation. I've been meaning to give Blood of Zeus a try as I think it's from the same studio? The preview made it look interesting. The first season of My Hero Academia is now on Netflix, it's not bad for a shonen show. You could try Hellsing, which is about a vampire working with vampire hunters. Then some Nazis show up. It's gratuitous and silly, but knows it.
  18. I don't understand the thread title.
  19. Hilda Over the Garden Wall Steven Universe
  20. To be fair, the only time we got to witness Riker, Star Trek's other "greatest pilot", doing anything piloty was when he used a Thrustmaster to move in a slow turn for a few seconds. Unless you count the time he commanded O'Brien to pilot the two halves of the Enterprise back together again?
  21. Prices for the above: Sunrise City: £15 inc. P&P Carcassone: £15 inc. P&P (as long as you don't mind the expansion contents put in the main game box) Pandemic: £15 inc. P&P Russian Railroads: £30 inc. P&P Jamaica: £25 inc. P&P TtR Europe: £25 inc. P&P Mage Wars: £50 inc. P&P Pandante: £50 inc. P&P Let me know if you're interested, they'll remain available for a week or two before I advertise them elsewhere.
  22. For £350, the Deck is a very interesting proposition. I'm already thinking how much easier it would be to get through my pile of shame if I could play my Steam library on a handheld.
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