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  1. Nas - The World Is Yours To my man Ill Will, God bless your life "It's yours!" To my peoples throughout Queens, God bless your life I trip we box up crazy bitches aimin guns in all my baby pictures Beef with housin police, release scriptures that's maybe Hitler's
  2. Really dig the orchestral production.
  3. I guess, if you like living in your own little golden age of hip hop
  4. So far away from most grime MCs, dude's in a class of his own. The flow on the second verse. How can it be, the man came back from wrappin' weed from back in the D, Came back strong with a lock and a key, no one's coming in but some gonna leave, Some gonna take off, and some gonna breeze, 'cause they know when I let off I come for the G's, Do it for the youth 'cause the younger in me, wanna roll 'em out it's the thunder in me, Coming from a tower blocks hard for a G, where the man shower shots for half of a V, Thought you could come around like weren't around and you look round and your an
  5. I've blaired this so many times this morning. Fucking amazing - anyone got anything else similar to reccomend?
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCvVTLWKS_U
  7. I haven't made it past Street Halo yet, dark, submerged into the night yet again by Burial; absolutely love it. The female vocal sample merging into that ethereal wind with the morphology of the bassline. Goosebump central.
  8. Anyone familiar with urban music of the last 10 years
  9. http://youarelistening.to/losangeles Interesting stuff! Distinctly reminds me of this piece which I really took to: If you're the type that like to console your lonliness by leaving the TV on whilst you browse the internet, I highly reccomend it.
  10. The production on this is so damned tight! And Kanye flows over it really well.
  11. Listened to this last night whilst I was stoned; hadn't heard it in ages - piano just left me with a Cheshire cat grin - sounds so good under that melancholy riff.
  12. I never listened to the album, but remember being highly addicted to Turn It Out a few years back. Hard track!
  13. The Cinematic Orchestra, Koop and Jaga Jazzist are well worth a listen.
  14. Really? Boring as hell, sounds like his Good Life track.
  15. I remember walking home from a friends, stoned. Really made me feel uneasy; I've tried to find the Coast To Coast show that the monologue's from but I've never come across it. Proper dark!
  16. Been caining this for months: http://redbullmusicacademyradio.com/shows/2501/ Just this minute banging a track I found within its fucking Alladin's cave of delights; honestly, mate, it's fucking dope. Check it:
  17. Man, I'm blasting 10 Bit Dreamz so hard at the minute. I've been on this tune since Plastician's May 2008 mix. Straight. Banger.
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8JtEmPO5Wg
  19. Nils Frahm's Ambre will be a brilliant excursion for you lot.
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