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  1. I've heard it's shit though. But from the same place I've also heard it extremely tenuously compared to Killing Eve, so I'm not sure how reliable that source is.
  2. Is there any women-centred sci-fi from any source that I should be aware of? Television-wise.
  3. I've been umming and ahhing over this year's show since they announced the dates. I was gutted when it was cancelled last year but I don't know if I'm ready to attend a huge event just yet. I was hoping to flog a few things at the bring & buy, but that's not happening this year.
  4. There's no shortage of modular programming applications like this, but because it's Nintendo I'm fascinated to see their spin on the concept.
  5. Perhaps it depends on your viewing history? I just opened Netflix and it was the featured item on the landing page for me.
  6. January: £58.96 Then nothing, until now! I popped into town today for the first time in a long time, and went to see a new FLGS that had opened up. Had a lovely chat with the owner and couldn't leave without buying something, so I picked up a copy of Fort to play with my kids. Fort: £27 2021 Total so far: £85.96
  7. The 8 year anniversary event has kicked off, full details here: https://www.warframe.com/news/8-year-anniversary In summary, there are going to be a series of special "alert" missions made available over the next few weeks offering a selection of special gear, including weapon slots which are normally only purchased with platinum. The next four weekends will feature double credit or double affinity events, which stack with any boosters (so if you've got a 2x booster you'll be earning 4x instead over that weekend). Also, if you've thought about buying any platinum, then
  8. Not only is it still going, it's gearing up for a genuine, official, graphical release on Steam. The upsetting fact is that the primary impetus for the decision is because one of the Tarn brothers has cancer and they want to ensure they can continue to afford his medical bills.
  9. To get yourself an Archwing, you'll need to complete the story quest called "The Archwing", which becomes available as soon as you unlock access to Mars. That's fairly early on, but I think you'll have to manually start the quest from your codex. To build your own Railjack, you'll need to complete the "Rising Tide" quest, which requires you to have completed the quest "The Second Dream", which is available when you get to Neptune. However, you don't need your own Railjack to take part in Railjack missions; you only need an Archwing for that.
  10. Coinciding with the game's 8th anniversary, Update 30 was released yesterday on all platforms, introducing a new story quest, a spooky new frame called Sevagoth, and some of the most generously rewarding new content I've ever seen in the game. But what I really want to highlight is the new song that features as part of the new quest. It's something of a space-shanty, and I think it's pretty catchy:
  11. The first game was one of the earliest "early access" games, wasn't it? I remember buying it a long time ago and getting excited each time there was a new update, but it's a weird way to play a survival/exploration game, restarting every so often because some new chunk has been added or the story amended. I've deliberately not seen any content at all from Sub Zero, so I'm looking forward to being able to play it as a complete experience from the start.
  12. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/braingamesusa/iron-forest I saw a prototype of Iron Forest on display at the 2019 UK Games Expo, and it immediately went on my mental wishlist. I imagine it's undergone a good deal of refinement since then, but the premise was: what if you took ICECOOL, but instead of penguins you had MECHS, and instead of a flat arena made of boxes, you had TWO LEVELS to flick your pieces around on. There was also launching device that you'd slam your hand down on to catapult your weeble out of a tube. It was all very exciting and I've been desperat
  13. @Ketchup when you open the Tall Tales part of the reputation menu, which tales have locks on them?
  14. I've just watched this with the kids. My daughter was asking to do something else half way through, which should tell you everything. The best that can be said is that it is one of the most technically accomplished 3D animated films I've seen to date, with some incredible light and liquid effects, but the story and characters were utterly forgettable.
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