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  1. I think it's very similar. He's only been 'alive' for a short time. Tuvix contains the genetic material of two others, it's just that his parents were the ones who died in the accident. Does it make a difference that the baby is very smart, and an orphan?
  2. I always thought this was quite a simple problem when re-framed. Two of your colleagues are killed in an industrial accident. You find a magic book that details a way to revive them, but the ritual requires you to murder a baby. Do you murder the baby? Janeway murdered that baby, and everyone else on the ship let her do it.
  3. revlob


    If Castlevania is "mindless" then I really don't know what to suggest, because it's better written than 90% of animation. I've been meaning to give Blood of Zeus a try as I think it's from the same studio? The preview made it look interesting. The first season of My Hero Academia is now on Netflix, it's not bad for a shonen show. You could try Hellsing, which is about a vampire working with vampire hunters. Then some Nazis show up. It's gratuitous and silly, but knows it.
  4. Hilda Over the Garden Wall Steven Universe
  5. To be fair, the only time we got to witness Riker, Star Trek's other "greatest pilot", doing anything piloty was when he used a Thrustmaster to move in a slow turn for a few seconds. Unless you count the time he commanded O'Brien to pilot the two halves of the Enterprise back together again?
  6. Prices for the above: Sunrise City: £15 inc. P&P Carcassone: £15 inc. P&P (as long as you don't mind the expansion contents put in the main game box) Pandemic: £15 inc. P&P Russian Railroads: £30 inc. P&P Jamaica: £25 inc. P&P TtR Europe: £25 inc. P&P Mage Wars: £50 inc. P&P Pandante: £50 inc. P&P Let me know if you're interested, they'll remain available for a week or two before I advertise them elsewhere.
  7. For £350, the Deck is a very interesting proposition. I'm already thinking how much easier it would be to get through my pile of shame if I could play my Steam library on a handheld.
  8. It's become a tradition in our house to watch a John Wick film on New Year's Eve; for the past three we've seen Keanu throw himself at a load of baddies, and enjoyed it. This year we'll be watching Nobody, but I'm glad there's another John Wick coming that we can celebrate the end of 2022 with.
  9. Given there's no bring & buy at this year's UKGE, and I've not even decided if I'm going yet, I'm thinking of putting some games up for sale. Prices will be coming later this week, once I've checked the boxes over. First refusal goes to RLLMUK, then they'll be going on one of the Facebook groups. Sunrise City Simple tile-laying game with the chunkiest tiles I've ever seen. Build a city's zoning map from scratch, then stack the tiles on top of each other to build criss-crossing skyscrapers. Carcassonne A classic. Not the most recent edition, so the art won't match the new editions of expansions. Comes with the included expanstion "The River", and Expansion 1: Inns & Cathedrals. Pandemic I shouldn't have to describe this one, should I? Again, not the most recent edition so I'm unsure about expansion compatibility, this co-op sees you working together to beat a series of global pandemics. Russian Railroads One of my favourite worker-placement games, about building Soviet transport routes. A holy grail for some, this has commanded a high price on the second-hand market for a long time, but since the announcement of the upcoming "ultimate edition" reprint, there's been a small scramble to flog copies at inflated prices. I'm hoping to let my copy go for something much more reasonable. Board has some warping on the 2P side (see pictures). Includes a mini-expansion only available on the BGG store. Jamaica A lightweight, colourful game of pirates racing around the carribean island that plays up to six players. Ticket to Ride: Europe One of my first acquisitions, this older title still regularly makes it on to lists of recommended "gateway" games. My group hasn't played it in years though, so it really needs to go. Mage Wars This is going to be the most difficult to price, as it's pretty heavy, being the earlier edition that comes in a large box, and it comes with a bunch of extras inside. It's a wonderfully thematic game of duelling wizards, based around the idea of being able to play any card from your "deck" (all cards are kept in fancy "spellbook" display folders), eliminating the luck of drawing the right card at the right time. I've sleeved all the cards in Mayday Premium sleeves, and in includes two additional spellbook folders for a total of four. Pandante (Deluxe Edition) From David Sirlin, an interesting, if somewhat eccentric, designer and somewhat-famous Street Fighter 2 player, Pandante is Poker but with interesting player powers. Comes in a fancy box with fancy chips. It's a nice set, and will play a regular game of poker just as well as it will with Sirlin's modified rules.
  10. You've not seen Total Recall before?! Next you'll be telling us you haven't seen True Lies.
  11. My wife bought this for us earlier in the year, but she never got on with it. I've been playing it fairly consistently, although the frequency of my sessions with it has certainly dropped since the weather improved. At the moment I'm much more likely to want to go for a run outdoors, but I do try and play it at least once a week in order to do some core work to complement my running.
  12. I have them on the PC, and can recommend the first, but I was disappointed by the sequel. It's not terrible, but pretty lacking in content compared to the first game. Killer soundtracks on both though, if you like your chip metal.
  13. The last Smash character will be Masahiro Sakurai, who, having assembled his ideal circle of companions in the Roster, will transcend the shackles of his fleshy mortality and live forever, entombed within the digital sarcophagus he will forge from interlinked instances of online Smash battles.
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