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  1. Base mana is being ramped way the fuck up along with base hp. Given that all our abilities scale in cost with base mana, it won't make any practical difference whether we have 5-6k as now, or 13-15k come Cataclysm (or whatever it actually ends up at at 85).
  2. And of course the unspoken line between the two there in that blue post is "Mostly because none of us has the slightest clue what the fuck you just said anyway."
  3. Given the changes to the glyph system (where you "learn" a glyph and can swap any you've learned freely at will), i can see a lot of the more borderline/situational ones getting used occasionally, when they're appropriate and useful. I mean, i'd love to be able to swap my SoV glyph for SoC for Valithria heroic (fuck those manaburning frostbolt volleys and the "oh look, all your mana is gone instantly" void zones), but i'm not going to keep stacks of them both around constantly for one fight a week. Especially with the new "medium" glyphs, which they seem to be talking about being mostly secon
  4. The way they've said that the heals will work is that the lesser/flash "quick" heals will heal for around the same amount as the base efficient heal, just significantly faster and at a substantial mana penalty. The "big" heals will heal for substantially more, but with a much longer cast time and middling efficiency. So fast heal: highest HPS, worst HPM, useful primarily for getting people who've been spiked dangerously low up to a stable state as quickly as possible. middle heal: highest HPM, worst HPS, bread and butter heal used for most situations. big heal: middling HPM, middling HPS, u
  5. arhra


    It's... odd. They've been having a different director for each episode (including the actual director of Saki for that parody episode), so it's kinda schizophrenic. Some episodes are fairly standard harem rom-com, some are standard harem comedy situations done in a completely insane way (see ep4), and some are, well, see my previous post.
  6. arhra


    So, is anyone else watching Mayoi Neko Overrun? Started out as as a pretty generic harem comedy (with a few awesomely WTF moments, like the ping-pong game in ep4), but somewhere along the line, someone apparently decided that that was entirely too boring. So, ep7 was, completely out of nowhere, the final episode of a super robot show. And now ep8 is, well, Saki. With Jenga.
  7. New patch has the male worgen dance. It's, er, well.... What is this i don't even
  8. Ulduar has always been fun (except for wiping repeatedly trying to get Orbituary). Malygos became fun when they added gear scaling so that you didn't have to rely on the mouthbreathers in your raid to do things right to actually get a kill at all.
  9. I can understand complaining about homogenising actual combat abilities (such as some of the tanking cooldown changes in Wrath), but buffs? They're fucking passive. They're either passive auras, or you cast them once before the fight (and maybe refresh them a couple of times mid-fight in cases like Battle Shout/Horn of Winter/totems). All having a large number of unique buffs does is turn building a raid (especially 10m) into a kind of intricate jigsaw puzzle and still leave you short a few essential ones if certain classes can't make it. Having a few essential buffs that can be provided by
  10. He's king of a single human kingdom, not overlord of the entire Alliance.
  11. So apparently Blizzard forgot to lock the alpha forums to alpha-enabled accounts. Which has let the following leak out (warning, MASSIVE spoilers, read at your own risk): Non-spoilery summary: Garrosh looks like he might live up to his name after all, Wrynn is a dick.
  12. We'll probably be able to get a bit more mileage out of raid gear (at least for non-tanks) simply due to all the gem slots - entry-level gear will most likely be fairly low on them, and fully-gemming Wrath raid gear with even green-quality Cata gems (or blues if you're willing to pay out the nose) will provide a pretty massive stat boost (just look at how long the early TBC socketed levelling blues can last if you stick Wrath gems in them). I think i saw datamined gem stats on SA a few days ago, and they were what, 50 stats apiece (75 for stam)? Something like that, anyway. Even if that's the
  13. That 1300+ stamina cloak is still clearly a bug. But yeah, looks like we're going to see 50-60k or thereabouts being a reasonable hp baseline for someone in level 85 quest blues. But eh, whether it's replaced by 81 greens or 85 blues, it'll be gone within a week of the expansion hitting anyway. If you're raiding for loot at this stage in the game, you need your head examined.
  14. As a 10 strict raider i'm feeling very, very smug right now. I've been saying it should work that way since beta.
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