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  1. Really digging the 'aquacrunk' at the minute; mainly for the endless melody some of these guys pull out of the bleeps.

    Been playing this a hell of a lot...


    Cut from a Vex'd mix, there's a quality track that rolls in at around 1:30.

    Checked this guy (doshy) out on Last.fm; there's some great stuff from him on soundcloud that appeared in Jamie Vex'd's Red Bull Academy mix which I'm absolutely gagging for a playlist for.



  2. [yt]ArblwFNnoBs[/yt]

    Grabbed this from Joker's recent Radio 1 mix - the Benga track is awesome. If you hit play, seriously, wait 'til the female vocals rush in from the Major Lazer - saying it's banging does not do it justice.

    Have to admit I was mostly disappointed with this, I think I just love the really heavy dubstep too much, shit like Datsik, Excision, Reso's abrasive stuff. Most of that was kinda samey aside from the Flux Pavillion, Doctor P and Drumsound/Bassline Smith tracks which I enjoyed.

    That sucks man. I thought there was a ton of tunes in there that make me realise how much I've neglected dubstep sometimes. Thought that Doctor P track was ace.

    Plastician and 12th Planet's West Croyden, Joker and TC, Trolley Snatcha's We Rock The Forest! Boogaloo Crew's Days Go By, and the hype from Tempz. Did anyone else think that Tron remix was tame as fuck?

  3. Plasticman's dropped his May 2010 Mix!


    1. Youthman & Luce - Brother Don't Cry

    2. Redlight - MDMA

    3. D Double E - Woo Riddim

    4. Flux Pavillion - Got To Know

    5. Boogaloo Crew - Days Go BY

    6. Skream - Raw Dogz

    7. Joker - Tron (Kromestar Remix)

    8. Chew Lips - Salt Air (Plastician Remix)

    9. Trolley Snatcha - We Rock The Forest

    10. G Tank - Electronic Era

    ++ Tempa T - Boy Off Da Ting Acapella

    11. Rude Kid - Electric

    12. Plastician & 12th Planet - West Croydon

    13. 12th Planet Feat. Juakali - Reasons (Doctor P Remix)

    14. D Double E - Streetfighter

    15. Joker & TC - It Aint Got A Name

    16. Om Unit - Searching

    17. Benga - Transform

    18. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - R U Ready (Dubstep Mix)

    19. Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)

    20. Doctor P - Sweet Shop

    21. P Money - Left The Room (Skreamix)

    22. Teddy & G Tank - Ghanaian Fire

    23. Distance - No Warning

    24. Paul Harris - I Want You (Bar9 Remix)

    25. Flux Pavillion - Normalize

    26. Stinkahbell - Stalker

    27. Mr Virgo - Cinema

    28. Joker - Digidesign (Om Unit's Pop Lock Remix)

    29. Om Unit - The Corridor

    Download aso one continuous track:


    Seperate tracks:


  4. I didn't realise his album was coming out :unsure:! Just got it; safe man, I still dig Orchestral Lab, and Beautiful Complication was dope.

  5. Throw this into a set, confuse the fuck out of people:

    Doctor P - Sweet Shop (Bosh's 'use the force' remix)


    Man, that is terrible!

  6. Starkey's album is really good.

    Glad to hear it man, which tracks in particular?

    Much as I love P-Money, I didn't think the bars complimented Starkey's production abilities - thought it should've been on more of a hype tip. The album's got some right bangers, but I find I'm after the tracks reminiscent of Ephemeral Exhibits.

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