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  1. I've spent the last couple of weeks reading Hunter x Hunter from the start and I have just finished the Chimera Ant arc. While I find myself agreeing that it's the best of HxH (so far), for reasons of character development, intrigue, and flashy action segments, I think it'll be the last arc I read. Tonally, HxH is all over the place. Now, I've seen shonen series radically transform before. It's not uncommon to respond to the harsh environment of weekly serialisation, Japanese work ethic, and editor interference over a period of years by transitioning towards darker, more mature the
  2. Is this why we said goodbye to Nhan a couple of episodes ago? Because a character we didn't even know the first name of would have made a better choice for first officer than Tilly?
  3. revlob

    Rice Pudding

    What does "Leave to stand in a warm place for 1–2 hours" mean? How warm?
  4. "'B' for 'bald'. As in, 'not bald'" The entire conversation is golden. I've used mnemonics like this myself, I'm so glad I'm not alone in this madness.
  5. I've heard good things about Vermintide 2, and it's 75% off in the sale. Some friends and I have recently started playing L4D2 semi-regularly and are looking for other online coop experiences. Does V2 get rllmuk's approval?
  6. I'm still playing on PC. The new area, Deimos, is quite fun at high levels.
  7. I seem to be having the exact same problem. Ordered on Wednesday, and I have a tracking number, but RM only tell me to "try again tomorrow". I've not ordered anything from ShopTo for yonks but I recall them being on the ball with releases, usually. :/
  8. I played the DS version waaaaay back when, and I thought it was a really fresh experience from Square. I particularly liked how it made use of the limited space the game takes place in; the streets of Shibuya occupy an extremely small area compared to the gigantic worlds of similar RPGs, yet I didn't miss having a whole continent to explore. I'll be keeping an eye out for reviews of this.
  9. Give me a crew of Pike, Saru, and Culber, and maybe we'd have a Star Trek. Stamets can come too if he reins it in a bit. Everyone else is either not enough of a character or too much of one.
  10. It's so depressing watching this now. Because of how good it is, and how we'll never get a show like this again. Scene: a select committee of the highest-ranking officers aboard a space station on the border of Federation space discuss their strategy for dealing with the arrival of a military fleet from the loosely-aligned Klingon Empire, intent on invading the Cardassian Union. The first thing that is immediately apparent is that everyone in the room is behaving like you'd expect a naval officer to behave. Kira is not a member of Starfleet so lounges comfortably while
  11. I thought I must have missed something, but I wasn't going to rewatch the last episode to check. They really have just thrown a random onto the bridge. Going by the examples of how the writers "fleshed out" Ariam and Nhan, next episode we'll learn blondie's name and tragic backstory before she sacrifices herself for the crew, giving Burnham another reason to cry.
  12. Jesus Burnham Long hair ✓ ✓ Came back from the dead ✓ ✓ Group of devoted followers ✓ ✓ Arrival marked by lights in the sky ✓ ✓ Bent the laws of physics ✓ ✓ Adopted ✓ ✓ Can fucking do anything without everyone losing their goddamn minds ✗ ✗
  13. Stellaris Your brother likes his strategy and sci fi games, so why not get him the best sci fi strategy game?
  14. Is it in all games? I'm fine in most of the games I've played, but non-mapped movement in first person games immediately makes me feel ill. I've read you can condition yourself to handle it better, by gradually exposing yourself to whatever triggers your sickness over several short sessions, but a lot of games will simply avoid the usual triggers (snapping turns, or FOV tricks like in Saints & Sinners).
  15. VR Humble Bundle: https://www.humblebundle.com/games/fall-vr I Expect You To Die and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners are the most notable inclusions.
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