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  1. Nas - The World Is Yours

    To my man Ill Will, God bless your life "It's yours!" To my peoples throughout Queens, God bless your life I trip we box up crazy bitches aimin guns in all my baby pictures Beef with housin police, release scriptures that's maybe Hitler's

  2. So far away from most grime MCs, dude's in a class of his own.

    The flow on the second verse.

    How can it be, the man came back from wrappin' weed from back in the D,

    Came back strong with a lock and a key, no one's coming in but some gonna leave,

    Some gonna take off, and some gonna breeze, 'cause they know when I let off I come for the G's,

    Do it for the youth 'cause the younger in me, wanna roll 'em out it's the thunder in me,

    Coming from a tower blocks hard for a G, where the man shower shots for half of a V,

    Thought you could come around like weren't around and you look round and your answer is me,

    Black cap, black hoody, black pair of jeans,

    You don't wanna kick off I'm aggy in my team,

    And I'm like fear not, here come near,

    It's your worst nightmare I'm shadowing dreams.

  3. I haven't made it past Street Halo yet, dark, submerged into the night yet again by Burial; absolutely love it.

    The female vocal sample merging into that ethereal wind with the morphology of the bassline. Goosebump central.

  4. +1 to 'All the children are dead' - i love stuff with sinister overtones but otherwise massively harsh for me.

    I remember walking home from a friends, stoned. Really made me feel uneasy; I've tried to find the Coast To Coast show that the monologue's from but I've never come across it. Proper dark!

  5. Skream dropped a new Freeizm album yesterday as a Christmas gift:



    01. Intro (3:58)

    02. No Ready (5:39)

    03. Cold Outside (6:00)

    04. 10 Bit Dreams (4:27)

    05. Minor (4:56)

    06. Back From The Zoo (5:19)

    07. Krazy Snares (4:57)

    08. Lightnin VIP (4:34)

    09. Left The Room (feat. P Money) (3:13)

    10. Commercial SellOut (5:16)

    11. CTO (4:20)

    12. Skwelcha (5:07)

    13. Emotional Shizzle (5:27)



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